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If you plan to move to Los Angeles, you’ve made a good decision. It has nice weather and magnificent beaches. However, the decision to move to Los Angeles is not enough. You have to find a nice and the right neighborhood for you. That is when Sherman Oaks steps on the scene. Sherman Oaks is a neighborhood with a population of 77,099 people. Sherman Oaks is located in Los Angeles County and is considered one of California’s nicest locations to live. The majority of inhabitants in Sherman Oaks rent their houses, giving them an urban vibe. There are several restaurants, coffee shops, and parks in Sherman Oaks. It also has above-average public schools. Read more about the pros and cons of moving to Sherman Oaks. Then you can contact movers Sherman Oaks and begin your relocation.

The history of Sherman Oaks – a pro or a con?

Sherman Oaks is a relatively recent community, having been established in 1927. However, the area has a notable lack of history, especially when compared to neighborhoods in other big cities. That isn’t to suggest Sherman Oaks hasn’t had its own interesting story. The first Sherman Oaks community, which was just 1,000 acres in size, was developed by General M.H. Sherman. Some boundaries were created and revised as a result of the various neighborhoods that sprung up during the period. Sherman Oaks lost some land along the way. Residents petitioned to modify the boundary lines to enlarge Sherman Oaks’ borders in 1991. They won after presenting home documents demonstrating that the properties were once part of their community. So, if you are particularly interested in history, Sherman Oaks doesn’t have a lot to offer you. However, there are many other reasons for moving there, that this shouldn’t be a problem.

Mountains and cliffs
The proximity to Santa Monica mountains is the pro of moving to Sherman Oaks

Population-a reason for moving to Sherman Oaks

If you are looking for a busy place that has many events, it is a good idea to move to Sherman Oaks. It also has great cultural happenings and it is easy to get to the center of Los Angeles from there. However, it is not one of the highest populated areas in the city. It is on the edge of the Santa Monica borders. For that reason, many people living there are number than in the other parts of LA. This is a pro for moving there, especially if you want to move with the family. Sherman Oaks has a lot to offer, but at the same time is more peaceful than other areas of Los Angeles.

On the other hand, the con can be the fact that there aren’t many children. Only 11 % of the population are kids. Nevertheless, this number has been going up recently. So, if you like these facts, residential movers Los Angeles are ready to help you pack and move.

The cost of living

When you look for a place to live, there are some things you have to research first, no matter where you want to go. So, before you move to Sherman Oaks, you have to pay attention to:

  • the cost of living,
  • average rental price,
  • median home price.

Sherman Oaks has a somewhat high cost of living in comparison to the rest of the region, which attracts a mix of celebrities and middle-aged professionals. So, this can be the biggest con if you are not from a high-earning or wealthy family. If you want to relocate to Sherman Oaks, renting is a better option than buying a property. The average apartment rental in Sherman Oaks is $1,897, which is pricier than the national average but may be a good choice for people wishing to reside in the Los Angeles region.

Sherman Oaks has a typical house value of nearly $700,000, which is more than the state average. Home income is also fairly high. It is over $90,000 per household. So, a somewhat higher standard of living is offset by this fact. If you think this way of life is affordable, contact moving and storage Los Angeles services as soon as possible. Having in mind that you are moving to LA, this way of life is a pro.

Beach and the sea
Weather and beach days are some of the biggest pros of living in Sherman Oaks

Weather in Sherman Oaks

If nothing else can convince you, the weather in Sherman Oaks is the reason for moving there. It’s difficult to go a month in Sherman Oaks without great weather. Summers are hot and dry, although the closeness to a mountainous area keeps temperatures a little lower. There are plenty of options to be outside during the winter months as well. Throughout the year, the weather is sunny and dry, and there are plenty of beach-worthy days, so you can explore the local coast and coastal towns. However, if you like to feel every season throughout the year, such nice weather in Sherman Oaks may be a con for you.

The safety

Since it is near the mountains and relatively far away from the center of Los Angeles, Sherman Oaks is one of the safest places to live in. Violent crime rates are pretty low in this area. However, it is not exactly the case when it comes to property crimes. Every 4 hours, someone commits a crime in Sherman Oaks. So, this is one of the biggest cons of moving to Sherman Oaks.

Security cameras
Crime rates in Sherman Oaks are not too high, but security systems are recommended

If you don’t have a security system, there is a big chance that someone is going to rob your property. Even though the crime rates are still significantly lower than in the other parts of LA or the state in general, they still exist. If you can’t set up a security system before you move there, we recommend that you keep your most valuable possessions in storage services Los Angeles, just in case.

Final thoughts

As you can see, every aspect of moving to Sherman Oaks has its pros and cons. It depends on what are you looking for and what are your preferences and financial status. Nevertheless, if your main goal is moving to Los Angeles, but you still want to be away from the city’s bustling and rustling, Sherman Oaks is the right neighborhood for you.

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