How to spend the first week after moving to CA

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So, you finally relocated to CA! And now the new adventure begins! There are a lot of opportunities ahead of you, but you need to finish your relocation first. The best way to spend the first week after moving to CA is to explore your new home, and neighborhood and make your new house feel like home. And the first and the most important tip is not to procrastinate! Your first week at your new home in CA can be fun and exciting, even with all the unpacking!

Spend the first week after moving to CA – moving in

You can often see a lot of tips and tricks on how to relocate, but there are not a lot of tips and tricks on what to do after moving to CA. So, naturally, you will spend the first week after relocation to CA actually moving in. There are a lot of tasks ahead once movers Glendale CA unload all of your belongings. It will require a lot of planning and a lot of organizing. It will take you at least 2 weeks to get everything done. In the end – it will all be worth it since you will be able to enjoy your new home!

You will spend the first week after moving to CA unpacking, organizing, and meeting your new neighbors

Assign the rooms

The first step before you start doing anything else is to assign the rooms. That way, unpacking will be much easier. Your movers from reliable moving companies Northridge can unload your boxes wherever you want. You can put them all in one place and then sort them once you know where your boxes should go. Besides that, you should set up your refrigerator and bathroom. That way you will have two important places in your home functioning.

Check your home

The next task on your list should be to check your home thoroughly. Check if there are any leaks, cracks, or mold. Check is there anything significantly different from the time when you got the home. Go from one room to another and check everything in detail, so you can know whit what you are dealing with. Also, this is a great moment to start cleaning your home. Removing dust, and dirt and cleaning room by room is the next step. You will mostly spend the first week after moving to CA adjusting your new home to your preferences. Although it is important to deal with the post-move paperwork  – it is also important to deal with everything in your new home. Especially if you plan to renovate your home.

You will spend the first week after moving to CA unpacking

Unpacking will take a lot of time. Some people might even say that packing was much easier. Because not only do you need to unpack but you need to put everything in its place and organize your home. Be patient with unpacking, and unpack room by room. You might want to hurry up or give up – but don’t. This is an ideal moment to additionally declutter and of course, to organize and make your house feels like home. You can always look for moving services Los Angeles specifically unpacking – to speed up this process. Professionals will handle it with ease and much faster!

couple planning their new home
Organize your home to your preferences and make it comfortable

Set up your kid’s room

One of the first rooms you should unpack and set up is the room where your kids will be. Help them unpack their clothes and toys. You can make unpacking feel like a game to them. Try to make it fun and exciting, with some simple reward in the end. Let your kids decide where they want to hang their posters, and shelves, and be ready to assist them. Relocation can often feel hard for them. And by letting them feel in control they will start to cope with the relocation much easier. And once you are done with the relocation, you can create some fun DIY projects with leftover moving boxes. It can be a fun family activity, and you can altogether build a fortress for example.

Spend the first week after moving to CA arranging living room and bedroom

Once your kids are all set up you should start unpacking and organizing your room and living room. It is not fun to spend the first week after moving to CA unpacking and organizing, but you can make it interesting. Set up your room however you love, and pack your clothes into closets. Award yourself with a pizza or a night out –  that is also a great way to learn more about your surroundings and enjoy your new home. If you have some items that you can not fit into your new home and your new bedroom – consider renting a storage LA. That can save your home from clutter and it can save you a lot of nerves and time.

The best way to spend the first week after relocating to CA is to explore your neighborhood

The first week after moving to CA should also be fun. And as we all know – unpacking often isn’t. So, once you set up your room, kids’ room, kitchen, and bathroom – you can give yourself a little fun time. Start exploring your neighborhood, learn where is the best coffee and where they serve the best food. Take a walk and simply look around. Look at the shops, restaurants, and bars and if you want to learn more-  google them or ask people around you.

couple walking around their new neighbrhood
Take a simple walk around your new neighborhood

Meet your new neighbors

The first week after moving to CA is also a great time to meet your new neighbors. Introduce yourself to your new neighbors, and consider maybe even throwing a simple housewarming party. Not only you will meet new neighbors, but you will also have a great break time from unpacking and organizing your whole home. And by meeting your new neighbors you will also learn more about your surroundings, and you will even know some inside tips and tricks.

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