5 things no one told you about living in LA

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Living in Los Angeles is amazing! While every city has its advantages and disadvantages, people generally love LA. And it’s no wonder! The weather is beautiful, the job market is excellent, and Hollywood is beaming with celebrities. If you, too, decide to move to LA, Royal Moving & Storage Inc will be there to make the process pleasurable and smooth. And while most people know that the city of Los Angeles is at high risk for earthquakes, the cost of living is high, and housing prices are even higher, what about the things no one told you about living in LA? We’re sharing those! Be prepared for the move, and get to know the city to the smallest detail – and you’ll see how fast you’ll settle in.

Some of the things no one told you about living in LA

If you’re moving to Los Angeles soon, you’re probably familiar with all the basics, such as the best neighborhoods, employers, trendiest restaurants, and schools for your kids. You also know some of the best-equipped gyms, the fastest way to hire movers Diamond Bar CA offers, and which parks near your home are the best for picnics. But what about some fun facts about living in LA that not many people tell you? Here are 5 of the most interesting ones:

  • parking and traffic tickets are expensive
  • you’re in a different city every two miles
  • Los Angeles is very dog-friendly
  • traffic jams are a daily occurrence
  • sparkling water is more popular than soda

LA is one of the most dog-friendly cities in the country

What’s more exciting than being able to take your furry best friend everywhere with you? And we mean everywhere! The city of Los Angeles is very dog-friendly because there are many dog-friendly areas, such as beaches, parks, and outdoor dining areas.

a dog walking in the park
One of the things no one told you about living in LA is that dogs are more than welcome in many places.

In addition, many hotels, apartments, and other rental properties allow dogs. Also, there are many dog-walking and pet-sitting services available. Moreover, many dog-centric events and activities are held in Los Angeles, such as dog festivals, dog parades, and dog-friendly hikes, which help to create a sense of community among dog owners in the city.

Parking and traffic tickets are expensive

If you’re moving to LA soon, you should know that the city has pretty strict parking and traffic rules. An average Los Angeles citizen gets at least three parking tickets that cost over $65 every year. However, parking tickets are cheap compared to jaywalking or red-light camera tickets. Jaywalking is strictly prohibited in LA, and if you get caught, you can get a ticket for $250. Red light camera tickets aren’t cheap either, and they will cost you $490.

So, unless you wish to waste your hard-earned money in an already expensive city, try to be a careful driver and an even more careful pedestrian after moving here with movers Santa Clarita CA offers. Not only will you get tickets that will make a serious dent in your budget, but you will also jeopardize your safety severely.

In LA you’re in a different city every two miles

The fun thing about Los Angeles is that it consists of many smaller suburbs and cities. So many, in fact, you’re in a different city every two miles! Therefore, if you’re hiring one of the moving companies Huntington Beach offers and moving to LA, you need to be specific about where you want the movers to deliver your belongings. Hollywood, Silver Lake, Little Armenia, Fairfax, Mid-city, Koreatown – these are all different cities in Los Angeles.

Traffic jams are an everyday occurrence

The city is known for its heavy traffic, especially during rush hour periods when many people commute to and from work. Several factors contribute to traffic congestion in Los Angeles. One factor is the city’s large population and the high number of cars on the road. Los Angeles has a large metropolitan area with many people who rely on cars as their primary mode of transportation. Another factor is the city’s layout, which is spread out over a large area and bisected by several major freeways. This can make it challenging to get from one place to another quickly, especially during heavy traffic.

traffic jams are among the things no one told you about living in LA
Traffic jams are a daily occurrence in LA.

In addition, the city’s geography, with its hills and valleys, also makes it more prone to traffic jams. Some areas of the city, such as those located in canyons or along winding roads, can be more susceptible to traffic jams because of the limited road capacity.

Sparkling water (or pop) is more popular than soda

The majority of LA residents prefer sparkling water over soda. The popular “pop” as they call it, is one of the city’s most recognizable beverages. Sparkling water may be more prevalent in Los Angeles than soda due to several factors. One factor may be the trend toward healthier eating and drinking habits. Sparkling water is often considered a healthier alternative to soda, as it does not contain added sugars or artificial sweeteners. Another factor could be the abundance of natural mineral water sources in California. This may make sparkling water more readily available and popular in the state.

a glass of sparkling water with fruits
LA residents love their sparkling water more than soda.

Moving to LA is a decision you won’t regret

Moving to Los Angeles is one of the best decisions you can make. Now that we’ve shared the things no one told you about living in LA, you know what to expect after the move. Despite the high cost of living, The City of Angels has plenty to offer. Los Angeles is a major center for the entertainment, technology, and fashion industries. This provides many job opportunities for those looking to advance their careers. It is also known for its diverse population and culture, with various cultural events, festivals, and neighborhoods to explore. Los Angeles also has a mild, Mediterranean climate with sunny days and comfortable temperatures year-round, making it a great place to enjoy the outdoors.

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