Renting Storage Space Can be Like Adding a Room to Your House

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You may be moving into a new apartment soon. Or, it might be time to finally renovate your home. At times like these, you might want to consider stashing some of your belongings in a storage space. If this is your first time renting storage space, don’t worry! Royal Moving and Storage Los Angeles is here to guide you. You’ll soon find that it’s not at all as daunting a task as you might expect. First, it’s important to know which kind of storage space you need. Typically, you can rent indoor, outdoor, or climate-controlled storage, and you can also find storage for vehicles, as well. In this text, we’ll walk you through the process of finding reliable storage, and share some neat tips on how to make the most of your experience!

Before renting storage space, remember that one size doesn’t fit all

When you visit a storage facility you’ll first want to note the sizes of the storage areas. Storage facilities usually offer units of different sizes, so it is really important to know what you want. If you rent a unit too small, you won’t be able to fit all of your items. Rent a unit too large, and you’ll have a lot of leftover space, and you’ll overspend needlessly.

To prevent these issues, local movers Los Angeles recommend approximating how many items you have and renting a unit based on this measurement. Some of the most common storage units are divided into the following categories:

  • Small Storage Units: These are typically around 5’x5′ in size and offer around 25 square feet of storage space. They are ideal for storing small household items such as boxes, clothing, and other personal belongings.
  • Medium Storage Units: Approximately 10’x10′ in size with around 100 square feet of storage space. Great for storing furniture and appliances from a one or two-bedroom apartment.
  • Large Storage Units: Large units are around 10’x20′ in size and offer around 200 square feet of storage space. They can easily fit the contents of a small house or a two to three-bedroom apartment.
  • Extra Large Storage Units: These are usually around 10’x30′ in size and offer around 300 square feet of storage space. Their primary use is storing larger items like vehicles, boats, or heavy equipment. Capable of storing the contents of a large house or a four-bedroom apartment.

It’s worth noting that portable storage unit sizes can vary depending on the provider and location, so be sure to check with your specific provider for exact measurements and specifications.

forklift driving by a storage unit
Before renting storage space, make sure to pick the right size

Your items will be safe and secure at all time

When renting storage, you must prioritize the safety and security of your belongings. One of the primary safety measures of reliable storage Los Angeles is the installation of high-quality locks on each unit to prevent unauthorized access. In addition to this, the facility should have security cameras strategically placed throughout the premises to monitor stored units at all times. Many facilities also employ security guards who patrol the area to deter theft or vandalism.

The perimeter of the facility should be secured with a sturdy fence to prevent unauthorized entry, and the facility should have good lighting to ensure that the premises are well-lit at all times, which can also discourage criminal activity. Together, these safety measures create a secure environment for customers to store their belongings with peace of mind.

Plan out your budget and inquire about the pricing

Next, you’ll want to consider how much you’ll pay for renting storage space, and whether or not you can receive any discounts. Some facilities may offer discounts to military personnel, seniors, or AAA members, while others offer discounts for long-term storage. You should also ask what kinds of payments are accepted at the facility. Do they take your credit or debit card, cash, or checks? They may also allow online payment.

You may find that some storage companies even have their own online app, and that could make it even easier to manage your account over the Internet. If they do, don’t hesitate to ask the storage facility representative for some tips on how to set up an online account.

couple packing items for storage
Make sure your items are properly packed before storing them

It is time to get packing!

When you’ve chosen a storage facility, it is time to begin packing your belongings. Group together all of your frequently used items and pack them last. You’ll want to keep them placed near the front of the storage facility for easy access. Use bubble wrap, newspaper, and even towels to cushion valuables that might be breakable. Use dresser drawers to store things like blankets and linens, and even your favorite books.

If you want to make sure the process is fast and safe, consider hiring packing service in Los Angeles to do this delicate task for you. Place your stored items in such a way that you leave a pathway to easily move inside the unit. Lastly, it is a good idea to check on your storage unit every two to three months or so to make sure that none of your belongings have shifted or fallen over.

Renting portable storage is another convenient option to consider

In addition to regular self-storage, portable self-storage is a more flexible option. With portable storage, a lockable container is placed on your property and you can pack and retrieve your possessions whenever you want. When the container is filled and you decide you won’t need access to it for an extended period, you can have the container picked up and stored in a special facility for portable storage containers.

two portable storage containers
Portable storage is a flexible and affordable alternative

Portable storage allows you almost instant access to your belongings. You don’t have to drive across town whenever you need to store or retrieve pieces of your property. Once the container is picked up and trucked away, you can leave your belongings packed away for as long as your contract allows. You don’t have to drive to a facility and pack your property into a unit.

However, you’ll pay extra to have your property trucked to the facility or delivered to your home. Unlike self-storage facilities, you will not have video surveillance and a locked gate guarding your possessions. In addition, portable storage does not offer special options such as climate-controlled environments. Portable storage can be ideal, however, for those who are in the process of moving or decluttering their home. Once the container is packed, you can have it transported to your new home, so there’s no need for you to retrieve your goods and furnishings from a self-storage space.

A few additional tips to consider

Be sure to ask if the gate hours differ from the office’s hours, and if you’re eligible for any other additional amenities if you rent a storage space, such as insurance to cover damage or loss of your belongings. It’s also important to check if your homeowners’ insurance offers you any coverage for stored goods. Be ready to produce certain documents that storage facilities request from their customers.

two men talking about renting storage space
Don’t be afraid to address any uncertainties with your storage facility representative

These include a valid photo ID, up-to-date contact information, and proof that you have insurance. If the facility offers insurance, it might be easier to take theirs rather than go through the hassle of finding out if your homeowners’ insurance will offer you adequate coverage.

Renting storage space makes moving easier and faster

Renting storage units can simplify and expedite the moving process. It allows you to remove items you don’t need immediately, making packing easier. With your possessions secured in a storage unit, you reduce the risk of damage or loss. Relying on storage space also speeds up the move, as there will be fewer items for residential movers Los Angeles to transport.

Additionally, a storage unit can provide a secure place to store items that may not fit in your new home, making it especially useful if you’re downsizing. In summary, renting storage space is a wise choice to make moving easier and to keep your belongings safe during the transition.

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