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Unfortunately, when bad weather occurs on your assigned moving day, you do not have a lot of options. More than likely, you have a scheduled move-out date and a move-in date, so rain or shine, you must formulate a solution. Consider that a hired a professional like Royal Moving is the answer to any moving issue because professional movers are always equipped to keep your possessions safe, secure, and dry, and if complications do occur, the pros provide their customers with moving insurance. If you did not hire a professional moving company, you will have to take precautions. First, while cardboard boxes are “fairly” durable and provide some protection from the elements, they cannot withstand long lengths of time in wet weather. To avoid this issue, prepare yourself for all weather conditions by renting plastic containers from Royal Moving or another plastic box provider. Plastic moving containers are, literally, 50 times sturdier than cardboard boxes, and they do not crush or fall apart in any weather condition. Next, wrap your furniture in plastic and make sure there are no leaks inside the truck. Also, whether you hired a mover, or you rented a truck, park the moving vehicle as close to your home as possible on both ends of the trip to reduce the distance that your possessions travel in the rain. In addition, you will need to protect your carpet and wood floors in your old and new home, so place towels, blankets, and moving pads along the walking path inside of the house. Finally, once your belongings arrive at your new residence, unpack your boxes immediately to ensure they are not soaking wet, which will increase the risk that damage occurs.

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