7 effective tips to save a ton of money while moving

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When you’re on a limited budget and not a zealous essentialist, the LA moving process often becomes stressful and inconvenient, making it tempting to remain in your old apartment despite the reasons that initially prompted you to leave. Additionally, moving comes with a significant price tag unless you have expense reimbursement. In order to save money and make the move more manageable, it is crucial to get organized, stay organized, and maintain a positive attitude throughout the process. There are various ways to cut down on moving expenses, some of which may be less obvious but can make a substantial difference. Our team at Royal Moving and Storage has some tips for you on how to save a ton of money while moving in Los Angeles, so read on!

Master the Art of Moving Organization

Embarking on a move, whether rushed or planned, requires a strategic approach to maintain control and save money. Start by creating a comprehensive task list, prioritizing each item based on its importance and the most efficient way to tackle it. This organizational foundation will not only keep you on track but also alleviate the stress and chaos that often accompany the LA moving process.

As you begin sorting and packing your belongings, consider implementing smart organization techniques such as labeling boxes by room or category, creating an inventory checklist, and utilizing storage solutions like bins or bags to maximize space and reduce the need for additional moving supplies.

1. Tracking Expenses and Budgeting Wisely

When it comes to planning a successful and budget-friendly local move, effective management of your expenses is key. Even if time is limited, it’s crucial to document your anticipated costs and payment methods to stay on top of your budget. Creating a simple list can provide a clear overview of your moving expenses and help you make informed decisions.

Woman labeling boxes with her kids, doing this can s\help you save a ton of money while moving
If you want to save a ton of money while moving, make sure to be organized

Take the time to research prices for local movers Los Angeles offers, packing materials, and other relevant expenses to ensure accuracy and develop a realistic estimation. By staying organized and financially conscious, you can navigate your local move with ease, minimizing unnecessary expenditures and maximizing your savings along the way.

2. Evaluate the Cost: DIY vs. Professional Services

When planning a move with residential movers Los Angeles recommends, it’s essential to carefully consider the costs associated with handling the move yourself versus hiring professional services. While renting a moving truck may initially appear cost-effective, avoiding underestimating the time, effort, and hidden expenses is crucial. Compare your options and make an informed decision that aligns with your budget. Here are practical tips to help you navigate the cost comparison:

  • Obtain Multiple Quotes. When exploring affordable moving companies, gather quotes from at least five different firms. Don’t hesitate to negotiate, as moving companies may have slower periods, such as fall or winter, when they offer discounted rates of up to 30%, as suggested by moving industry expert Vasi Atanasova. By planning your move during these quieter times, you can potentially save significant money.
  • Thorough Background Checks. Before hiring a mover, conduct a comprehensive background check. This includes reading reviews on platforms like Yelp, reaching out to previous customers for their feedback, and utilizing resources like the Safety and Fitness Electronic Records (SAFER) System provided by the US Department of Transportation. Taking these steps will ensure you choose a reputable and reliable moving company.
  • Timing is Key. Plan your move to avoid peak traffic hours, as heavy traffic can increase fuel costs and prolong the duration of your move. Opting for off-peak hours will not only save on gas expenses but also streamline the process, making it more efficient and cost-effective.
  • Hybrid Approach. Consider a combination of self-help and professional services. Enlist the assistance of friends or family members to help with packing, loading, and unloading while relying on professional movers to transport your belongings safely.
Person putting coins in a piggy bank
Working with professionals can also save you money

3. Cost-Effective Ways to Obtain Moving Boxes

Boxes are considered essential building blocks for any move, and their high prices at moving companies can quickly add up. So, just as exploring moving prices timely can save you money, finding other solutions for acquiring boxes can, too. Consider these feasible strategies to obtain boxes without spending a dime:

  • Office Paper Boxes. Collect boxes from your workplace if they receive paper shipments. They are spacious and often come with lids, making them ideal for packing.
  • Social Networks and Local Connections. Reach out to friends or colleagues who have recently moved, or post a request on your social networks for free boxes.
  • Online Platforms and Neighborhood Scouting. Check Craigslist’s Free section and Freecycle for people giving away used boxes. Also, watch out during garbage and recycling days in your neighborhood for discarded boxes.
  • Liquor Outlets and Mid-Sized Stores. Visit local liquor outlets for sturdy boxes designed to hold bottles. Additionally, explore back alleys of mid-sized stores for appropriately sized boxes.
  • Box Reselling. After your move, consider reselling the boxes to companies like BoxCycle and Container Exchange to recoup some cash.

Invest time in exploring these cost-free alternatives, so you can secure an ample supply of boxes for your move while keeping your expenses to a minimum.

4. Streamline Your Belongings for a Stress-Free Move and Save a Ton of Money

As you prepare for a move, the accumulation of possessions can feel overwhelming. However, adopting a minimalist mindset and decluttering can make the process smoother while also saving you time, effort, and expenses. Follow these essential steps to simplify the sorting process and consider utilizing storage Los Angeles services for a seamless transition:

  • Understand Your Options. Familiarize yourself with different methods of parting with your items, such as selling, donating, or discarding. Dispose of damaged or unusable items, donate gently used ones, and consider selling higher-value belongings. Additionally, explore storage services that allow you to temporarily store items you may not need in your new home right away.
  • Be Decisive. Make firm decisions about what to keep and what to let go of. Apply a simple rule: if an item is extensively damaged, it’s time to bid it farewell. When it comes to clothing, consider donating items you haven’t worn in over a year. Embrace practicality over emotional attachment.
  • Seek Assistance. Enlist the help of friends or family to make the process more enjoyable and efficient. They can provide valuable input while sorting through belongings and can also assist in transporting items to storage facilities if needed.

By embracing minimalism and streamlining your possessions, you not only lighten your load for the move but also create a more organized living environment. Consider utilizing storage services to safely store items that may not immediately fit into your new space, allowing you to transition smoothly with your chosen apartment movers in Los Angeles and settle in at your own pace.

Red curtain, couch and laptop, being a minimalist can save a ton of money while moving
To save a ton of money while moving, try minimalism

5. Efficiently Handling Books During Your Move

Moving heavy boxes filled with books can be a daunting task. Fortunately, moving provides the perfect opportunity to reassess your book collection and decide which ones truly deserve a place in your new home. Approximately two months before your scheduled move, carefully evaluate each book and ask yourself if it’s worth transporting to your new location. 

Surprisingly, you’ll likely find that many books no longer hold the same appeal. Once you identify books you no longer wish to keep, promptly remove them from your sight and consider selling or donating them to used bookstores or organizations like Goodwill Industries.

For the books you choose to keep, pack them into sturdy boxes such as banana boxes, liquor boxes, or repurposed shipping boxes. To transport them affordably, take advantage of the United States Postal Service (USPS). While USPS may take a bit longer for delivery, its cost-efficiency is unmatched. By utilizing USPS services, you can significantly reduce the overall expense of moving your beloved book collection while ensuring it safely arrives at your new destination.

6. Making Smart Insurance Decisions Can Save a Ton of Money While Moving

When it comes to long-haul moves with long distance moving companies Los Angeles trusts, ensuring the protection of your belongings becomes even more crucial. While moving companies are obligated to provide basic coverage, which typically reimburses at $0.30 per pound for local moves and $0.60 per pound for interstate moves, it may not be sufficient for valuable items or extensive damage.

Woman moving boxes in a room full of boxes
Ensure your relocation with insurance and make it less stressful

To give yourself peace of mind, consider investing in comprehensive insurance coverage, such as “full replacement value coverage”. This option guarantees that the moving company will compensate you based on the actual cash value of your belongings if they get damaged during transit. The cost of full replacement coverage is generally around $10 per $1000 of declared assets.

For instance, if your belongings are valued at $20,000, the coverage cost would be approximately $200. This investment becomes particularly important for high-value items that would be expensive to replace. With basic coverage, a 30-pound flat-screen TV worth $500 would only receive a meager $18 in compensation for damage during an interstate move. In contrast, full replacement coverage ensures you receive the full $500.

It’s essential to note that when you opt for long-distance movers, holding them accountable for damage to goods you packed yourself can be challenging. To mitigate risks, take extra precautions when packing your items or hire a packing service Los Angeles offers. Use blankets, thick towels, or sheets to wrap delicate belongings, and consider using linens and coffee filters as cost-effective alternatives to pack fragile items. By implementing these measures, you not only minimize the chances of damage but also retain control over the packing process, allowing you to safeguard your belongings during the long-distance journey.

7. Smart Strategies for Managing Utilities During Your Move

When planning your move, it’s important to consider the timing of disconnecting your utility services. If your moving date coincides with your billing cycle, you can save money by disconnecting certain services ahead of time. Start with utilities that are of lower priority to you, such as cable, and coordinate their disconnection prior to your move. By doing so, you can avoid paying for an additional month of service and reduce unnecessary expenses.

Man talking on the phone and taking notes on how to save a ton of money while moving
Make sure to talk to providers and take care of your utilities

To optimize your utility setup in your new location, conduct thorough research on alternative service providers, particularly if you’re moving to a new city. Consider utilizing platforms like Utility Concierge, which offer reduced prices on new utility connections. Exploring these options can help you secure competitive rates and significant cost savings, allowing you to allocate your budget more effectively during the transition.

By strategically managing your utility services, disconnecting them in advance when necessary, and exploring alternative providers, you can streamline your expenses and make the most of your budget during the moving process.

You Now Know How to Save a Ton of Money While Moving

When it comes to selecting a moving company, remember that the lowest quote doesn’t always guarantee the best service. Take the time to obtain multiple quotes from various local moving companies and conduct thorough research on each of them. Consider factors beyond just the price, such as their reputation, customer reviews, and track record. Moving can be expensive, but if you implement the strategies we’ve outlined, you can stay within your budget and minimize the impact on your finances.

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