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Moving is so exciting event in a person’s life. It brings freshness to a new beginning and an inevitable change that comes with it. That really is a wonderful period but also you will realize soon that there are many unknown things you will have to handle in order to relocate your household to another place. We are here to share some Pasadena relocation tips that could come in handy. And we would start with the first one: give yourself a favor and hire the best movers Pasadena CA you can find.

Why is hiring a moving company such a smart move?

If you’ve never moved before, you are probably not aware of how many things you have to do when it comes to relocation. But very soon you will realize how many tasks you will have to face and do. During that time you will most probably have to continue working. Other obligations won’t disappear during that time, too. That’s why having professionals you can trust will be very much welcomed. If you are in the LA area, look for the best movers Los Angeles has to offer.

moving company
Hiring experienced movers is such a smart thing to do.

There are so many different moving companies, so take time to choose an experienced one. Go to their website, and read how long they are on the market. Read some reviews because that will show you are worthy of your time and money. Have in mind that there are so many different services they can offer. So if you have some special needs, like furniture movers Los Angeles, base your search on that. Have in mind that additional services will be charged extra, so plan your moving budget in time.

We have some tips and tricks for your upcoming Pasadena relocation

Hiring a great moving company is important, but it is not the only thing to think of. So just after you decide on the local movers Los Angeles you want to hire, jump to other tasks. Sit down and write down all those things you have to do. Don’t get discouraged if it seems that there are too many things to do. We have some ideas for you.

Pasadena relocation
Get our tips and tricks for your upcoming Pasadena relocation.

Pasadena has interesting nicknames

Pasadena is also known as “the City of Roses” because of its hosting of the Rose Bowl.  That is the most famous postseason football game in the US. That Bowl started as The Tournament of Roses a long time ago in 1890. Then, it featured chariot races and tug-of-war which ended in a rose-inspired parade. This was happening during the winter, while their East Coast friends were covered in snow. Early settlers of Pasadena were witnessing the flowers bloom. So, the idea of this event was to show everyone how wonderful the West was and to call in more settlers. During these days the Tournament of Roses didn’t include football – it became part of it in 1902. In the years to come, it overtook the event almost completely. The irony is that Pasadena isn’t just the best place for growing roses.

The other nickname of Pasadena is “Crown City,” or “the Crown of the Valley.” Pasadena’s name is derived from a Chippewa word meaning  “of the Valley.” The founding families were trying to name their new home and wanted something unique that would draw attention. So Crown of the Valley was just one of the options sent to a local missionary to translate it into the Chippewa language. This name simply stayed.

Costs of living in Pasadena

Before you move there, you really should learn that the costs of living are significantly higher in Pasadena than average in several categories. It is the most noted in housing cost. The median household value is $648,000 in Pasadena, which is more than three times more than the national median. In Pasadena, it will be a great challenge to find a house under $250,000. Actually, the majority of houses there are sold for between $500,000-$700,000. But if you are looking for something luxurious, you can find it worth over $1 Million.

The costs of living in Pasadena are above average.

When it comes to renting market, the situation is no better. One-bedroom apartments usually cost around $1.900 monthly, which is more than twice compared to the national median. Now you may wonder why decide to move to Pasadena. First of all, it’s close enough to LA and its exciting nightlife. You will still have a bit of a smaller-town feeling that is awesome for families and people who love quiet.

Job Market in Pasadena

Unfortunately, Pasadena has a significant gender gap. On average male residents of Pasadena makes about $72,000 per year. That is more than both the U.S. and LA county medians and by a lot. On the other side, women earn there on average, only $57,000 per year. We can name some of the top industries in Pasadena: Scientific, Professional, Educational Services, and Healthcare & Social Assistance. With an unemployment rate of 3.5%, you are likely to find a job there.

Learn about schools before your Pasadena relocation

The unified School District of Pasadena has many elementary, middle, and high school options for children. If you are looking for a private school, you can choose from 46 private school systems. For sure, you’ll be able to find the right fit for your young students. Some of the top-ranked schools in Pasadena are Pasadena Polytechnic, Marshall Fundamental School, and Westridge School.

When it comes to college students in Pasadena, there are some amazing options too. The home of the California Institute of Technology, AKA Caltech is there. That is actually one of our nation’s top institutions for engineering. For people who are looking for some with cooking experience, there’s the prestigious Le Cordon Bleu College of Culinary Arts. Local students can get a free year of tuition at Pasadena City College.

How’s the weather in Pasadena?

On average, the weather in Pasadena is hot. Pasadena is both further inland and higher than LA in comparison to sea level, this city is both warmer and cooler than LA. The winter months are long in Pasadena, although the temperature usually settles somewhere around 45 degrees. Rarely it goes below-freezing temperatures.

Are you now ready for your Pasadena relocation?

We gave you all kinds of tricks that will be useful for your Pasadena relocation. As you can see, everything is possible when you organize well – even stress-free relocation. And that is exactly the kind of experience we want you to have for your moving to Pasadena, Ca. So wait no more, start planning now and let your move be a happy and wonderful experience as it should be. Good luck!

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