Finding Your Perfect Coastal Town in the LA Area

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Discovering the perfect coastal town in the LA area can be a thrilling adventure. Waking up to the soothing sounds of waves and the gentle sea breeze every morning is a dream come true for many. Each coastal town near Los Angeles attracts its unique allure and lifestyle, making the choice both exciting and a bit overwhelming. However, finding a place that feels like home is easier than you think. The LA coastline promises a dreamy backdrop for your new beginning. Also, for those planning a move, expert moving help Los Angeles offers is readily available to help you with your relocation. This guide helps you explore hidden gems along the coast, each with its distinct vibe. Whether you seek a lively community or a tranquil retreat, you’re one step closer to finding your ideal coastal haven. We’ll present you with a few of the desirable coastal LA gems.

Let’s Talk About Life in Redondo Beach

Redondo Beach, a beautiful spot along the Los Angeles coastline, offers a lifestyle that’s both relaxing and full of life. While living costs may be higher than average, the area justifies this with its exceptional quality of life and stunning surroundings. The housing market here is quite impressive, with median home values at around $1.2 million, attracting those who value luxury and comfort. Families are particularly drawn to the educational excellence found in schools like Alta Vista and Redondo Union High, known for their high academic standards.

For those eyeing a move to this coastal paradise, the local job market offers opportunities in various industries. The most prominent are technology, healthcare, and education. The violent crime rate in Redondo Beach of 14.5 is notably lower compared to Los Angeles’ rate of 29.1, adding to its appeal as a safer living option. When you’re ready to make this move, remember that skilled movers Redondo Beach locals trust can facilitate a seamless move to your new home. Once settled, a visit to the lively Redondo Beach Pier is a must. It’s a local favorite for its wonderful dining options, unique shops, and the stunning views of the ocean it provides. 

Distinctive Life of Manhattan Beach

Manhattan Beach is another perfect coastal town in the LA area and is famed for its beautiful beaches and lively downtown area. The cost of living here is notably high, with a 161.7 index. Upscale housing is standard, with homes averaging around $2.88 million. Thus, to live comfortably, families should consider an annual income of about $551,880. Education is top-notch, with schools in the Manhattan Beach Unified School District ranking in California’s top 5%. Professionals can expect lucrative job opportunities, with average salaries of $142,008. Attractions like the Manhattan Beach Pier and Roundhouse Marine Studies Lab and Aquarium add to the allure. Planning a move? Movers Manhattan Beach can make your relocation to this panoramic city efficient and enjoyable.

luxurious residence with a pool
Inquire about housing prices when searching for the perfect coastal town in the LA area.

Experience the Unique Lifestyle of Huntington Beach

Huntington Beach, fondly nicknamed “Surf City USA,” is a fantastic pick if you’re dreaming of a coastal life near Los Angeles. Sure, living here might cost a bit more than in other places, but the beachy vibe and laid-back lifestyle are totally worth it. The cost of living in Huntington Beach is 68% higher than the national average, and housing costs are as much as 203% higher than the national average.

Educationally, the city is served by well-regarded schools, such as Huntington Beach High School, contributing to its family-friendly appeal. The job market in Huntington Beach is robust, with opportunities particularly in the tourism, retail, and aerospace sectors. The average salary here is approximately $83,000 according to While crime rates are an inevitable concern, the city is generally considered safe. The crime rate is only 7% higher than the national average.  For new residents, especially those seeking help from moving companies Huntington Beach locals trust the most, the city offers a plethora of attractions and activities.

  • Huntington Beach Pier: A classic landmark offering stunning ocean views.
  • Bolsa Chica Ecological Reserve: Ideal for nature enthusiasts and bird watchers.
  • Downtown Main Street: Perfect for shopping, dining, and experiencing local culture.
  • Pacific City: A trendy outdoor mall with shops, eateries, and entertainment options.
  • Huntington Dog Beach: A unique spot where dogs can play in the surf.

Unveil the Serene Elegance of Palos Verdes Estates

Palos Verdes Estates is truly a dream coastal town in the LA area. Here, living comes at a premium, with costs towering 190% above the national average. A cozy two-bedroom home rents for around $3,250 monthly. Families considering this area should think about an annual income of about $492,840 for a comfortable lifestyle.
Schools here, part of the Palos Verdes Peninsula Unified District, are renowned for educational excellence, serving a thriving student community.
Safety is a standout aspect. With low crime rates, living here means peace of mind. Your chances of encountering crime are significantly lower than in most places. The area is dotted with scenic spots like the South Coast Botanic Garden and Bluff Cove Trail. And if Palos Verdes Estates is your next destination, remember, movers Palos Verdes Estates CA boasts are there to help make your transition as serene as the town itself.

couple holding hands near the sea searching for the perfect coastal town in the LA area
LA’s coastal towns captivate with sun-kissed beaches and spirited community life.

Welcome to Sunny Los Angeles

Finally, let’s focus on Los Angeles itself, where every day brings a wide array of experiences under its ever-present sun. This city is a thriving hub where dreams take flight amidst the backdrop of Hollywood’s glamour and the rise of innovative tech startups. In LA, the thrill of ambition blends effortlessly with the ease of beachside living.

Los Angeles city skyline
Almost 13 million people have found their homes in the Los Angeles metro area.

But living in this dream city means a considerable cost of living, which stands notably above the national average. Housing, a crucial part of the LA experience, reflects this trend. The median home price hovers around $1.2M, a steep climb compared to other places. If you’re looking to rent, prepare for average prices that range from $2,500 for a cozy one-bedroom to about $4,000 for more spacious options. These figures highlight the importance of choosing your LA neighborhood wisely and balancing your budget with the lifestyle you envision.

Los Angeles, with its mixture of educational excellence, dynamic job opportunities, and the quintessential California lifestyle, offers something for everyone. Finding the right spot in this sprawling city can be the key to unlocking the life you’ve always imagined under the LA sun.

Your Ideal Coastal Town in the LA Area Awaits

Finding the perfect coastal town in the LA area can be a thrilling journey. Perhaps waking up on the serene beaches of Palos Verdes Estates or the lively spirit of Manhattan Beach could be your dream come true. Each place offers its own slice of paradise, whether it’s the surf vibes of Huntington Beach or the scenic appeal of Redondo Beach. And when you’re ready to turn this dream into reality, remember, that the key to a flawless relocation lies in choosing the right professional movers. They’re the ones who can make relocating a part of your exciting new beginning by the sea.

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