How to spend the first days in Hollywood after moving here

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A magic place where all movie stars live. A metonym for the cinema of the United States. Coming here is a dream for a lot of people. A symbol of glamour, money, and power in the entertainment industry. A lot of people come here so they could get a chance to become movie stars or live next door to famous neighbors. Before we jump and write on the way of life here, we suggest that you do your research and hire movers for your relocation. Why do we say that? That is because they are professionals that know how to relocate people and they know the best way to make your moving day easier. If you want a good and high-quality moving company, Royal Moving Company is the company that you need. And this is how to spend the first days in Hollywood after moving…

The moving day

When you come here, the first thing you need to do is unpack everything and prepare your home for your life. If you can, the best thing before the movers come here is to clean everything, do the inspection, and prepare the place where the movers are going to park the truck. That can be tricky sometimes. That is why moving must be done fast and efficiently! It is also recommended that you use packing services that movers provide and let them do all the work. This way you will enjoy the Hollywood lifestyle as a king. They will do all the work. Movers North Hollywood can be very beneficial so your moving passes stress-free.

The first day after moving here

There are a lot of things that can be done on the first day after moving here. Explore! Hollywood mansions, houses, and streets are phenomenal. And there is a big chance that you can get a picture or signature of your favorite movie star. They meet a lot of people so you have to be polite and ask nicely for a picture or signature. You can get a nice conversation with them if you are in a good mood. You can also go and visit the Hollywood Walk of Fame. The famous Walk of Fame runs along Hollywood Boulevard and Vine Street. More than 2500 stars with names. Movers West Hollywood can provide information about Hollywood while you relocate here with them.

Walk of Fame in Hollywood
More than 2500 stars with names are placed here

The Hollywood sign

The famous hillside Hollywood sign is maybe the most iconic site in California. Everybody who comes here always goes there to take a picture. The original sign was built in the 1920s to advertise a new residential development. This sign can be seen from several vantage points during the day. The best way to come here and spend the first days in Hollywood after moving is by bicycle or a 2.5-hour walk through Griffith Park. Movers Hollywood CA will tell you how to get here quickly. They know how to move people and they know LA and Hollywood.

The Hollywood sign in LA
Hollywood sign can be seen from a big distance

Universal Studios Hollywood

One of the most famous movie studios in all of America. This is one of Hollywood’s biggest family tourist attractions. The site is divided into several areas, including a theme park, a working studio, and the Universal City Walk, an area of restaurants and shops. If you are coming with family to Hollywood, maybe the best thing for your first day here is to come and visit this place. You kids will love it! The park offers some of the most innovative and interesting theme park rides. Be careful when you take your kids to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. From all that excitement, they can get lost easily.

You can spend the first days in Hollywood after moving in Wizarding World of Harry Potter with kids
Universal studio is amazing!

Visit the LA beaches

LA beaches are amazing! There are a lot of beaches here that will blow your mind. Here is the list of beaches:

  • Santa Monica
  • Malibu
  • Huntington Beach
  • Redondo Beach
  • Playa del Rey
  • Venice Beach
  • Manhattan Beach
  • Long Beach

We recommend that you start with maybe the most famous Santa Monica. Take off your shoes and have a long walk on the sandy beach before the sunset. You will be glad that you came here and started your life in this place.

La Brea Tar Pits and Museum

Visiting this place is another idea to spend the first days in Hollywood after moving. Thousands of years ago, sticky tar (natural asphalt) created pools in the ground, which trapped a variety of animals. Preserved within the substance, over time their remains became fossils. This now helps to shed light on these extinct species, some of which have been trapped in place for nearly 50,000 years. The La Brea Tar Pits are located within Hancock Park. If you are a fan of Paleontology, this is the place for you.

To spend the first days in Hollywood after moving, you can come to Hollywood Boulevard

Hollywood Boulevard is the main east-west axis, and people compare it with New York’s Broadway. It is because the nightlife here is amazing. There are several top-rated restaurants in this area, and the food is amazing in all of them. When you walk along Boulevard, remember to stop by in some of these restaurants.  Kodak Theatre, which is the home of the Academy Awards is located here. Oscars are awarded each year here.

You will have an amazing life here

Coming to Hollywood is a dream for a lot of people. All that glamour attracts people. We mentioned what are the best places to spend the first days in Hollywood after moving. All of them are amazing. We highly recommend hiring movers for your relocation! Movers will make everything easier and you will be much happier. Before you hire anyone, do your research. You always want reputable movers by your side! To get that you need to request at least 3 moving quotes and compare them. Be polite you your famous neighbors! You will see and meet some of them. Hollywood is a magical place and you will have an amazing life here.

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