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If you’re considering a new place to live, you might want to explore the reasons to move to Downey. This Southern California city offers a blend of community involvement, quality education, and a safe environment that appeals to many. It’s an excellent place to settle, whether you’re starting a family or looking for a community to join. Think about how easy your move could be with services from Royal Moving and Storage Inc, a trusted name in relocations.

Why Should You Even Consider Downey?

Downey is located in the southeast part of Los Angeles County. It has a community with a population of approximately 109,000 residents. The city spans about 12.6 square miles, creating a population density of 9,215 per square mile, which brings people closer together while still offering space for residential and commercial growth. Over the years, until 2021, Downey has seen a steady increase in population, which is followed by a current small decline in the last few years.

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The demographic structure of Downey is diverse, with a significant representation of Hispanic and Latino residents, complemented by a mix of other backgrounds. Additionally, the age distribution in Downey skews younger, with a substantial portion of the population under the age of 35, making it a youthful and energetic city. Furthermore, interesting facts about Downey include its historical significance in the aerospace industry as the birthplace of the Apollo space program. Moreover, today, Downey is known for its well-balanced suburban appeal, combining the tranquility of a smaller town with the conveniences of urban living. Consequently, its location within California offers easy access to downtown Los Angeles, the coast, and several major freeways, which enhances its attractiveness for residents and businesses alike.

What Are The Reasons For The Move?

In all honesty, not many people have heard about Downey, but with the appeal of suburban areas rising, it is getting recognition. The reasons to move to Downey are the following:

  • Community involvement and civic pride
  • Award-winning educational opportunities
  • Exceptional public safety
  • High quality healthcare
  • Transportation infrastructure
  • Thriving business environment
  • Local markets and shopping
  • Recreational and cultural attractions
  • Excellent location and access
  • Affordable housing

Community involvement and civic pride

Downey stands out for its strong sense of community. Residents here don’t just live in the same area—they actively shape their environment. From designing and decorating rose floats for Pasadena’s Tournament of Roses to volunteering for the YMCA, people here are deeply involved. The spirit of community doesn’t stop there; it extends to numerous churches offering a mix of religious and social activities. This collective effort fosters a small-town feel within a lively part of California. Every year, locals look forward to participating in the Annual Holiday Lane Parade and the Downey Street Faire, events that strengthen bonds and enhance the city’s charm.

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Top reasons to move to Downey – a great moving crew will conduct your relocation

Award-winning educational opportunities

For families and students, educational opportunities are often a major factor in choosing where to live. Downey excels in this area with multiple schools recognized for their excellence. The local school district has received four California “Distinguished School” awards, a sign of the high-quality education available here. Not only do public schools in Downey achieve great results, but there are also private schools that offer various educational paths. This emphasis on quality education is one of the compelling reasons to move to Downey. If you’re moving with family and for this exact reason, you will likely do so during summer. But keep in mind that this is a busy season, when storage Los Angeles and reputable moving services might not be as available as you would like – so plan in advance!

Exceptional public safety

While you may not worry about the safety of your items while packing service in Los Angeles work, you will likely think about the overall safety of your new home in Downey. The city operates its own police and fire departments, ensuring quick and effective responses to emergencies. Downey’s commitment to safety can be seen in its low property crime rates and proactive safety measures. For example, community policing efforts have been highly successful in maintaining peace and security.

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You don’t need to worry about safety as long as experienced movers are there to help

High quality healthcare

Also, Downey provides excellent healthcare services with facilities like Kaiser Permanente Downey Medical Center. The city prides itself on its accessible medical care and wellness programs, which include:

  • Comprehensive health screenings and preventive care services.
  • Community wellness programs that promote a healthy lifestyle.
  • Emergency services are well-regarded for their efficiency and care.

Local markets and shopping

For shopping enthusiasts, Downey will not disappoint. The city has a strong market scene and numerous shopping centers that cater to all needs. The Downey Farmers Market, held every Saturday, is a hub for both locals and visitors. It features local produce, handmade goods, and a lively community atmosphere. Besides the farmers market, Downey has several shopping areas where you can find everything from big brand stores to unique local shops. Here’s what you’ll find:

  • Downey Landing and Stonewood Center, a popular shopping malls with a variety of stores and eateries.
  • Small boutiques and specialty shops that offer unique products and services.
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Transportation infrastructure is a key reason to move to Downey

Transportation is a crucial factor when deciding where to live, and Downey excels in this department. The city’s well-developed transportation network makes getting around effortless and fast. You will get to see this in action while Los Angeles interstate movers professionally navigate these streets. Whether you’re commuting to work or planning a day out, here’s what Downey offers:

  • Comprehensive public transit: Downey LINK provides extensive coverage, ensuring you can reach all parts of the city without a car.
  • Freeway access: Strategically located, Downey offers immediate access to several major freeways, including I-5, I-710, I-605, and I-105, which connect you to the greater Los Angeles area and beyond.
  • Rail and air links: The proximity to rail services and multiple airports like LAX and Long Beach enhances Downey’s appeal for frequent travelers and business professionals.

Thriving business environment

Additionally, Downey is an ideal place for businesses, offering a strategic location coupled with supportive local policies and a dynamic economic environment that fosters growth. Here’s why entrepreneurs and established businesses find Downey an attractive city to set up shop:

  • Diverse industries: Downey’s economic landscape is varied, with robust sectors in retail, manufacturing, healthcare, and education. Businesses across these sectors benefit from a community that supports growth and innovation, making it a fertile ground for new and expanding enterprises. The best part is that reputable furniture movers from Los Angeles have helped many businesses relocate here, so you will likely get great ones recommended to you.
  • Supportive community: The local government, along with the Downey Chamber of Commerce, actively promotes business growth through a variety of programs. These include development incentives, business networking events, and educational workshops that are designed to support businesses at every stage of their development.
  • Skilled workforce: Downey is positioned near some of Southern California’s leading educational institutions, including California State University, Los Angeles, and Long Beach City College. This proximity provides businesses access to a large pool of educated and skilled professionals. The median household income in Downey is approximately $84,000, which is above the national average, reflecting the economic stability and wealth of the local workforce.
  • Economic data: Downey enjoys a lower-than-average unemployment rate at around 4.30%, compared to the national average, underscoring the city’s job market. Additionally, the average workweek for residents is about 40 hours, indicating a balanced work-life environment.
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Recreational and cultural attractions in Downey

Downey offers a rich array of recreational and cultural attractions that make it a compelling reason to consider moving to this part of Los Angeles. For those who enjoy spending time outdoors, the city boasts well-maintained parks such as Wilderness Park, where visitors can enjoy scenic walking trails and a tranquil pond, perfect for leisurely strolls or family picnics. Furman Park also caters to more active lifestyles with sports fields and fitness areas. Cultural pursuits can be enjoyed at the Downey Theatre, a key cultural hub where residents and visitors can enjoy everything from concerts to plays, enriching the local arts scene.

Families will find the Columbia Memorial Space Center particularly appealing, as it offers interactive exhibits that engage children’s curiosity in science and space. Additionally, Downey’s strategic location means that Southern California’s major attractions, like Disneyland, Knott’s Berry Farm, and Universal Studios, are just a short drive away, offering a blend of magical family destinations and exciting educational experiences.

Excellent location and access: Compelling reasons to move to Downey

Downey’s strategic location is undoubtedly one of its strongest selling points, and the reason why so many people hire moving companies Downey. Centrally positioned within Southern California, Downey offers exceptional access to major transportation routes, making it incredibly convenient for both commuting and leisure travel. Here’s what makes its location ideal:

  • Central to major cities: Downey is just a short drive from Los Angeles, Long Beach, and Anaheim, putting you at the heart of the action while providing a quieter place to call home.
  • Accessibility to freeways and public transport: Whether you’re using public transport or driving, the city’s extensive network of freeways and bus routes, including proximity to several major airports and rail stations, makes getting around straightforward.
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Quality of Life and Housing in Downey

Downey offers a high quality of life with its blend of urban and suburban settings. The housing market here is diverse, catering to a variety of preferences and budgets, which simplifies the process of finding a home that fits your lifestyle and financial means. Here are some aspects to consider about housing in Downey:

  • Affordable housing. One of the things that you need to know before moving to Los Angeles, or anywhere near, is that the housing prices here are higher than average. The median home price in Downey hovers around $868,000, which is accessible compared to neighboring areas like Los Angeles. For renters, the median monthly rent is approximately $2,150, offering a range of options from modest apartments to more spacious family homes.
  • Housing options. Whether you’re a first-time homebuyer, upgrading, or downsizing, Downey has something to offer. Housing options range from single-family homes and condominiums to larger estate properties. For those seeking luxury, the northwest part of Downey is known for its upscale homes and well-maintained properties. Conversely, the southern sections offer more budget-friendly options without sacrificing quality or access to amenities.

Choose Your Favorite Reasons to Move to Downey

As you can see, the reasons to move to Downey are many and varied. From its exceptional location and easy access to both work and entertainment, Downy offers a compelling package for anyone looking to relocate. Whether you’re drawn by the promising business environment or the rich array of local and nearby attractions, Downey stands out as a top choice to consider in Southern California. Keep in mind that more and more people are learning about the good sides of living here. Therefore, there will be many people moving during this summer. This will make it necessary for you to have a plan on how to handle moving delays on hand, which likely won’t occur, but it is always better to be safe than sorry!

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