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The first step to an efficient commercial move is to partner with a great moving company a few months before your moving week. Recommendations from people who have done a commercial mover are your best bet but reading reviews on Yelp and Google are also useful. While researching companies, find five professional commercial movers that you feel meet your early requirements and then interview all of them for additional measure.  After you interview the five potential candidates, narrow your choices to the three best companies. Then, get in-person estimates. A professional moving company realizes the importance of an onsite estimate for such a large move. Get the three bids in writing, and read every bit of fine print, looking for hidden fees and unusual language that requires additional clarification. From there, choose the best moving company that fits your move’s budget. It is in your best interest to have your staff pack their offices and desks, with proper labeling that no one can confuse. If a third-party company packs your office, you create a mess when you get to the new building. Everyone will be searching for her or his belongings, which will create chaos and reduce production. Next, since your technology drives your business, your IT situation needs to be in order well in advance of your move. The IT department must put together an exceptional plan, and a budget for executing that plan. Transitioning your IT to a new building is a huge job that includes computers, servers, phones, and the connectivity of it all, and this might be a huge chunk of your moving budget.

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