Moving to Long Beach around the holidays: a brief guide

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Moving during the holidays can be a great thing. Since it is considered an off-season move, moving prices will be affordable. Also, moving companies are not overbooked with movers, so there is less chance that your move will be delayed. Movers will have plenty of time for you due to the reduced workload during the holidays. This will also mean a safer relocation, without potential damage or loss of belonging, given that everything will take place more slowly and carefully. So, if you’re moving to Long Beach around the holidays, check out our brief guide. With the help of movers Los Angeles, moving during the holidays will be your best gift.

What to take care of if you are moving to Long Beach around the holidays

Holidays are a time of rest, enjoyment, and socializing in the family nest, so the concept of moving does not fit into that. That’s why we will give you guidelines on what to take care of.

a couple eating dinner surrounded by boxes after moving to Long Beach around the holidays
Moving to Long Beach around the holidays is more than possible!

Take care of the budget

More money is always spent during the holidays. There are gifts, decorations, holiday lunches, and dinners, as well as gatherings with friends. All this requires a slightly larger budget. Therefore, agree with your family members on how much money you will spend during the holidays since moving will take up a large part of the budget. Save money every step of the way. Order dinner from a nearby cheaper restaurant or bakery instead of making holiday lunches and dinners. Don’t buy new decorations. Make do with what you already have. Don’t spend on new clothes, spend double for the next holidays. All these Don’ts will relieve the budget which will be under the greatest impact due to the relocation.

Take care of your family’s feelings

Holidays are synonymous with family gatherings. Those are the days when we are least stressed. All the household members look forward to gifts, family games, and connecting with friends. And now all that will turn into packaging and piles of boxes around the house. Children don’t understand relocation in the way adults do. They expect the most beautiful part of the year, and you must not deny it to them.

Involve children in the moving process in an interesting way. Make slightly different kinds of games, and compete to see who can pack things in boxes faster or who can pack the most boxes. Develop feelings for them about the new home as you prepare for the move. Let them think about all the benefits of moving. Explain to them that moving does not mean leaving old friends. And most importantly, don’t forget to create a festive atmosphere and buy gifts.

Prepare the necessary moving materials on time

Since it’s holiday time and non-working days, you need to get your moving supplies before all the stores are closed. If you can get plastic boxes for packing your things, provide them too. It’s wintertime, and you better protect your belongings. You have the option of renting them, but you have to prepare them before the start of the holiday. If you’re moving without the help of residential movers Los Angeles, don’t forget to reserve a vehicle in time to transport your belongings and a driver if you don’t plan to drive yourself. In that case, you will also need moving equipment, so rent it before the holidays.

a snowstorm
Winter weather means unforeseen events. Consider moving delays as well as the possibility of damage to furniture and boxes during the move on wet days

Donate to reduce packaging if you are moving to Long Beach around the holidays

The holidays are a time when everyone looks forward to receiving gifts. A person does not need much to be happy. So, donate anything you don’t need. That way, you’ll reduce the amount of stuff you need to pack and do a good deed at the same time. Involve children in donating. It will give them a festive feel.

Keep in mind that it is wintertime

The advantage of moving during the winter is primarily in the price of the move. But this time of year, the weather can disrupt your plans. If you’re moving from an area prone to snowstorms, you can expect a delay in your move. Also, unforeseen situations can happen on the day of the move. Damage to cardboard boxes and furniture when loading the truck is more common if the weather is wet, the floor is slippery, and there is snow under the feet of the movers. Choose the best furniture movers Los Angeles for peace of mind on moving day. If you are doing a DIY move, take care when transporting belongings with a vehicle. According to the US Department of Transportation, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year are the year’s busiest travel times. This will mean big traffic jams.

Take care of the security of your apartment

Holiday thieves are also looking forward to the holidays. That’s why it’s very important to insure everything you can. Since the house will be full of packed boxes, you will make it easier for thieves. They will just come in and help themselves with the prepared gifts. So, lock the house and provide extra protection. Leave the lights on if you leave the house, lock the door, and don’t advertise your holiday plans on social media. You can also temporarily take packed boxes to storage. This way, your belongings will be under security and monitoring even during the holidays.

a donation boxes
Reduce the number of relocation boxes by donating unnecessary items during the holidays. It is also the best time to give a gift

Contact reliable movers for help when moving to Long Beach around the holidays

Although DIY moving is the cheapest option, the best option is moving with the help of a moving agency. As long as you can book a full-service relocation, you will be relieved of the great burden imposed by the move. Professionals will take care of every step of your move, and this will allow you to enjoy this holiday with your family. For one such perfect option, you just need to contact some of the reliable movers Long Beach CA and book your moving appointment. If you are not able to carry out this type of relocation, any help from a moving company will be welcome when moving to Long Beach around the holidays.




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