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It is time to move your home again and this time you must move alone. Moving as a single parent is probably the hardest task when it comes to relocation in general. Especially if you are time-limited or moving on a budget. Moreover, you must organize packing, search for local movers Los Angeles, figure out all legalities tied to the moving process, and more. Hence, we will help you tackle everything and emerge victorious on the other side. Let’s go!

Form a plan for moving as a single parent

The very first thing you must do is to sit down and form a moving plan. This part should be fairly easy because there is no one else to influence your decisions and everything will be your decision. But this does not mean you shouldn’t consult with your friends or your movers if you are not sure about something.

a woman creating a plan for moving as a single parent
The first thing you’ll need is a solid moving plan. Create one as soon as possible.

Start by creating a moving checklist where you’ll list all moving steps you must complete before the movers arrive. Inspect your home and note down all the furniture you possess and other belongings you must pack. Measure robust pieces to be sure they’ll fit into the moving truck. And this way you’ll know how many packing materials you must prepare for the packing process. Remember to check all areas such as the loft, garage, basement, and backyard.

Once you cover it all, you will be ready for packing, decluttering, downsizing, cleaning, and all other moving steps. But before you begin, you must figure out the moving date, set aside a budget, and call your movers. They will evaluate your moving situation and offer moving services that will make your relocation easier, cheaper, and safer. Hence, dedicate enough time to your moving plan because everything depends on it.

You can’t do this alone. Hire moving professionals

Now, you have your moving plan with you, the next step is to find a reliable moving company to assist you. Moving as a single parent simply can’t be done without them. So, you must dedicate a bit more time to finding a reliable moving company that will take care of all the hard labor instead of you. You will find them on the internet but you must know how to search for them if you want to avoid fraudulent moving companies and overinflated prices. Therefore, check prices, compare services, and read reviews. Note that your movers should possess the following:

  • Licenses and permits to work within the moving industry.
  • All the necessary tools and equipment.
  • Moving services such as local and long-distance moves, along with, packing, storage Los Angeles, and special moving services.
  • Moving insurance.
  • Knowledgeable and experienced manpower and sizeable moving vehicles.
two guys carrying items
As a single parent, you will need the best possible moving assistance out there. Find your movers on the internet.

If you have time you should join one of the moving-related social media groups to fetch some of the positive and negative comments about the moving industry in general. Or for a specific company, you are aiming for. It is a good source for all moving-related content. And finally, you can check on their website or once you are ready and have all the information, give them a call and ask away. Communicate with several moving companies until you find the one you are pleased with.

Ask friends to help you with relocation from LA

Sometimes, a moving company is not the only form of help you need. Moving as a single parent is highly emotional as well and you will surely appreciate having a friend or a family member by your side. At least to keep you company while packing. Or to help you with some errands, chores, or moving-related tasks along the way. Therefore, send out an invitation to your dearest members of the family and your closest friends. Check out their schedules and availability and figure out if someone can participate. It would be lovely if someone can join you in at least for a day.

On a side note, if you have a stretching budget, you can purchase packing service Los Angeles and let your movers handle the entire packing process. Meanwhile, you can take your friends out for a lunch or take a weekend off and go on a road trip. Spend some quality time and unwind with your friends, family, and your kids. They will have some fun for sure.

Your kids might be confused – explain the situation

Now when you have organized all your moving steps and you have your moving company with you, you must tend to your kids. They are surely confused and they have noticed that something is going on. Their parent is acting strange, is busy, making a bunch of phone calls, is absent, and so on. Therefore, it is of utmost importance to be there for your kids. Especially for the younger ones. If your kids are a bit older, you can explain to them what relocation means and try to spin it to the positive side of it.

Explain that this is a good thing and such a change in people’s lives can bring only good. It is normal for us to move on and search for better opportunities. And they must do it too. But most importantly, try to include them in the moving process and keep them safe and close to you.

woman and a child taking a photo
Explain to your child as best as you can. Give your best to make them feel comfortable with the current situation.

Check out your new neighborhood

Ok, it is smart to know the area you are moving to. Obviously, you have already scouted the neighborhood when you rented or purchased the property. But you must locate all the points of interest as well. You can take a weekend off and take your kids out for an adventure and simply explore the area. Or you can search and note everything online and locate everything later once you settle in. Your choice entirely. So, the goal is to locate the nearest grocery shop, post office, police station, bus station, school, pharmacy, shopping mall, and anything else you might need every day. Also, check out where are the local parks, playgrounds, coffee places, so you can support your morning routines.

Keep it positive

Lastly, the whole process will wear you out completely unless you are made of stone. We all know that moving can make you sad, anxious, and homesick. Moving depression is a serious thing as well. Hence, you must tend to yourself as well. Take a moment to yourself to recharge your batteries and take a break. Read a book, watch a movie, or take your kids out for a walk. If you can leave your kids with your family members just for a few hours and go out to unwind, that would be cool as well. Of course, if you need some time alone that is. Do whatever makes you feel great. Just do not push yourself too hard because if you get sick or injured, there is no one else to handle the relocation for you. Keep this in mind.

Now you are ready for moving as a single parent. Find yourself reliable professional moving assistance and you won’t have to worry about a thing. Take enough rest and spend enough time with your kids. Everything else will fall in place nicely. Good luck.

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