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The clothing you wear on moving day should be comfortable and protect you from the weather. Wear clothing that breathes and whisks away moisture to avoid hotspots caused by rubbing in the summer and to avoid hypothermia caused by lingering sweat in the winter. Also, wear clothing that is secure against your body, so that it doesn’t snag. Pants should be flexible and move with your body because you will need to be able to easily bend your knees when picking up heavy items. Jeans and shorts that are not too tight are a great option. Layers of clothing work well when moving from hot to cool or vice versa, so wear a long- or short-sleeve T-shirt with a pullover sweater or light jacket on cooler days and remove the sweater or jacket before you start sweating. Wear shoes that fully enclose your foot, instead of open-toed shoes, to protect you against bangs, bumps, and injury from dropped boxes, furniture, or other heavy or sharp items, and because it is easier to trip when wearing sandals and flip-flops. Furthermore, make sure you wear socks and shoes that have good traction, solid ankle support and are comfortable. New shoes will give you blisters and cause other hotspots and discomfort. Next, wear gloves to protect your hands from cuts, scrapes, and blisters when lifting and moving boxes and furniture, and safeguard your fingers from light bumps and pinches against walls and doorframes. Finally, protect yourself from the sun by wearing sunglasses, hats and sunscreen.

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