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When choosing the best place for you and your family to live the best way possible, there are some things that you must pay attention to. Consider factors like employment prospects, the quality of the education system, and the availability of recreational activities. Once you identify a location that meets all these criteria, there’s no need for hesitation. After pinpointing a place that accommodates everyone’s needs, it’s time to get ready for the move, and a great first step is enlisting the services of a top-tier moving company like Royal Moving Company. And, if you still have not found the good reasons for moving to Redondo Beach, check this out. We have listed reasons to live in Redondo Beach and you will love every single one of them.

Main Reasons To Live in Redondo Beach

If you’re contemplating a move, Redondo Beach offers many compelling reasons to call it home. First, its stunning coastal location provides endless opportunities for beachfront living and water sports enthusiasts. It also has a vibrant community with excellent schools, making it a family-friendly haven. Additionally, its thriving job market and proximity to major cities like Los Angeles provide ample career opportunities. The city’s diverse culinary scene and entertainment options cater to all tastes. and the temperate climate ensures year-round outdoor enjoyment. However, before packing your bags, let’s discuss in greater detail the main reasons to live in Redondo Beach:

  • Top-Notch Education
  • Beautiful Neighborhoods
  • Exciting Lifestyle
  • Thriving Job Market
  • Favorable Climate

You can add to this list other things, but what is important is to search and learn everything you can about your new city so you can decide.

a girl with laptop exploring reasons to live in Redondo Beach
Explore all the reasons to live in Redondo Beach before moving and see for yourself how great this place really is.


Education in Redondo Beach is characterized by a strong focus on academic excellence and a diverse range of learning opportunities. The city boasts several top-rated high schools, such as Redondo Union High School, which is known for its robust academic programs and extracurricular activities. Additionally, Redondo Beach schools like South Bay Adult School cater to different educational needs, offering adult education and lifelong learning courses. Although there are no universities within Redondo Beach itself, the vicinity is home to several esteemed higher education institutions. Notable nearby universities include El Camino College, known for its comprehensive community college programs, and Loyola Marymount University, a well-regarded private university. To make your transition as smooth as possible, you may want to explore the services offered by Redondo Beach movers and start preparing for your relocation without delay.


Are you on the lookout for support within your neighborhood? Residents here are known as very polite and patient people. Redondo Beach offers a strong communal spirit and an impressively low crime rate, rendering it an enticing choice for those who value security and serenity. Even if you’re not naturally inclined towards social interactions, engaging with moving services Los Angeles movers provide, during your move will organically introduce you to your neighbors. This connection often leads to impromptu assistance with unpacking and acclimating to your fresh abode. Regarding prime residential areas, explore these possibilities:

  • The Avenues – The charming neighborhood offers beachside living and easy access to the ocean, making it a haven for water enthusiasts.
  • South Broadway – Perfect for foodies, this area boasts a thriving culinary scene, where local restaurants and eateries offer diverse dining options.
  • Riviera Village – A shopper’s paradise, this neighborhood is dotted with boutiques and unique stores, catering to those who love retail therapy.
  • North Redondo – If you’re looking for affordability without sacrificing quality, this neighborhood offers more budget-friendly housing options while still being close to the beach.

Living within this community, you’ll witness an ongoing commitment among residents to enhance their surroundings, creating an inviting and collaborative atmosphere. 

Exciting Lifestyle

If you stumble upon a promising job opportunity in Redondo Beach, consider it a compelling reason to relocate. The city teems with various employment options, making it an attractive prospect for job seekers as well. Whether you’re already employed or moving in pursuit of fresh career prospects, Redondo Beach accommodates both scenarios. While the cost of living here slightly exceeds the norm, a competitive salary and effective budgeting can transform your experience into a truly enjoyable one. Redefining your lifestyle is a key incentive to move here, and the manageable living expenses certainly facilitate this transition, enabling you to allocate resources wisely, including investing in professional furniture movers Los Angeles offers. The city’s high livability score makes Redondo Beach an ideal destination for a fresh start. 

a girl with notebook and calculator
Check the cost of living before deciding to move to understand the financial aspect of living in Redondo Beach.

If you considering buying a house, explore all the options. Redondo Beach’s real estate embodies its rich history, offering diverse architectural styles to suit various preferences and budgets. Along the beachfront, you’ll find contemporary multi-storied properties with ocean views and modern amenities. Additionally, charming beach bungalows recall the city’s heritage. Inland, traditional single-family homes, often in the Spanish Colonial Revival style, come with spacious yards. For urban living, there are townhomes and condominiums. The average home value is $1.4M, while the median rent is $3,000 so make sure you properly budget for your upcoming arrival to have a smooth transition. 

Job Market 

Redondo Beach’s unemployment rate stands at about 5%. This figure suggests a balanced job market with a significant majority of the workforce employed. A key aspect of the job market here is the high educational attainment of its residents. With over 56% holding a bachelor’s degree and around 24.5% with a master’s degree or higher, the workforce is highly educated. This suggests a job market leaning towards professions that require advanced degrees and specialized skills.

The average earnings in Redondo Beach are about $79,338, reflecting the economic status of the area. The high level of education among residents likely contributes to this income level, with more educated individuals typically earning higher wages. Also, there is a variety of professional, technical, and managerial positions in plenty of sectors and industries. The city’s proximity to larger urban centers like Los Angeles also influences the types of jobs available and contributes to the economic health of the region.


The charm of Redondo Beach is closely tied to its wonderful climate. The city benefits from a Mediterranean climate, with mild winters and warm, dry summers. This means you can enjoy outdoor activities throughout the year. In Redondo Beach, winter temperatures rarely dip below 45°F, and summer temperatures rarely exceed 85°F. This temperate climate is also easy on your budget as residents typically spend less on heating and cooling. Plus, the cooling ocean breezes provide relief from sweltering inland heat, making summers pleasantly warm. Summer sees little rain, but winter brings just enough precipitation to nurture the area’s lush vegetation. You can count on this consistency year-round, ensuring fewer weather-related disruptions and more time for beach volleyball and barbecues.

people on the beach talking about reasons to live in Redondo Beach
The weather in Redondo Beach is just perfect.

There Are Many Other Reasons To Live in Redondo Beach

The factor as education, job market, and cost of living are certainly important when deciding whether to move or not. But, you should know that there are other reasons to move to Rodendo Beach. Redondo Beach is renowned for its picturesque sandy shores, making it a haven for beach lovers. You can soak up the sun, swim in the Pacific Ocean, surf the waves, or simply take a stroll along The Strand, a scenic beachfront walkway. The city offers an array of water sports activities, including paddleboarding, kayaking, and even sailing. The Redondo Beach Marina is an excellent spot to rent watercraft and explore the harbor.

Outdoor Activities

Besides water sports, the city’s well-maintained bike paths and rollerblading routes are perfect for outdoor enthusiasts. Enjoy a ride along the scenic Esplanade or through local parks. Nearby trails like the Palos Verdes Peninsula and the South Bay Botanic Garden provide excellent opportunities for hiking and immersing yourself in nature.

Cafes and Restaurants

You have a variety of cafes and restaurants to explore in Redondo Beach. For example, the charming shopping district Riviera Village is home to numerous cafes and restaurants. Enjoy a morning coffee at a local café or savor delectable international cuisines for lunch and dinner. Given its coastal location, Redondo Beach boasts a wealth of seafood restaurants. Delight in fresh catches of the day at seafood spots along the pier.

The farmers’ markets here are something you must visit. You’ll find local farmers’ markets offering fresh produce, artisanal goods, and ready-to-eat treats. The Redondo Beach Farmers’ Market is a popular destination for culinary enthusiasts.

a bar
There are a lot of bars, cafes, and restaurants to visit.

Festivals in Redondo Beach

If you are a fan of festivals, do not worry, you can enjoy that here, too. Riviera Village Summer Festival is an annual event features live music, arts and crafts, and a wide array of food vendors, creating a vibrant, community-oriented atmosphere. Also, there is Taste of the Pier. Explore the flavors of Redondo Beach as local eateries gather on the pier, offering a delectable culinary experience. The Holiday Boat Parade is situated in December. The Redondo Beach King Harbor hosts a stunning boat parade featuring elaborately decorated boats and a festive atmosphere along the waterfront.

These outdoor activities, dining options, and community events make Redondo Beach an exciting and lively place to live. The city’s coastal beauty, thriving food scene, and numerous festivals offer residents an exceptional quality of life. Whether you’re an outdoor enthusiast, a foodie, or someone who enjoys community engagement, Redondo Beach has something to offer for everyone, making it a compelling choice for your new home.

What makes a perfect place even better? Great art and culture centers. The Redondo Beach Performing Arts Center is a source of great pride for all the city’s residents. Celebrating art has never been so fun and easy than here. This theater hosts 3D Musical Theatricals, the Los Angeles Ballet, and the Distinguished Speakers Series. You can really spend some quality time when you have your days off. All you have to do is to ask for the packing service Los Angeles movers provide and let them help you to this beautiful city. 

three ballet dancers
The art scene is very active and developed in Redondo Beach.

One of the Reasons To Live in Redondo Beach Is Easy Access to LA

Redondo Beach is ideally located just 20 miles from Los Angeles, making it a perfect choice for those who desire a balance between urban work opportunities in LA and the calm, coastal lifestyle of Redondo Beach. The city’s excellent location and transport links mean that the vibrant culture and career options of downtown LA are just a short drive away, providing the best of both worlds.

Additionally, the city is well-connected by major highways, offering easy access to Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) and other key destinations. This connectivity ensures that residents can quickly immerse themselves in the vast array of urban amenities offered by the bustling metropolis of Los Angeles while enjoying the daily peace of beachside living.

Redondo Beach also serves as a convenient hub for exploring the wider Southern California region. From weekend getaways to the vineyards of Temecula to relaxing day trips to Orange County’s beaches, its strategic location makes it an ideal point for starting various adventures and experiencing the diverse attractions the area has to offer.

Los Angeles
You can easily get to LA whenever you’re in the mood for spending time in The City of Angels.

Moving to Redondo Beach Is Easier Than You Think!

So far you have seen many enlisted reasons to move to Rodendo Beach. It is more than clear that moving will be a smart step. All you need now is a good relocation plan and trusted residential movers Los Angeles locals would recommend. The first step is to set up a budget, decide on the moving date, and book on time a moving company. After this, you can start with decluttering or deciding what to pack and what not to pack. It is an important step because this way you will be able to estimate how much packing supplies you will need. Even if you won’t be packing by yourself, it is crucial to give precise information to your moving company. Wisely choose your moving company, ask the right questions, and experience a seamless relocation to the amazing Redondo Beach!

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