Room-by-room packing guide for your Redondo Beach relocation

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If you’re planning on moving soon, you need to be prepared to handle a wide variety of jobs under pressure. While this may sound daunting at first, rest assured that with some careful preparation, you will discover that moving is really very simple. Even if you hire movers to assist you, you’ll find that there are still tasks that must be completed on your own during a move. For instance, the majority of individuals choose to pack and transport their own belongings. We know that packing up a whole house is no simple task, which is why we’ve provided you with this helpful packing guide for your Redondo Beach relocation.

A quick packing guide for your Redondo Beach relocation

For many people, packing may be a major source of stress. One effective strategy for packing is to start with collecting all the necessary packing materials and then packing room-by-room. The room-by-room method has proven to be effective time and time again. Before you call up reliable furniture movers Los Angeles to help with the heavy lifting, you first need to pack up all of your knicks and knacks.

a girl packing for the move
Packing up for a move is not as easy as you may think.

1. Start in the kitchen

Our years of experience in the relocation sector have shown us that if you follow one rule of thumb, starting with the most challenging activity first, you’ll be able to breeze through the rest. The ability to set and stick to prioritized goals means that the most critical tasks can be accomplished on schedule. This attitude has gotten us at Royal Moving Company through a lot of challenges. And it can be applied to room-by-room packing suggestions as well. Therefore, we suggest you begin in the kitchen.

If you ask any reputable moving company, they will tell you that the kitchen is the most difficult area to pack up. One reason is that you have a lot of large appliances to move. And another is that you have a lot of little utensils and household objects to box up carefully. Overall, it seems like you’ll be rather busy.

The best way to pack up your kitchen

Now that you know you should begin packing in the kitchen in accordance with the room-by-room packing rules, what should you do next? Follow our advice and get rid of, eat, or donate any food that may spoil soon. This will likely include all of your food since many residential movers Redondo Beach will transport delicate machinery but will not touch perishables. The next step is, to tackle the most delicate things. As they will need the most protection throughout the move process. We’re talking about your fragile glassware and fine china here; take extra care to wrap and package each item separately.

2. Empty the cupboards and the attic.

It’s likely that you store shoes, seasonal decorations, mementos, and a variety of other stuff in your closets or the attic. It’s best to handle all of your closets at once if you can. Since sorting through them one at a time may be a huge time drain while you’re in the midst of a move. By doing so, you may redistribute the contents of a closet to the appropriate storage areas of your home and remove any unnecessary things that can be given away.

3. Next up: the living room and the guest bedrooms

Packing the living room, and guest bedroom last is recommended since you may require these spaces up until the day you move. If you and your family spend most of your evenings in the living room, pack that space first and then the spare bedroom you use largely for storage. It’s no priority, however. Unless you have a lot of important stuff in your living room, like lots of books or special paintings, it shouldn’t be that hard to pack up. If you do have fragile and valuable items or artwork you can get some specialized moving services Los Angeles to ensure their safe transfer. 

a couple moving
If you follow the guidelines from our packing guide for your Redondo Beach relocation, you won’t find the task so hard.

4. Packing up the bathrooms

Despite being the smallest room in the home, packing for a move might be challenging because of the lack of space. Get rid of old junk and throw out any expired products. There’s no use in storing and carrying around trash. It is recommended to carry toiletries and cosmetics in plastic containers to prevent damage in the event of a leak. To prevent mildew growth, towels should be dried thoroughly before being stored in plastic bags. Don’t forget to bring a bag with the necessities you’ll need in the first few days at your new home.

5. Leave the master bedroom for last

This should be the very last room you pack. Take apart the bed, place the mattress in a mattress bag, and then reassemble it. Sort your seasonal garments and place your most fragile garments in their own closet boxes. Use a plastic bag or a suitcase for the remaining garments. Similarly to what was said earlier, you will want to ensure that they are totally dry before proceeding. Pack your night tables last. Since they are most likely to contain the things you’re using most often. If you’re moving out in a hurry and you know that you’re going to need help from a moving company, make sure that the one you choose is reliable and licensed. Always check if they are BBB-recognized and have a valid license.

Leave your necessities out until the last moment.

Final Note

Relocating is a lot of hard work, especially when it comes to packing. You should not only do it on time but also get assistance in doing so. It’s not necessary to hire experts; members of your own family will perform just fine. Using our packing guide for your Redondo Beach relocation as a starting point for your move will make the process quick and easy. Wishing you a smooth move and lots of fun while packing!

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