Eco-friendly ways to pack for your LA move

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One thing is sure: moving is a complex event. It has so many layers to it, from excitement and joy to worry and fear of change. Like these emotions aren’t enough, you will have so many things to do and decisions to make. So it is logical that many people feel overwhelmed during this period. That’s why it is smart to take every opportunity for help you can. Especially if it is professional help. So our first advice would be to get a quote from the best LA movers you can find. But have in mind that not every moving company is well experienced and that you should choose someone you can lean on during this transitional period. Experienced movers will even be able to offer you some eco-friendly ways to pack for your LA move.

How to find a reliable moving company?

If you didn’t move recently, you can be puzzled about how to choose the right movers for yourself. Recommendations are always the best way, so if you have a friend who moved recently, don’t hesitate to ask about their experience with movers and contact them if they were satisfied with them. But for many people, this won’t be the case. So you will maybe have to do your own research. Start with looking for the movers in the area where your next home will be. If that is West LA, search for some moving companies West Los Angeles based. You will realize that this is a smart decision since they will know a lot about your new neighborhood and how to approach it.

moving company men
Find reliable movers to help you.

Another great option can be to look for movers in the place where you are living now. So if you are currently in the Culver City, ask people you know if they’ve heard some good words about movers Culver City. Or you can do an online search. Go to their website and read all you can find about the company. Look for how long they are on the market and don’t forget to read reviews that other people have left.


Packing is such an essential part of every move. Whether you are moving home or you are about to take some office movers Los Angeles, you will have to pack. If your timeline is really tight and you need some help with that, you can ask your movers to do that for you. They will know the safe ways to transport your things for sure. But, they will charge it extra. That’s why many people decide to pack on their own. Maybe it is not a piece of cake, but it sure is something you can figure out. When it comes to packing, our advice is to start as soon as possible and to get some packing material just after you decide on your movers. Nowadays, you can choose to pack in a responsible way. And we will offer you some of these ideas.

What are eco-friendly ways to pack for your LA move?

Even before you order some packing material, look around yourself for what you already have that you can use. Often, we could find just perfectly reusable containers for packing some of the items. You can use some reusable shopping bags, all the suitcases and plastic containers you already have. Maybe you already use some of them for storing some items. Don’t forget that you can use them for relocation, too.

eco-friendly ways to pack for your LA move
Find some eco-friendly ways to pack for your LA move.

If you saved the original packaging, it will come in handy, because you can use it in relocation. Even more, this won’t be just one of the eco-friendly ways to pack for your LA move. This is a smart thing to do and especially is advised when it comes to fragile items. Original packaging is made just for those specific items, so it will be safe in there and easy to transport.

Use reusable containers

The advantage of using plastic containers is that they can be used so many times. Did you know that they can serve for moving about 400 times? Now that you know this, you should rethink getting them instead of cardboard boxes that are much more fragile. You can buy them and also use them after your relocation. But if you think you won’t need them after, don’t buy them but rather rent them. This way you will avoid unneeded amounts of leftover cardboard boxes after you unpack in your new home.

plastic container
You can use some plastic containers for packing.

Also, have in mind that you can get some reusable boxes. Call some stores around you and ask them if they have some cardboard boxes they don’t need anymore. This is a great way to save some money and make those boxes useful again. Just take good care to check if they are damaged before you place your items in them. If they are not in perfect condition, maybe you should pass them for recycling. Because the last thing you want is for your things to get damaged during transport.

Biodegradable packing material

After you run off all your towels and tablecloths, you will need to get some more packing material. Did you know that you can not only reuse packing materials but also buy some biodegradable supplies? So take some time to call local companies to see their offers on ecological packing materials. The world is waking up for better choices, so now you’ll be able to find some of them even for packing.

We offered you some eco-friendly ways to pack for your LA move

So we do hope that you are now well aware of all the eco-friendly ways to pack for your LA move. We tried to give you some ideas on the best ways to pack so that you don’t have much waste and to still remain responsible, even during the move. Because now, this is an option too. And we do believe that you should always choose better when you have a chance, even when it comes to your moving to Los Angeles, California. This can even inspire you to make your new home more eco-friendly.

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