How to spend the first month in Woodland Hills after moving

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Settling in after the move to your new home might be more complicated than you first anticipated. Once the movers have unloaded your boxes, it’s time to open them up and start taking the stuff out. You can find yourself unpacking and organizing your things longer than you imagined. After all, you want to feel at home as soon as possible. Nobody wants to be stuck in this process for too long. That’s, of course, presuming you’ve picked the right moving and storage Los Angeles company that fits your needs. Ideally, you’d want to spend the first month in Woodland Hills after moving already enjoying your time. To avoid wasting too much time on unpacking, we’re going to share with you some important tips. Some things are more important than others, so be sure to follow these steps to save time and energy. Let’s get straight to it.

First, unpack your boxes for your nursery room

If you moved as a family and you have a baby, this step should be your number one priority. Babies and children in general easily form habits and any change from those habits can cause stress. To avoid causing unnecessary stress to your baby, ensure the nursery room is set up first. Unload all of your important baby items and place them in their right spot. All of the essentials should be available to you straight away and within arm’s reach. The crib should also be assembled as soon as you walk through the door the first time. If you are a single parent, make sure to either get help from your friends and family or use childcare services. Doing it all on your own can be quite stressful for both you and your baby, so make sure to use all the help you can get.

Baby lying in a crib
Make sure your nursery room is set up first as soon as you move in


Inspect your new home thoroughly

Once you’ve officially moved in, make sure to inspect your home inside and out. Make sure all of the electrical sockets are properly working, and if you think there is anything even slightly wrong, call an electrician. Nothing should be left to chance. If they are working and you have small children, secure those electrical sockets to prevent any accident from happening. Next, change the batteries in your smoke detectors. You never know when it was the last time they were changed, so that’s also something you should most definitely do. Just in case, get a fresh new fire extinguisher. That’s something every home should have. Finally, call the plumber for an inspection of that side of the house. Even if you don’t think there is a need for that, it’s better to be safe than sorry.

Woman moving in and unpacking during her first month in Woodland Hills
The first month of your move is the most important one, make sure you do all that is necessary to make your home feel like a home as soon as possible

Get your kitchen in working condition as soon as possible

After the nursery, the kitchen should be the next on your priority list. You shouldn’t rely too much on take-out, as that can simply cost too much. Instead, get your kitchen supplies out of the boxes and organize them. Be careful when taking out your fragile items like glassware. Hire only the best movers Woodland Hills offers, that will handle your boxes with great care. Take them out carefully one by one, don’t rush it, and put them in their right place. If you already have kitchen appliances, then great. If not, during the first few days of your move buy all of the essential appliances for your kitchen. That’s especially important if you have children with you. Finally, see if your stove and refrigerator are working properly. If they are old and came with the house, maybe you should think about selling those and buying new ones.

Organize your closet

Next up is your closet. Moving is a great opportunity to organize your clothes and where they are located. It gives you a fresh start, and with that comes the chance to really store your things in a neat and practical way. You don’t want to have boxes of clothes lingering around the house for too long, as you will potentially have to reorganize your closet every time you open a new box. Take some time to do this the right way. With this, you will also save time in the long run. You won’t have to search your entire house for an old shirt or dress you loved but rarely worn as you don’t remember where it is. The same goes for your children’s closet. Help them organize and teach them how to be practical, as that’s a skill they will surely need.

If you end up having more stuff than you are planning to use at the moment, don’t hesitate to search for storage services in Woodland Hills. That way you will have nice, clutter-free and organized home to start with. That is extremely important, especially when you have a lot of seasonal clothes and equipment.

Spend the first month in Woodland Hills after moving by exploring your neighborhood

As soon as you get the time, go outside and get to know your new neighborhood. After all, your first month after moving to Woodland Hills should also be the most exciting one. Everything is new to you and your family. Take the time to find the locations of the most important places you will frequently visit, like grocery shops, dry cleaners, post office, etc. You should also locate your nearest DMV as you will have to update your license and registration to reflect your new address. Don’t forget to do that! Once you know where your kids will go to school, do a test run of the commute. Find the shortest one possible so both you and your kids don’t waste time in transit. Lastly, consult with residential movers Los Angeles has to offer on what is your best option for a reliable and secure storage unit.

Night photo of a Luna Park in California
Make sure to spend the first month after moving to Woodland Hills exploring everything your new home has to offer

Lastly, enjoy your first month in Woodland Hills after moving

Be sure to spend the first month in Woodland Hills after moving by enjoying yourself! There are plenty of great offers, be it family-friendly tours and attractions or grown-up activities. There is plenty of beautiful nature around, as Woodland Hills are located right next to Santa Monica Mountains. You can ride some great tours around Los Angeles and visit all the places that make it THE place to be!

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