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Sherman Oaks is a beautiful Los Angeles neighborhood that was founded in 1927. Today, it has more than 70 000 residents and has very diverse demographics. Most of its residents are White, Hispanic, Black, and Asian. Sherman Oaks is a progressive suburb and offers many advantages for those living there. Still, if you have been thinking of moving out of LA and hiring moving and storage Los Angeles, it’s best to consider whether it’s a good move to move from Sherman Oaks this fall. Although Sherman Oaks has a higher living index, it might not be a perfect choice for some people, which is okay! If you are dealing with this dilemma, this article will help you make a final decision!

Reasons to move from Sherman Oaks this fall

Many people seem to think there has to be a valid reason for moving. While that is true, you do not need a strong reason to move. Getting a better job offer or planning to enroll at a specific university are good reasons for relocating. However, if you feel like your everyday life is becoming a routine and you need a change, moving might be a perfect solution. As we have mentioned, among the most common reasons for moving are:

  1. Getting a better job offer
  2. Enrolling in a specific school/university
  3. Better livability and safety
  4. Needing a change in your life
A man working in his office
There are plenty of valid reasons for relocating from Sherman Oaks. Consider them all before making a final decision.

Receiving a better job offer

Getting a better job offer is one of the many reasons people relocate. Sherman Oaks is a LA suburb, which means it has relatively better job opportunities than other smaller neighborhoods. However, it still has a high unemployment rate. At the beginning of the year, the unemployment rate was 6%, and currently, it is 5%. These numbers are higher than the national average which is around 3.5%.

Therefore, receiving a better job offer is one of the more valid reasons to move from Sherman Oaks this fall. One thing to keep in mind is the safety of the place you are living in. While Sherman Oaks is a relatively safe neighborhood, it still has a lot of property crimes. Last year there were 4,382 confirmed property crimes, and larceny-theft made more than 3500 cases. If you are living with your family, have young children, or generally want to move to a safer area, moving from Sherman Oaks with the help of local movers Los Angeles might be a good decision.

Enrolling in a university might make you consider moving

Sherman Oaks has a very efficient educational system. Some of the best schools in this area include Science Academy STEM Magnet School, Kester Avenue Elementary School, Dixie Canyon Community Charter School, Riverside Drive Charter School, Sherman Oaks Elementary Charter School, Chandler Elementary School, Ivy Bound Acad of Math Sci and Tech Charter Mid School and Robert A. Millikan Affiliated Charter & Perf Arts School. There are 17 middle and high schools in this area but no higher education institutions. University of California, Los Angeles, is the closest high education institution, and due to high transportation costs, many would not find it convenient to live in Sherman Oaks while studying. Therefore, if you plan on attending a specific college or want to cut short transportation costs, it might be a better option to reside in LA.

A family in a grocery store
Looking for more affordable livability is a sign you should move from Sherman Oaks this fall.

Better livability is a reason for moving

The cost of Living in Sherman Oaks, CA, is 41.0% Higher than the National Average. Groceries are 3% more expensive than in the rest of California. That itself is not a big difference, but housing prices in this area are 30% more expensive. That being said, the median home rent is 2000$, while the national average is 1100$. Transportation is also 3.5% more expensive in Sherman Oaks, and gas and utilities can go up to 25% more expensive than the average prices. More expensive livability is due to its relative closeness to LA, one of the most expensive cities in the USA. Not-so-affordable livability and a high unemployment rate might be a reason for moving from this LA neighborhood. If you plan on saving money or generally want to move to a more affordable place, we recommend hiring residential movers Los Angeles.

Needing a change in your life is a reason to move from Sherman Oaks this fall

We, as human beings, need change. If your life becomes boring and everything seems repetitive, it’s time for a change. Some like to take a vacation, some change their appearance, and some decide to move. Relocation is a great way to change your life. There are, in fact, many reasons why people need change. Some would like to become independent from their parents, which mostly applies to students and recent graduates. On the other hand, some need to escape bad memories, and sometimes, relocation is the only way to do so. Some require relocation due to their age or health condition. Many senior residents opt for moving to more peaceful areas and enjoying their retirement there. Whatever might be your reason for moving, consider it and analyze it before you opt for the final decision.

A couple taking a walk, representing whether to move from Sherman Oaks this fall
Moving during the fall is much more convenient due to lower temperatures.

The final decision is up to you

Choosing to move from Sherman Oaks this fall is not an easy task. Relocations are complex and require a lot of money, time, preparations, and patience. However, if you have been considering relocating for a while, you should probably do so. Whether it is due to getting a better job offer, enrolling in the university of your dreams, or simply needing a change, relocating from Sherman Oaks might be the best solution. However, before you relocate, we suggest comparing two cities and neighborhoods. You should compare affordability, safety, job opportunities, transportation, nightlife, etc. That way, you will get a realistic picture of your new home and be much more prepared for living in a new city!

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