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Located between Pacific Ocean beaches, Huntington Beach represents the perfect living place. Moving there will be something you will never regret. But like every other place, Huntington Beach has its pros and cons. If you decide on moving here, you need to be aware of the benefits and other not-so-pleasant stuff happening here. However, one thing you do not have to worry about is how to relocate here. Get moving help Los Angeles has and enjoy your smooth and easy relocation to this stunning place. Moving to Huntington Beach will never be easier.

Things to know before moving to Huntington Beach

As we have mentioned before, living in Huntington Beach is a real dream coming true. You can enjoy the salty air and some undescribable drives on the Pacific Coast Highway. Besides these, there are tons of restaurants and various cuisine you can enjoy. There are about 20 thousand residents here. But yet, Huntington is a really friendly place. People here will welcome you as their own and you will make friends for a lifetime. To get you closer to Huntington Beach, here are some pros and cons of living here.

Pros of moving to Huntington Beach

Things people love about this place and why they hire some of the best residential movers Los Angeles has to relocate here:

  • The nicest weather you can come across
  • Tons of activities on the beach, suitable for people of all ages,
  • Diversity is on a high level. As a result of it, there are tons of festivals from different cultures.
  • Nightlife is highly rated. So if you are a young and free spirit, you’ll find your place here.

Cons of moving

The biggest cons of living here are the traffic and the cost of living. When it comes to traffic, there is a big lack of public transportation. Which makes this place to be ranked some of the worst in the country. So if this is something you are not a fan of, think again about moving to Huntington Beach. Among these two, there is one con that makes everybody uncomfortable. There are natural disasters almost throughout the whole year. Especially fires.

man surfing after moving to Huntington Beach
Check out the pros and cons and then make your decisions

Cost of living in Huntington Beach

Listed to be one of the cons of moving here, costs of living are pretty high compared to the rest of the country. The reason for the high costs of living in the location of Huntington Beach. The cost of living index is around 190, compared to the average of 100. According to the statistics, only a few costs are lower than the average. Those are Health and Utilities. To make you understand it, if you have four members in your family, you will have a yearly income of $104,000 to have a standard and normal life. When it comes to taxes, property tax is .715%. Sales tax is above average too, about 7.8%.

Hiring some of the best moving companies Huntington Beach has to relocate here and buy a home, you need to know the average housing market. You can find a home here at a median price of $900.000. However, even though it is not so expensive, over 40% of residents of Huntington Beach are renters. The rent price is around $3,300. But if you do not need to live in the center of this place and you are willing to move a bit farther from the cost, you can find less expensive rentals or properties to buy.

If you need a new job opportunity, moving to Huntington Beach can be a great solution

There are plenty of job opportunities. The unemployment rate is around 3 percent, which is lower than the US average, of 4%. The fields you might find a job pretty easily are tourism, retail, hospitality, aerospace, and manufacturing. You can even find some of the best positions in big companies if you are willing to dedicate your time to your job. A lot of people are not willing to spend their free days in the company instead of the beach. But if you work hard, it will all pay off. Therefore, opening an office here or expanding your business means that you need to think about relocating it hire. Hire some of the best commercial movers in Los Angeles and get your office settled in this magical place.

family on beach
It is a great place for families with kids

Education and crime level

There are many great public schools in this place. Huntington Becah public schools have excellent reviews and your kids might get a great education here. Also, there is a community college, Golden West College. But if your kid does not like it, other universities are close. California State University at Long Beach is just 12 miles away.

Another thing people worry about when moving to someplace is the crime level. Especially parents with small kids. Moving to Huntington Beach will give you zero reasons to worry. It is a relatively safe place and the violent crime rate is below the average.

Activities in Huntington Beach

This place is magical for everyone who likes water and watersports. There are awesome swells for surfers and warm sand for people who like to relax near the water. There is even a part of the beach where you can take your four-legged friends and have a great time together. But Huntington Beach is not just activities on the water. There are 78 parks with great ball courts and playgrounds. You can even find great trails for biking.

If you want to have a break from all the sports activities, you will find a few main spots here to relax and charge your batteries. There are tons of restaurants with delicious food, local breweries, and wine bars. And if you want to catch a break from the sun which can be brutal during August and September, you can visit The International Surfing Museum, great shopping areas such as Bella Terra, Downtown Main Street, and take a walk on the Surfing Walk of Fame.

people on the beach
There are tons of activities you can do after moving to Huntington Beach[/caption]

Moving to Huntington Beach has its pros and cons. You need to sit down and discuss with your family everybody’s needs. This way you will be one step closer to finding the perfect place to relocate. Put your trust in a reliable moving company and get ready for relocation to the best place on Earth, Huntington Beach.

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