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There are ways to downsize before you start packing in order to reduce the number of items you will have to move, but none is more rewarding than donating your seldom used belongings. Keep in mind that not every unwanted item that you currently possess is something that should be donated. Some items are destined for recycling or trashing because charities do not accept Items that are ripped, stained, or broken. Once you have some belongings that you wish to donate, you will want to organize the items according to where you plan to send them.

Many charity organizations will come to your house and pick up your donations, so once you decide where you want them to go, ask if there is an option to pick up the items, especially if you have a large amount that will be difficult to load and unload. Charity organizations often have big trucks and staff members who will gladly take the items from your driveway or the curb. Some options for donating include Goodwill, Salvation Army, Habitat for Humanity, libraries, public schools, and homeless shelters.

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