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While you might be able to save some money by moving yourself, the savings drop a lot if you need to rent a moving truck. In the end, you might spend more on a U-Haul than it would have cost to hire a moving company.

There is the additional cost of moving truck insurance, which is about $20 per day. Furthermore, utility dolly rental fees are typically $10 per day, an appliance dolly is $12, and a furniture dolly is $10. A dozen furniture pads is $10, and you will also find an environment fee that is $5. In addition, you will have to cover the gas costs, and moving trucks get about nine miles to the gallon. Add these costs to your daily rate and estimated mileage fee in order to find out if renting a truck is your best bet. Your mileage starts from the time you turn the ignition and head out of the rental truck lot until you return the vehicle, so they add up quickly.

The typical cost to move a one-bedroom apartment is $297, if you use Royal Moving. At $89 per hour, with no hidden fees, it is hard to beat the cost even with a DIY move that includes good friends and borrowed trucks; and you save a lot more in health and well-being, because using a professional mover reduces stress and anxiety by 100 PERCENT.

There are a few ways to save money when hiring a moving company:

  • First, rates are lowest between September and May because there is less demand, which could reduce your costs up to 30 percent. Therefore, it is smart to move to a new home or apartment during the fall and winter. Also, move during the middle of the week because costs are typically higher on Fridays and on the weekend. Moreover, plan your move for the middle of the day to avoid rush hour traffic, which will increase the moving cost because it adds time. Finally, most moves occur at the beginning or end of a month, so a mid-month move could save you money because it is a slower time for moving companies.
  • Second, take the time before the movers arrive to remove any doors in your old and new residence that make it difficult, or impossible, for movers to get your furniture through a doorway. Next, make sure all your possessions are packed before the movers arrive. Hourly costs will accrue if a moving crew needs to remove doors or wait for you to pack boxes.

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