5 Essential Tools To Help Make Your Moving Process A Breeze

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As a whole, the moving process can be rewarding and stressful at the same time. For new homeowners, it can be rewarding because you are on the brink of moving into a new stage in your life – which is extremely exciting. 

Having to pack up so many things and transport them is not exactly the kind of fun a new homeowner would have envisioned. Moving day pitfalls are no joke, and they are bound to creep up on you at some point during the relocation process, so it helps to be prepared for them.

The best way to stay prepared is to ensure that you have the right tools and equipment at your disposal to help you expedite the process and make your moving day a breeze. Here are the essential tools that can help make your moving process a piece of cake:

1. Dollies, Hand Trucks, and Moving Carts

Dollies are the unsung hero of many moving processes, and they make it much easier and convenient to car heavy supplies and items around. This also rings true for hand trucks and moving carts as well. 

The type of dolly or cart that you choose will depend on the number of items you have to move. Since every homeowner has a varying degree of belongings, there is no universal dolly or moving car that is meant to be used for every move.

Most dollies are either 2-wheel dollies or 4-wheel dollies, while hand trucks utilize simple platforms that allow you to stack boxes and other items. It might not sound like much, but the use of these simple, easily accessible tools, greatly alleviates the stress related to moving days. 

It helps homeowners move things out of their home faster, without having to exert nearly as much force. Also, the presence of a dolly, moving cart, or hand truck, makes it easier to load up multiple items onto moving trucks and vans in a more efficient fashion. 

2. Packaging Labels and Signs

In addition to the use of dollies and moving carts, labels and signs are a great tool to use to mark all your items and belongings. This makes the process of inventory and accountability much more convenient. 

As is, the moving process can be a hazardous headache, and if you attempt to weather it without having a system in place to label all your items, you will be extremely stressed out. This amount of stress will only lead to a chaotic moving process.

Taking the time to acquire labeling gear for your items will help ensure that they are moved correctly and efficiently. This tool also helps keep your belongings more secure during your move by allowing you to label things according to their priority. For instance, high-value items can be labeled separately. As well as items that need to be handled with care, and so on and so forth. Small steps like these compound to make any relocation much more bearable.

3. Padlocks, Trailer Locks, and Tie Down Straps

Every moving process has to factor in some level of security. If you begin your moving process without considering the important role security has to play, you are bound to have a rough go at it during your move. Neglecting security increases the chance of your belongings going missing, or being left unaccounted for. 

You should take the time to assess which parts of your moving process require some modicum of security. For the most part, you will have to keep your valuables secure while you pack them up, while they are on the move to a new location, and when they arrive at their final destination. 

One of the easiest ways to handle security is to use the appropriate security tools like padlocks, trailer locks, and tie down straps to name a few. These tools help homeowners rest easy with the entire moving process, simply because they know their valuable items have been afforded some level of security. 

Another benefit of these tools is that they crossover very well. For instance, the kind of locks that make up the best shed locks will also double as suitable padlocks for moving items. If your items are vulnerable at any point during the move, it is likely to be when they are in transit, as such you have to keep them secure during this time.

4. Storage Boxes

Storage boxes are another handy tool that makes the entire moving process much easier to balance, no matter what is thrown your way. Some may not consider storage boxes a tool, especially if you are thinking about power tools and other related items. However, in this context, they can be used in a way that makes it much easier for your move to be carried out. 

Storage boxes help homeowners compartmentalize things while simultaneously keeping them safely secured and stored away. Many homeowners have found that plastic storage boxes work much better than cardboard storage boxes. This is simply because plastic storage boxes tend to offer additional security that can’t be found when using cardboard boxes.

5. Professional Help

Seeking out professional help is probably one of the easiest ways to ensure that your moving process is carried out without a hitch. Most people think that handling everything through a DIY approach is the most surefire way to save money. However, this is not necessarily the case. In some respect, it is actually a way to lose money. 

Professional movers have the skills and tools at their disposal to help you with some things you might not have even realized you need help with. Also, due to the fact that most professional movers offer a wide array of services, you can choose the service that best helps you get the job done. Don’t shy away from asking for professional help. Trust me, it really makes the moving process a breeze.

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