A Tour of the West Hollywood’s Vibrant Nightlife and Dinning Scene

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West Hollywood is a trendy and hip city in Los Angeles, known for its vivid nightlife and entertaining events, such as cabarets, comedy shows, etc. It’s a part of LA with the most happenings, fancy restaurants, and bars, so it’s considered the unofficial party hub of the city. With the help of our Los Angeles movers, you can easily become a proud resident of LA. Also, travelers from all over the world come to this famous and rich neighborhood hoping to catch a glimpse of its celebrity residents. Imagine yourself dining at the restaurant while your celebrity crush is sitting at the next table. As one of the most diverse places, West Hollywood can delight you with cuisines from all over the globe. A tour of the West Hollywood’s vibrant nightlife and dining scene will surely swipe off the feet of even the choosiest visitors.

West Hollywood is widely known for its vivid and sophisticated nightlife

The lively nightlife of West Hollywood is definitively one of its best traits. You’ll hardly find elsewhere such diversity and abundance when it comes to after-dark entertainment. According to wehoville.com West Hollywood has more restaurants and bars than any other nearby city. From common diners and bars to fancy restaurants and clubs on the rooftops with pools and VIP lodges, West Hollywood has to offer options for everyone.

If you want to experience real fun, wait for the weekend, although you can have a fair share of fun any day of the week. Most of the fun unfolds between Sunset Strip and Santa Monica Boulevard. So once you hire the best movers West Hollywood has, check out some of its most iconic spots.

a group of women smiling and raising glasses during a tour of the West Hollywood's vibrant nightlife and dining scene
Start a tour of the West Hollywood’s vibrant nightlife and dining scene at one of its numerous restaurants.

The Dining Scene

When talking about LA as one of the most diverse places, it’s quite clear how so many different tastes and cuisines are to be found in one place. Hence the diversity of the restaurants serving Mexican, Italian, Korean, Chinese, etc. The food scene has been booming in recent years with the arrival of new celebrity chefs. Visitors have a lot of options, depending on their taste and budget. Once your movers Downtown Los Angeles complete your relocation, get down to exploring famous diners in West Hollywood. 

  • In Connie and Tedd’s diner, you can try amazing seafood dishes, in a casual and laid-back atmosphere. They serve always fresh classic fish and shellfish meals like clam chowder and lobster rolls. 
  • At Jon and Vinnie’s restaurant in a welcoming and cozy ambiance, you get to order the best homemade Italian pasta meals. The food is prepared based on original Italian recipes, and they bake pizzas in wood-baked ovens. 
  • Gracias Madre is one of the highly praised restaurants with excellent customer ratings. This rustic but trendy diner is impressive and spacious, with delicious food and excellent service. They are serving the best Mexican food in the area, and various vegan meals. 
  • The Butcher, The Baker, & The Cappuccino Maker Cafe is serving classic American food like fresh-baked pastries, pancakes, and specialty coffees. However, their menu might surprise you with more modern and trendy dishes. So you can choose between a burger or quinoa porridge served in a bowl and avocado toast. 
  • Traktir Restaurant is one of the rare places that serve authentic Russian food. Those who have been there and tried their chicken blintzes with mushroom sauce are delighted. All those specialties are served by friendly and talkative waiters in a comfortable ambiance.

A Tour of the West Hollywood’s Vibrant Nightlife Begins at the Sunset Strip

A tour of the West Hollywood’s vibrant nightlife and dining scene starts with the Sunset Strip. It’s the 1,7 miles-long part of the famous Sunset Boulevard which stretches through West Hollywood. This is one of the symbols of LA one simply must visit. It became famous for its trendy shops and restaurants which line up down the street. Ever since 1920 when the first clubs and diners were opened, Sunset Strip became the center of the happenings.

a tour of the West Hollywood's vibrant nightlife and dining scene must include a live performance of a rock bands
Iconic bars where bands performed and stars hung out brought the fame to Sunset Strip.

Some of the iconic spots are here, from bars owned by celebrities to diners where stars hooked up. It’s a part of LA filled with historical landmarks and memories, which tourists like to visit. While grabbing a bite in one of these places, you might catch a story or two about stars like Merilyn Monroe or Judy Garland. Consider hiring our local movers Los Angeles recommends, once you decide to move to West Hollywood.

Rock’n’Roll Once Ruled the Sunset Strip

Back in the day Sunset Strip was the ultimate rock’n’roll hangout. The ’70s and ’80s were the golden years of rock music, and Sunset Strip was the hub of music events and performances. Some of those joints still exist and defy the time, testifying to the former glory times. If you ever wondered where are the roots of go-go dancing, it’s a Whiskey a Go Go nightclub. It has been working since 1964 and had a stage for live concerts, where the Doors and Janis Joplin performed. Even today, it is a gathering place for rockers and bikers.

Clubs and Restaurants Filled With Memories and Stories About Rock Legends

Rainbow Bar and Grill is still one of the favorite joints for rock and metal musicians and bands. This once prestigious restaurant which only the famous and chosen could enter, still rocks. The story goes that one of its owners Vincente Minelli proposed to Judy Garland there. So the restaurant changed its name to Rainbow, as a reference to Judy’s movie Over the Rainbow.

You can make a reservation and eat there or order anything from appetizers, salads, and pizzas, to Mexican or Italian specialties. After washing down the dish with one of the fancy cocktails, buy a souvenir at the Rainbow Bar and Grill store. Get yourself an Eddie van Hallen guitar replica or mug with a rainbow logo. 

The Viper Room is a relatively new place, so to speak, but just as famous as already mentioned. It’s mostly famous for its owner, the actor Johnny Depp, but also for numerous rock and metal bands that performed there. The list of the most iconic performers includes Johnny Cash, Oasis, Bruce Springsteen, Lenny Kravitz, etc. The new owner announced renovation for this year. Whether the new club will reach the fame of the old Viper Room remains to be seen.

a tour of the West Hollywood's vibrant nightlife and dining scene must include a dj performance in a nightclub
Clubs host popular musical performers and DJs and organize various events to the delight of the crowd.

A Tour of the West Hollywood’s Vibrant Nightlife Continues in Its Trendy Nightclubs

If you’re one of those people who don’t count on going out if there’s no dancing, begin your tour of the West Hollywood’s vibrant nightlife and dining scene by visiting its clubs. Famous hip-hop stars and DJs perform in the best WEHO nightclubs quite often, and those events are usually very popular and visited. Many young people move to this area because of the job opportunities in the entertainment industry. Our North Hollywood movers are at your disposal if you’re one of those people. Until then, we’ll introduce you to some of the most popular nightclubs in West Hollywood.

Sunset Edition Clubhouse

Sunset is a recently opened nightclub in West Hollywood, modeled after the most famous clubs from the 60s and 70s. It’s a modern and trendy club in the array of the Sunset Strip. At first glance, you wouldn’t think it was a club, but a place for a relaxed evening due to its deep green seating areas. The truth is that The Sunset focuses on quality musical events more than anything else. From time to time the club is hosting popular DJ stars and new talent shows, and surprise sets. The bar is full and you can order anything from classic cocktails to wines from their excellent wine collection.

Sunset Trocadero Lounge

This is one of the hidden gems of West Hollywood, located on the famous Sunset Strip. The original Trocadero started working in the 1930s and quickly became the place where celebrities went out. The club managed to survive while the owners took turns, until 1980 when closed for good. Today’s version of Trocadero is located not far from the old club on Sunset Strip.

They continued the tradition, and the new place is still posh and classy, ideal for romantic evenings. The menu consists of Mediterranean and Asian cuisine and special treats are so-called neighborhood martinis named after local sights like Sunset and Santa Monica Blvd. Their lounge is available for booking and perfect for organizing private parties, like birthdays and other celebrations.

A smiling bartender handing over a beer to a customer on a tour of the West Hollywood's vibrant nightlife and dining scene
West Hollywood is the place with the most bars and restaurants compared to the surrounding cities.

There is Hardly a Place With More Bars

You can’t say you went on a tour of the West Hollywood’s vibrant nightlife and dining scene without exploring its bars. Although very diverse considering their clientele and atmosphere, they are all crowded with thirsty weird guests. You’ll find all sorts of pubs and lounges there, from gay bars, drag queen cabarets, common breweries, and pubs, to upscale bars. 

The Surly Goat

Some say this is the best drinking bar in West Hollywood, with a laid-back atmosphere and familiar beer brands. This is a place where you go with your friends if you like discreet bars with not-so-loud music where you can actually talk to each other. Joints like this are quite rare in this part of the city, so maybe Surly Lounge owes its popularity to that. That plus its recognizable pub aesthetics with reasonable prices and central location makes it one of the best bars in West Hollywood. Let’s not forget to mention 27 beer taps and a collection of craft beers. 

The Abbey

The Abbey is a well-known and popular gay bar, operating since 1991. It’s one with the best ratings and customer reviews you can find on the internet. Twice rated as the best gay bar in the world by MTV. Clients usually praise its strong cocktails, friendly staff, and cheerful atmosphere on the dance floor. On weekends can get a little overcrowded, and music can get louder than usual.

But that’s a small price to pay if you get to hang out in the iconic gay bar featured in Entourage and the L World. And the most important thing to point out, everybody is welcome regardless of sexual orientation or age. If you get a chance to peek in there, be sure to try something from the menu and cocktails mixed on the spot. 

performance of the drag queen is the perfect way to call a quits on a tour of the West Hollywood's vibrant nightlife and dining scene
You can’t say you were on a tour of the West Hollywood’s vibrant nightlife and dining scene without visiting its iconic gay bars and clubs.

Santa Monica Boulevard: Unavoidable When on a Tour of the West Hollywood’s Vibrant Nightlife and Dining Scene

The famous Santa Monica Boulevard connects West Holywood and Santa Monica Pier. There’s a serious amount of fun alluring along this route, and West Holywood is in the middle of all that fun. Countless lined shops, restaurants, and artsy and cultural venues, attract tourists and locals. This is perhaps the most diverse and inclusive part of LA.  The eastern part is the central spot of the LGBTQ community in the city.

While its western part is famous for Russian immigrants. On the same day, you can visit Planet Queer-Akbar and watch the drag queen cabaret. And afterward, you can try out Russian traditional cuisine at Traktair Restaurant. Yes, it can get even crazier than that if you manage to squeeze in an hour of sweating in a Russian sauna, Voda Spa. 

Entertainment options are numerous, whether you’re into dancing, or drinking and dining. Or you can mix pleasures, and have dinner at fancy Norah Restaurant, and then head to Mickey’s nightclub. During the whole year, events and performers line up at Mickey’s, and its restaurant is open until 9 pm, while the bar closes at 4 am at weekends. All the night owls are welcome to hire our moving services Los Angeles and move closer to this fun hub.

Finish a tour of West Hollywood with a plan to come back for more fun

Refer to our recommendations as the starting point for your future West Hollywood adventures. Our suggestions are only the tip of the iceberg, just to get an impression of all that awaits you there. When you begin a tour of the West Hollywood’s vibrant nightlife and dining scene be open to new sensations and tastes. Soak up all the fun that spills out of loud nightclubs and vivid bars, and taste some of the most delicious food. Also, don’t forget that Royal Moving and Storage are at your disposal in case you decide to move to this world-class entertainment hub.

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