What To Know When Renting A Storage Unit In LA

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Most of the time, people will underestimate the power of storage units. They can not only help us free our space a little bit but can save us a lot of money and time, especially when moving or renovating our home. And while you can use storage for many different reasons, its purpose is the same keeping your items safe for a certain period of time. Some cities and areas in the USA are busier than others, especially those in California, and you should know everything about renting a storage unit in LA. Here is the most useful information directly from Royal Moving & Storage Inc CA experts!

Finding a good moving and storage company

If your plan doesn’t include only storing your items but moving them as well, you will have to find a suitable company to help you do it. Professional ones like can provide everything you need including a skilled team. Considering you will have them at your service, it is only logical to rely on them as much as possible.

When it comes to storage, the more experienced the company is, the safer your items will be. No matter how long you wish to store your inventory, it is essential that the company has good reviews and successful history of working with clients. 

aerial photo of LA
One may think that considering how popular LA is that it is pretty hard to find storage, but the truth is much different

Once you finish with this step, the time will come to fully focus on choosing storage and preparing your inventory. Not everyone has a chance to use storage before and use their own experience for the next time. When renting a storage unit in LA there are a couple of factors you must consider and we will help you understand each one of them better. They include:

  • Determining the size of your storage
  • Finding the suitable location
  • What type of insurance will be included
  • How to properly pack your items for storage

When renting an LA storage you must get the right unit size

One of the first things you have to be careful about is finding a storage unit that will be spacious enough for your items. Getting one that is too small or too big is not a good outcome. In one scenario you will probably have to find another unit so that everything can fit. Getting two units is a waste of money as there is always the option of taking only one that is bigger.

On the other hand, getting a bigger one will cost you more, and they will still be space to spare. A unit in the storage Los Angeles facility should fit the number of items you want to store and your budget at the same time. The good news is that its employees will help you go through the entire process. Just let them know about the number of things you plan on storing and you will be fine. 

box labeled as fragile
Even if some of your items are fragile you can safely prepare them for storage

You need to think about location as well

Even if it will be cheaper to store items in your hometown, most of the time that will not be convenient. In case you chose some of the LA suburbs to move to, it is much better to use storage in this city. This way you will get to save a lot of money on gas and traveling up and down, and your items will be closer to you. On the other hand, if you plan on storing items before you plan to sell them or give them away, this is also a better option. Once you find the perfect buyer, it will not take too long for you to go and pick everything up.

The importance of insurance

It is only normal to be worried about the safety of your items once they are not with you. In case you are moving and are waiting for residential movers Los Angeles to arrive and pick them up, take some time to get to know the exact insurance policy you will receive. Professional companies always have safe storage units but it is a very good feeling knowing that both you and the company are fully protected.

In case you are using storage for the first time, let the employees explain to you better how exactly it works. Moving and storage accidents are very rare, but insurance is a necessity no matter what.

Packing before renting a storage unit in LA

And finally, you will have to prepare and pack your items before storing them. The expert packing services Los Angeles offers will be of huge help when the time comes, as you will get to save a lot of time and money. However, if you wish to prepare them on your own, there is one thing you should do right away. Each one of them should be properly labeled, as this will make the unpacking much easier.

boxes in the warehouse
Probably the best thing about renting a storage unit in LA is that no matter how many boxes you have, all of them will be safe and protected

In case you plan to leave them there for a longer period after moving to one of the LA neighborhoods, it is much better if you knew what is inside each box. Not all of your items will be of the same size and material of course. Some of the items will need a different approach when packing. Storage units will keep them safe but you must make sure everything inside is properly wrapped and dry.

Let LA storage work for you!

Now that you know all the crucial things about renting a storage unit in LA, you are ready! Your furniture movers Los Angeles recommends will help you transport them so that you don’t have to waste time doing it yourself. When the time comes for you to pick items up, let the employees know the time of your arrival. This way they will be able to prepare everything, and there will be no need to wait for too long. Considering that some areas of Los Angeles can be pretty busy, it is best you turn everything to your benefit.

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