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Refrigerators are expensive to replace or fix, so it is best to hire a professional moving company to move it for you. If you need to move a refrigerator ASAP with no time to make other arrangements, do not move a refrigerator unless you have the proper equipment and the helping hands to do it safely because even with the right equipment, moving a refrigerator is a very dangerous task.

Falling refrigerators have contributed to numerous fatalities over the years. The following items are required for a safe relocation of your refrigerator: appliance dolly, straps, moving blankets, measuring tape, screwdriver or drill with screwdriver bits, plank, a truck or van, and two or more people. Once you have the proper supplies, disconnect your refrigerator according to the instructions in the user manual. After the refrigerator is unplugged and completely disconnected, protect the cords by rolling them up the cord and taping them securely to the back of the fridge. Now, it is time to move the appliance.

First, pull out the refrigerator and load the refrigerator onto the appliance dolly. One person tilts the refrigerator a few inches and another person slides the moving dolly underneath the side of the refrigerator. Do not slide the dolly underneath the front or back of the fridge because it might damage the refrigerator. makes it difficult to move, and it will be harder to fit through hallways, stairwells, and doorways. After gently tilting the refrigerator and leaning one of the sides onto the dolly, use the dolly’s straps to tighten the fridge into place. Begin slowly moving the refrigerator and remember to set it down any time if you feel strain or stress. In addition, when lowering the refrigerator, do it slowly and have someone on the other side who helps guide it gently down. If stairs are involved, walk the refrigerator to your first step. Take extra precaution going downstairs. As one person guides the refrigerator with the dolly, the other should be below it, helping guide the dolly down each step one at a time. Do not push the fridge down the steps; instead, pull the dolly back toward you as you keep the fridge tilted at 45 degrees.

Once you get to the truck, use a plank to guide the refrigerator into the vehicle. Using a plank makes the move much easier to get the fridge into the truck, as opposed to lifting it from the ground to the edge of the back of the truck. Finally, do not lay the refrigerator down. Instead, secure the refrigerator to the truck using straps along the top and sides of it. You do not need to detach the dolly from the refrigerator. It is easier to keep it on the refrigerator instead of removing it and securing it again when you reach your destination.

When removing the refrigerator from the truck, use your plank, and follow the procedures already provided.

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