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Moving can be hard, no matter how far you are going. You might decide to move by yourself; however, hiring a professional moving company will take away a lot of the stress of moving. This will let you focus on your personal and professional needs during the process. Knowing how a moving cost estimate is made can help you feel less stressed as it gives you a better idea of how much moving can really cost you. A moving cost estimate also tells you a lot about how the potential moving company does business and may help you figure out if there will be any problems with your move. One of the most important things is to hire a reliable Los Angeles company moving and storage that will make your move as easy as possible. But let us first help you to estimate the cost of your move.

Start by Asking Yourself Questions

Before starting to look for moving services in Los Angeles, you should ask yourself several important questions. We recommend starting with the following:

  • When am I planning to move?
  • How many things do I have?
  • What big or heavy things do I need to move?
  • How far am I moving?
  • How much time can I spend on the move?
  • What is my budget?
Girl writing in a notebook
When you start preparing, make sure to write down all the details of your move.

Answers to these questions will be criteria that will affect the cost of your move. Of course, there is always a chance for you to move by yourself. However, moving can be really hard. Especially if you have a lot of stuff,  a tight schedule, or you are not in proper shape. Hiring one of the reliable furniture movers Los Angeles boasts of requires more planning upfront, but it can make your move easier in the long run.

Be Aware of Factors Affecting Moving Costs

The average cost of moving is based on a number of factors, like how far you have to go and how long it takes to load and unload your things. For example, moving the contents of your one-bedroom apartment from one place in the same city to another with one of the movers Glendale CA residents recommend, may take anywhere from three to five hours. The same move may cost twice or three times as much if you have to go 1,000 miles or more. Also, the date of your move can be important. Movers have busy times and seasons, just like hotels and airlines. If you move on the weekend or in the summer, it will cost you more compared to moving over the week or in the winter. Another thing that people frequently forget to calculate is moving supplies which can add notably to the price. You can choose the moving company that will take care of packing as well. Some have packing included in the price.

Get the Right Companies to Estimate the Cost of Your Move

It is recommended that you do some research first and then get in touch with a few moving companies Northridge has. Do not call each and every moving company that appears on the first page of Google results. Instead, take the time to narrow down your options to the top five. Choose the ones that you believe will be a suitable fit for the requirements of your relocation. Different moving companies focus on different kinds of moves. For example, if you need to move across the country quickly and are on a tight schedule, make sure the moving company you hire has cross-country express services. If you are moving internationally, it is important that the moving company knows a lot about international shipping, customs, and regulations.

Man speaking on the phone
When you get in touch with moving companies that will estimate the cost of your move, it’s important to be prepared and ask the right questions.

Check if the Company Is Licensed

Verify the license of the moving company to avoid moving fraud and avoid unthinkable damages. The United States Department of Transportation issues licenses to all professional local and interstate moving businesses. You can verify their license number and complaint history at any time online. Make sure to hire only fully licensed, insured, and bonded apartment movers Los Angeles offers. This will give you a warranty that everything will be sorted out even if something goes wrong.

Check Liability Coverage

Take the time to learn about liability coverage before you hire residential movers in Los Angeles. Most people don’t know what the moving company is responsible for and get really upset to find out that their insurance doesn’t cover enough of the damage or loss. A moving company can offer either released value protection or full value protection. When it comes to released value protections, most movers cover $0.60 per pound per item. Depending on how many truly valuable pieces of furniture you have, make a decision about which value protection is good for you.

Check the Type of Quote the Moving Company Is Offering

There are three most common types of moving quotes. First is a probable cost estimate which is most accommodating to the movers and the most common quote that moving companies give. They are based on probable hours needed for the move and include a truck, a crew of movers, moving pads, and dollies. They also include the cost of packing materials. This estimate does not include any parking fees or permits. The second type is a fixed quote. This kind of quote includes everything that a likely cost estimate does, plus any parking fees that might be added. However, it doesn’t cover possible delays that can happen for any reason. This quote is based on the customer’s inventory. It is up to the client to make sure that all items to be moved are on the list. If adding things is during the move, the fixed cost will change.

Couple organizing books for the move which is also what you should be doing when trying to estimate the cost of your move
Once you decided which company will help you move, it’s time to start preparing.

The third type of quote is a guaranteed one and is the most helpful to the client. This guaranteed price includes a truck, a moving crew, moving pads, dollies, materials, and the cost of parking tickets and fees. This estimate gives a guaranteed cost and says that the moving company will take care of the items, packing, materials, and parking.

Now You Can Start With the Hunt for Moving Quotes

Most of the time, the first step in choosing a moving company is to estimate the cost of your move. Comparing different estimates can help you find a fair price. Pay close attention to all of your moving paperwork, including your estimate. Read the fine print to prevent falling for a scam or being charged a fee you weren’t expecting. If something on your quote isn’t clear, ask the moving company to send you a written explanation. Hire the moving company and sign the quote only if you are sure they match all your needs!

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