Los Angeles Nightlife: Things To Do After Moving Here in 2023

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The home of Hollywood and the Entertainment Capital of The World, Los Angeles has a lot to offer. It’s no secret that people want to relax and have fun after relocation. If you’re reading this, it’s likely that you need some suggestions on how to kill time after the move. Royal Moving & Storage Inc will help you discover more about Los Angeles nightlife and introduce you to all the things you can do after moving here in 2023. We’ll cover many things, from bars and sightseeing places to more niche areas in Los Angeles. Whatever it is that you want to do after the move, LA will have it. With its great location, Los Angeles even has something to offer to nature lovers. Therefore, to say that there are lots of things to do after moving to Los Angeles is an understatement.

Nature of Los Angeles

The city of Los Angeles is situated in a sizable basin. On one side, LA is bordered by mountains rising to 10,000 feet and the Pacific Ocean on the other. Los Angeles also has a Mediterranean climate almost all year long, resulting in mild to hot and mostly dry weather. Not only is this good for having fun, but it’s also great weather for relocating with movers Culver City trusts. If you’re just planning on moving to Los Angeles, keep this in mind. As for the entertainment options, there are a few:

aerial view of LA at dusk
Los Angeles nightlife includes spending time in nature as well.
  • Being a coastal city, Los Angeles has plenty of beaches that you can visit. Santa Monica Beach is perhaps one of the most famous LA beaches because of the Pacific Park amusement park.
  • Because of its sea access, Los Angeles also offers whale-watching tours. Dolphin cruises, as well as the Newport Landing Sunset Cruise, are popular ways of spending time in LA.
  • If you’re afraid you’ll get seasick or just don’t love water, hiking in LA is also possible. Two of the most well-rated hikes are the Griffith Observatory Hike and Official Hollywood Sign Hike, though there are many others.
  • In case you want to get away from the city- consider going to Lake Arrowhead, a village just an hour away from Los Angeles! It’s available all year long and has all four seasons: when there’s no snow in Los Angeles, you can come here!

Just regarding nature alone, the city of Los Angeles has plenty to offer. We hope your movers moved all your beach and hiking equipment to your new home. If not, Royal Moving Company can do this for you!

Things to do and some places to visit within the city

Being such a big city means that Los Angeles has plenty of clubs, bars, cafés, and food places to offer. LA is a very diverse place, with many different cultures and people of different ethnic backgrounds. This helps add to its already diverse roster of things to experience and places to visit after the move. If you’re looking forward to hanging out with friends or going out alone, Los Angeles has something to provide you with. Los Angeles is divided into districts and areas, like many other places. Each district has something unique and specific to offer, depending on your needs and budget. After moving with one of the many moving companies West Los Angeles locals rely on, you’ll want to come here to relax.

Los Angeles city view at nighttime
The city itself has plenty to offer in terms of entertainment.
  • Koreatown: one of the most ethnically diverse places in Los Angeles, although it has “Korea” in its name. Here, you can visit Koreatown Plaza, Park’s BBQ, Soop Sok Karaoke, Wiltern Theater, and the Griffith Observatory.
  • Venice Beach: the place known for its many boardwalks, canals, and restaurants. We warmly recommend visiting the Venice Skate Park, Abbot Kinney Boulevard, Small World Books, or even Muscle Beach. Muscle Beach is your go-to destination if you’re a bodybuilder or just want an out-of-the-ordinary experience in Los Angeles.
  • Paradise Cove Beach: although it’s for people with deeper pockets, Paradise Cove Beach is worth a visit. The sand and water of Paradise Cove Beach are one of the cleanest in Los Angeles and Malibu. The beach itself is public, but for a cozy parking and café spot, prepare some money.
  • Hollywood: need we mention Hollywood when talking about Los Angeles? Hollywood has so many attractions it would need its own article.

Other places you can visit to experience Los Angeles nightlife

Whether you just had to move your business with office movers Los Angeles recommends or you moved residentially, you’ll want to kick back and relax. However, this also means you might be on a tighter budget. This shouldn’t stop you, however, as Los Angeles has a place for everybody’s budget. You can visit the following places in Los Angeles and still spend less than $20 dollars!

Los Angeles nightlife in a club
Luckily, having fun in Los Angeles doesn’t always need to include lots of money being spent.
  • Casey’s Irish Pub has all-day happy hour on Sundays and Monday nights.
  • Bootleg Theater is the place where you can spend your Monday nights and try their selected beers.
  • Tony’s Darts Away has beer and a vegan-friendly sausage menu.
  • McCabe’s Guitar Shop is where you can attend concerts: tickets cost $20 or less!
  • The Ice House is your go-to place in case you’re into stand-up comedy: tickets cost $15 or $20, depending on which seats you want.
  • The ultimate deal: on Sundays, get three drinks for the price of one, only at Howl At The Moon!

Los Angeles has a place for each and every one of you

Whatever you want to do after the move, LA will have something up in its sleeves. Of course, there are plenty of other things that make Los Angeles nightlife unique. Nevertheless, for the best results, discover things to do in Los Angeles by yourself. And if you ever need help moving to or from Los Angeles, Royal Moving & Storage Inc will happily assist you, so don’t hesitate to reach out!

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