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Packing is the most frowned-upon activity during relocation, bar none. It’s tedious, it’s intricate, it’s delicate. But, above all, it’s incredibly time-consuming. This is one of the main reasons packing services Los Angeles offers are in such high demand. They not only make packing more bearable. They make it faster, easier and, of course, much safer. Which is the prime reason for hiring professional packers in Los Angeles. Even so, you can further speed up the work, and make it even more effective. And all it takes is a bit of preparation on your part.

Free up some time to assist your professional packers in Los Angeles

First of all, we must note that Los Angeles professional packers won’t need your help, per se. They have ample training, modern tools, and years of experience. So, they’re more than capable to handle all the work on their own. However, what they don’t have is extensive knowledge of your household, habits, and needs. For that, they’ll need some direction from you. Fortunately, this won’t take too much of your precious time. A quick walkthrough, a set of instructions, and they’ll be ready to go.

A man labeling the moving box.
With a bit of your instruction, professional packers in Los Angeles will be ready to go

Declutter to speed up the packing process

At the glance, decluttering may seem like a waste of time. However, it’s anything but. While it may seem redundant, it offers many benefits:

  • Reduces packing and moving time. In the case of local LA relocations, this can also cut the cost of moving, since movers charge by the hour;
  • Decreases moving costs when relocating long-distance. Here, movers charge by weight. So, the less you move, the less you pay;
  • Helping those less fortunate if you decide to donate unwanted belongings;
  • Strengthens your moving budget if you sell the excess online or through a yard sale.

As you can see, decluttering should be at the very top of your priority list. Not only when preparing for packers’ arrival, but when moving in general.

Take a photo inventory before packers arrive

Reputable movers take all the necessary precautions to ensure the safety of your items. Even so, accidents sometimes happen. Granted, it’s mostly during loading, unloading, and transport. Still, if something goes awry, you’ll have to file a claim. Having photos of your items’ state before moving will greatly help you. So, as you’re decluttering, have your smartphone camera ready, with time and date stamps enabled. As you go through your belongings, take a few snapshots of an item. Yes, it will slow down the process a bit. Still, better safe than sorry.

A person using iPhone as a camera.
Photo inventory can come in handy after a move.

Dispose of the risky items

Professional packers in Los Angeles can handle most of your belongings. However, some fall out of their “jurisdiction”. These are the items that either:

  1. Pose too much of a security risk, or;
  2. Cannot be transported safely without specialized equipment and vehicles.

Therefore, figuring out what to do with them falls upon you. In general, these items fall into three broad categories:

  • Hazardous items, substances, and materials;
  • Perishables, and;
  • Plants.

While some of these items are quite obvious, others aren’t. Therefore, we recommend you contact your Royal Movers for a detailed list.

Prepare your belongings for packing

The name of the game while packing is efficiency. You don’t want the process to take more than it absolutely has to. Therefore, take some time to organize your belongings. In general, it’s best if you separate them by room or category. Also, clearly note which items should and shouldn’t be packed. It will make your packers’ work smoother and much faster. More importantly, you’ll have a much easier time unpacking and settling in.

Set aside items you’ll handle yourself

While pro moving help Los Angeles offers can handle most of your belongings, some things you should do on your own. For the most part, this concerns packing your essentials bag(s) and box(es). These will be your “survival kits” for the first few days after the move. Therefore, you should personalize them to fit your needs during this period.

Now, ideally, you want these boxed up and ready to go before your packers arrive. However, if that isn’t possible, move them out of their way to avoid confusion. Or simply pile them up and mark “Do NOT pack”. That works, too.

High-value items and packing services

Some items in your household might demand special attention. The prime examples are:

  • Fine art pieces;
  • Antiques;
  • Electronics.

Since they’re so precious, it’s imperative to let your packers know about them beforehand. Also, the price of these objects far exceeds what standard valuation options cover. So, it pays to look into third-party insurance options when it comes to these items.

A person packing for relocation.
It’s best if you pack the essentials bag yourself.

Take care of kids and pets

The chaos of moving and packing isn’t a safe place for kids and pets. The hustle can easily work them up and stress them out. Moreover, piles of belongings, packing materials, and tools can be a health hazard.

Therefore, it’s best if they’re as far from it as possible. Your best option is to ask family or friends to let them stay over. At least while the work’s in progress. Or, you can leave them in daycare. It’s more expensive, but still an excellent solution.

However, if neither is an option, you’ll have to create a secure space on-site. So, designate one room as a “safe zone”. Fill it with toys and snacks, and instruct your packers to stay away from it. Just remember to check up on your little ones often, and you’re good to go.

Everything is ready for professional packers in Los Angeles to arrive

As you can see, it doesn’t take much to prepare for professional packers in Los Angeles. A few organization skills, some persistence, and – that’s it. You’ll create a great work environment and ensure everything goes smoothly. And, once the job is done, you’ll have peace of mind, knowing your belongings are safe and sound.

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