The Best Indoor Activities in LA for the Summer Months

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Already known for its sunny skies and warm climate, Los Angeles experiences scorching summers that send temperatures soaring. With the mercury rising, seeking indoor activities in LA for the summer months becomes crucial. Fortunately, the city offers a plethora of fantastic indoor activities to beat the heat. So, go ahead, indulge in the city’s diverse culinary scene, visit interactive exhibits, or embrace your inner athlete at indoor sports facilities. Once your moving help Los Angeles provides is done with your relocation, go out with your loved ones and find the cool sanctuaries to enjoy during the summer months!

Indoor cultural attractions in LA for the summer months

Los Angeles is packed with many cultural establishments that you’ll most definitely enjoy. These are just some of the best ones out there, so make sure you explore and find other places that are relevant to your interests. If these aren’t enough to satisfy your appetite, you can always ask your friends, neighbors, or even local movers Los Angeles provides for more recommendations!

Museums in LA

During the summer months, some museums host special exhibits and events to enhance visitors’ enjoyment. The Getty Center, renowned for its art collections, often features summer exhibitions highlighting diverse artists and genres. The Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA) presents summer programs like outdoor film screenings and live music performances.

The California Science Center offers seasonal exhibits on topics like marine life and space exploration. Additionally, the Natural History Museum showcases summer-specific displays on local flora and fauna.

LA Museum
Visiting museums and galleries is one of the best indoor activities in LA in the summer months

Art Galleries 

The Hauser & Wirth gallery showcases a diverse range of contemporary artists, while the Gagosian gallery exhibits work from renowned artists across different mediums. The L.A. Louver Gallery features cutting-edge contemporary art and sculptures, while the Regen Projects gallery highlights innovative and thought-provoking contemporary artists. For those interested in street art and urban culture, the Corey Helford Gallery is a must-visit!

Theaters and Performance Centers 

Performance centers are some of the best indoor activities for the summer months in LA! The Dolby Theatre hosts a variety of shows, concerts, and award ceremonies. The Ahmanson Theatre offers a range of plays and musicals. Also, the Geffen Playhouse showcases diverse productions, both new and classic.

You can also enjoy The Walt Disney Concert Hall, which is home to the Los Angeles Philharmonic! Finally, we recommend The Pantages Theatre, which is renowned for its Broadway productions, as well as The Mark Taper Forum and The Greek Theatre. To balance the stress of moving, heading out to watch a play after your residential movers Los Angeles have left your apartment is a must-do!

Recreational Indoor Activities in LA for the Summer Time

Even though the summers in LA are hot, it doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy recreational activities that will get your blood pumping! Let’s know look at the wide variety of recreational indoor places in LA during the summer months.

Indoor rock climbing, one of the best indoor activities in LA for the summer months
Indoor rock climbing is a great way to exercise and have some serious fun at the same time!

Indoor rock climbing 

Los Angeles offers fantastic indoor rock climbing venues for enthusiasts of all skill levels. The most popular ones are: 

  • Stronghold Climbing Gym
  • Hangar 18
  • Cliffs of Id
  • Sender One Climbing Gym
  • Hollywood Boulders

Trampoline Parks 

Sky Zone Trampoline Park offers a wide range of activities, including freestyle jumping, dodgeball, and foam pits. With its wall-to-wall trampolines, it’s a go-to spot for adrenaline-pumping fun. Another renowned trampoline park is Altitude Trampoline Park, which boasts various attractions like trampoline basketball, a ninja course, and a massive foam pit. Both parks provide a safe and exhilarating environment for individuals of all ages to enjoy gravity-defying jumps and flips!

Indoor Pools and Water Parks

What better way to cool down during the summer months in LA than in indoor pools and water parks? The Annenberg Community Beach House features a beautiful indoor pool with ocean views and a retractable roof for year-round swimming.

The Swim Stadium at the University of Southern California is an Olympic-sized indoor pool that offers lap swimming and training opportunities. For family fun, the Great Wolf Lodge indoor water park provides thrilling water slides, wave pools, and interactive play areas. Finally, The Aquatic Center at the Rose Bowl offers a variety of swimming programs and recreational activities.

Bowling Alleys

Los Angeles boasts some top-notch bowling alleys that guarantee hours of fun and friendly competition. Lucky Strike Lanes, located in Downtown LA, offers a sleek and modern atmosphere with multiple lanes, delicious food options, and a vibrant bar scene.

Pinz Bowling Center in Studio City provides a spacious facility with a retro-inspired ambiance, arcade games, and a sports bar. The favorite bowling alley to explore after furniture movers Los Angeles complete your relocation is certainly Bowlero Mar Vista! It offers a lively and entertaining experience with blacklight bowling, a state-of-the-art arcade, and tasty food offerings.

Bowling alley, one of the most fun indoor activities in LA in for the summer months
Nothing beats the classic American pastime activity of bowling!

Escape Rooms 

The Basement stands out with its immersive storytelling and intense atmosphere, where participants navigate a dark and eerie setting to solve puzzles and escape. Another great spot is The Escape Room LA, which provides a variety of cleverly designed rooms with intricate puzzles and immersive themes, such as a time travel adventure or a detective mystery. Both venues offer engaging experiences that test participants’ problem-solving skills and teamwork, making them popular choices for those seeking an adrenaline-pumping adventure to escape the city’s heat.

Indoor shopping and dining experiences for the summer months in LA 

Some people’s biggest stress relief is going out to shop and wine and dine! We can’t argue with that choice, so here are the best indoor malls, markets, and restaurants in LA!

Famous Shopping Malls

There are two very famous malls in LA you must visit. The first is the glamorous Rodeo Drive, renowned for its luxurious high-end boutiques. Here, fashion enthusiasts can find iconic brands like Gucci, Louis Vuitton, and Chanel. It’s a haven for celebrity spotting, where you might bump into A-listers.

The second mall is The Grove, known for its charming outdoor setting. Alongside popular stores, it features a beautiful park with a dancing fountain. The Grove also hosts live performances and has a famous farmers market nearby, offering delicious food and unique shopping experiences.

A Family Doing Grocery Shopping
Shopping malls and indoor markets are where you can enjoy your favorite indoor activities in LA for the summer, relax, and cool down.

Indoor Markets 

Indoor markets have covered walkways and air-conditioned interiors, which are perfect for the hot summer months. The first is the Grand Central Market, located in Downtown LA. It offers a vibrant and diverse culinary experience with a wide range of food stalls, including tacos, burgers, sushi, and more. The market has been serving delicious fare since 1917. Another excellent option is the Original Farmers Market, situated adjacent to The Grove. It features an array of fresh produce, specialty food vendors, and delightful eateries.

Top Restaurants with Indoor Seating

Los Angeles is a culinary haven, with several top-notch restaurants offering comfortable indoor seating. One such gem is Providence, renowned for its exquisite seafood dishes and elegant atmosphere. The restaurant offers a fine dining experience with impeccable service.

Another popular choice is Republique, known for its beautiful architecture and delicious French-inspired cuisine. The expansive indoor space provides a cozy and inviting ambiance.

For fans of Italian cuisine, Bestia is a must-visit. This trendy spot serves up delectable handmade pasta and wood-fired pizzas in a stylish indoor setting. That could very well be the best place where you can head out and celebrate your move after your moving services Los Angeles professionals have completed your move!

Fine dining restaurant
If you wish to cool down and rejuvenate in LA in the summer months, visiting the city’s restaurants is a tasty option!

Indoor activities for kids

Even though children are very resilient, they also have to stay away from the sun if the heat is too hard. These are some of the best places you can take them so they can have a blast during LA summer.


One of the most renowned indoor playgrounds in LA is Kidspace Children’s Museum, located in Pasadena. It offers a multitude of interactive exhibits, including climbing structures, water play areas, and art activities. Another popular choice is The Great Escape Club, a massive indoor playground with slides, ball pits, and obstacle courses, ensuring hours of fun. AdventurePlex in Manhattan Beach is also highly regarded, featuring a multi-level play structure, rock climbing walls, and a dedicated toddler area.

Science centers

California Science Center, home to the renowned Space Shuttle Endeavour, offers hands-on exhibits, interactive displays, and a fascinating exploration of space. Another great option is the Discovery Cube Los Angeles, where kids can engage in interactive science experiments, learn about ecosystems, and even experience a virtual helicopter ride. The Natural History Museum is also worth a visit, with its dinosaur fossils, insect displays, and interactive exhibits on the natural world.

Aquariums and Zoos with Indoor Exhibits

Los Angeles is home to remarkable aquariums and zoos with captivating indoor exhibits. The Aquarium of the Pacific in Long Beach is a must-visit, offering immersive displays of marine life, including vibrant coral reefs and fascinating underwater creatures. The Santa Monica Pier Aquarium is another gem, showcasing local marine species and providing interactive touch tanks for children.

The Los Angeles Zoo boasts indoor exhibits like the Rainforest of the Americas, where visitors can explore lush habitats filled with exotic animals. The zoo also has indoor spaces like the Reptile and Amphibian House, housing a diverse collection of reptiles.

Women doing yoga
A very popular indoor activity in LA for the summer months is yoga class

Indoor Wellness Activities

Let’s now take a look at the wellness indoor activities in LA for the summer months. The heat shouldn’t be an excuse not to invest your time in taking care of your mind, body, and spirit! 

Yoga and Fitness Centers

Los Angeles offers top-notch yoga and fitness centers for health enthusiasts. One notable yoga center is Wanderlust Hollywood, which combines yoga classes with mindfulness workshops and community events. It provides a serene and inclusive environment for practitioners of all levels. On the other hand, Equinox is a renowned fitness center with multiple locations in LA. It offers state-of-the-art equipment, expert trainers, and a variety of classes, including strength training, cardio, and group fitness. Equinox’s luxurious facilities and personalized fitness programs cater to individuals seeking a comprehensive fitness experience.

Spas and Wellness Centers 

A standout indoor spa center is The Ritz-Carlton Spa, known for its luxurious treatments and serene ambiance. With its range of massages, facials, and body therapies, it provides a blissful escape from the bustling city. On the other hand, The Now is a popular wellness center that specializes in modernized ancient massage techniques. With its cozy and inviting atmosphere, it offers a unique experience of relaxation and self-care. You should definitely visit one of these places to relax and cool down as soon as your moving and packing service Los Angeles providers leave your home!

Special Summer Events and Festivals 

Just because the sun can bring immense heat, it doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy live music and concerts as indoor activities in LA for summer fun! These are the places that will be your haven for these events during the scorching summer months.

Rock concert, one of the best indoor activities in LA for the summer months
LA offers many great indoor places for concerts and performances, so make sure to get to know what’s going on the city during the summer!

Indoor Summer Festivals 

Los Angeles hosts vibrant indoor summer festivals that are perfect for beating the heat. One of the most popular is the LA Food Fest, where foodies can indulge in a diverse array of culinary delights from local vendors. The festival offers a lively atmosphere with live music and entertainment. Another exciting event is the Anime Expo, a celebration of Japanese pop culture featuring anime screenings, cosplay contests, and interactive exhibits. It’s a haven for anime enthusiasts of all ages.

Indoor Concerts and Music Events

Los Angeles is renowned for its vibrant indoor concerts and music events. The Staples Center, a world-class venue, hosts major concerts by renowned artists across various genres. It offers state-of-the-art sound systems and a dynamic atmosphere. The Hollywood Bowl is another iconic location known for its open-air amphitheater, but it also hosts indoor events. And finally, the Troubadour is a legendary music venue that showcases emerging artists and intimate performances.

Enjoy the Numerous Indoor Activities in LA for the Summer Months!

If you are afraid you’d miss out on a lot of things due to the heat, do not worry! There are enough amazing indoor activities in LA for the summer months that will definitely help you cool down and make the most out of your time. Just make sure to hire the most reliable moving and storage Los Angeles company you can find to start your stay in this glorious city on the right foot!

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