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Moving a pool table by yourself along with a few friends will require a near-complete disassembly of the table and a healthy amount of muscle power to move the pieces that do not come apart. You will need to be handy with good carpentry skills, organized, and have some specialty tools and equipment, along with a few strong friends. Depending on the size and overall quality of the pool table, you might need anywhere from three to five people to successfully move a pool table without injury to the movers and without damage to the table itself. Really good tables are made with an actual rock core. In addition, taking a pool table apart is very complicated and removing the felt from the slate is a tricky process.

When you arrive at your destination, putting the table back together is just as difficult. Remember, the many factors that go into breaking down and moving a pool table can impact how well it works when it is put back together. Do you want your pool table level and in great condition in its new residence? Only a pro can ensure that is the case. If you decide to move the pool table yourself, there are pool table specialists that can attach new felt and level the slate, for proper pool play once it is moved and into position. There are also professional pool table movers, who do nothing but move and deliver pool tables. These pros will inspect the frame of your pool table for breaks in the joints and cracks in the wood that you likely would not notice. In addition, they often include a new pool table felt without an extra charger, so you don’t have to reuse the same felt.

Professional pool table movers are also the most qualified to level the slate because they do it every day.

Visit Royal Moving for detailed information on how to properly move a pool table.

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