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So you’ve decided to move to LA and that’s the best thing you could do in 2022. We at Royal Moving Company would like to help you to choose the best part of LA for you. Now we’ve chosen 5 criteria when choosing an LA neighborhood to move to.  Because there are so many criteria and it’s hard to say which part of the city would suit you best, we’ve cut it down to five. We understand the inflation and everything, but the housing market is flooded and it’s a big mess all over the US. Also, housing prices have gone up since 2021, you might have heard that on social media these days. So let’s dig deep and find out which part of LA suits you best. Let’s dive in!

The first criterion when choosing an LA neighborhood to move to is commuting time

It’s not a big secret but traffic in LA is one of the slowest in the US. So as you probably know being late to work or anywhere isn’t the best thing that you could do. On average people can add 45 to 60 minutes to their commute according to the LA homes. The problem with commuting is again that most people own cars and simply there are too many people on the road driving. We understand that the number of electronic cars and hybrids has increased but the roads haven’t. Nowadays there are also options like IndoGo and Uber but the most eco-friendly option is still public transportation. Also if you’re using a car that runs on gas price for regular is $6.293/gallon, mid-grade is $6.410/gallon, the premium is $6.573/gallon, and diesel is $6.315/gallon. So count in this expense as well.

Other than that it’s most efficient to walk in the end. So if you’re someone who likes to walk or maybe ride a bike then that’s great. Los Angeles is a really good city for bikes, walkers, and scooters. There are plenty of options when it comes to commuting. Since you’re also planning a relocation there are plenty of moving services Los Angeles, which can offer help. Movers will cut your moving time in half if they’re good enough. Aside from all the packing, unpacking, taping, labeling, etc. good movers also know how to navigate throughout the city. But the best movers know shortcuts and when and how to avoid traffic jams as well. So think about this when you hire movers and the best movers will know how to bring a piano through the window (if needed).

A man in a subway thinking about criteria when choosing LA neighborhood to move to;
Did you know that people spend 250 hours per year just commuting?

The second criterion is proximity to important places

Now the second will depend mostly on your needs, but there are some common things that we all need. So people with different lifestyles will probably need different things. But we can all agree that proximity to some things is of paramount importance. This is also what all the local movers Los Angeles agreed upon. Just imagine if in the middle of the moving process you run out of milk for the baby or you can’t find a decent place to eat. Also if you’re moving or living, you’re going to need supplies of everything, you can’t amazon prime for everything in your life. You should pick a neighborhood that has some of these places near it.

  • Hospital, pharmacy, or clinic of any sort
  • Parks, walking trails, and  places with fresh clean air
  • Biking trails if you’re a biker
  • Coffee shops, restaurants (good ones), grocery stores
  • Entertainers like theme parks (especially if you have kids)
  • Shopping malls and stores (amazon priming gets boring after some time)
  • Mechanics and gas stations
  • Elementary schools, high schools, and universities (if you have kids or plan to)

Okay now, these were things that you want in your proximity, now we’ll talk about things you don’t want near you. Those would be airports, railroads, chemical plants, nuclear power plants, etc. any toxic producers and potential noise makers.  Trust movers Santa Clarita CA, since they have no trouble sleeping tight overnight. The city of Santa Clarita has no sound pollution, it’s safe and most likely everything is close to it, so moving to it ain’t a problem. There are also good places for nature lovers, hikers, etc.

Grocery store is one of the criteria when choosing LA neighborhood to move to;
Being close to grocery stores especially big supermarkets can be a double-edged sword.

The third criterion when choosing an LA neighborhood to move to is safety

As the saying goes safety is always the number one priority. Even if you don’t have a family or if you’re just a couple, a single, or even a young professional; bad things can nowadays happen to anyone at any given time. So never skip these criteria and since we all have social media and we’re all sharing, texting, and interconnection, we can see what’s happening. That’s not just one isolated case but it’s across the globe. Violence is everywhere these days so use some reputable websites like AreaVibes to check the neighborhood’s overall safety. If you’re looking into overall state crimes your best bet is the FBI’s Crime Data Explorer and Family Watchdog is a great way to keep track of any sex offenders in your area. Anyway securing a house with alarms, sensors, and cameras is always a good idea.

So when it comes to safety movers Diamond Bar CA is safely going to transfer all of your belongings. We’re not kidding safety in moving is as important as the overall safety of your neighborhood.  Movers must have proper vehicles and special techniques on how to pack, transport, and store their goods. Also storing your items and loading and unloading them is as important as packing. Only if movers can do all of these things safely they’re reputable movers. On the other hand, most moving companies offer moving insurance which is used just in case something goes wrong. But movers from Diamond Bar CA will also tell you that in their neighborhood has 1 violent crime per 1000 people; that is above average across all 50US states.

Two cameras mounted on a wall;
For some of our readers, this is the most important criteria.

Cost of living is our fourth criteria when choosing LA neighborhood to move to

This might come as a surprise since it’s in fourth place but it’s as important as others; for some people, this will be the most important criterion.  As one of the leading moving companies Huntington beach, we understand this. We have had a lot of work recently when it comes to moving, and a lot of people as you can see are living in LA and other big cities across the US. At the beginning of this article, we touched a bit on the topic of inflation but this is the main driving factor. So the cost of living is 49% higher in LA than the national average so let’s run some statistics and numbers. First of all, the median price for a house is $910,328 the median rent is $2,781 which is 129% above the national average; utilities are 7% above the national average while groceries are 13% above.

Local movers Culver City can help you move your things across the whole city of LA, but they’ll give us some real insights today. Again if you have any problems with moving some difficult things they can help you. They’re real pros at what they do so they can help you with packing furniture, residential moving, commercial moving,  storage, etc. So if you need any help you can contact them through our website or just give us a call. Now let’s also see the cost of living in Culver City, California. As expected, the overall cost of living is 64% above the national average; the median house price is $1,091,070 which is 174% above the national average. Also, the median rent is $3,333/month, which is quite high. Utilities and groceries are 7 %and 13% above the national average (LA average).

A man and a woman talking;
LA has a high cost of living.

The fifth and final criterion is your lifestyle

This is the most important (in our opinion) above all others. Now don’t get us wrong, they’re all equally important but this one is mostly about you. So you may like other parts of LA but for example, if you like Torrance then just move there. This particular part of LA has a lot of parks and it’s close to everything that you need. You have drugstores, different supermarkets, etc. There are also plenty of options for vegans and vegetarians. So this is one more reason that you should consider your lifestyle above all. If you’re a person who likes hanging around the mall or shopping then look for a neighborhood close to malls and shops. Yes, we know that you can do most of the shopping online but some people still like to do it the old fashion way.

There are plenty of movers Torrance CA who can move you to your desired location. They will also impact your life so choose wisely. You wouldn’t like your things to get all destroyed during the process, do you? So do your research and find out about the best of the best, at a fair price. Moving services just like everything these days are also increasing prices, since the average cost of living, gas, plus the post-pandemic inflation. In the end, it’s your life and your style so balance the budget and move!

One extra criterion which is specific to LA is diversity

There is an uprising trend in the last 30 to 40 years about diversity. As the US is being more and more diversified especially in places like LA, San Francisco, etc. People, especially younger people are moving to California for this reason. There are more reasons like great job opportunities, weather, a great place to start a family, etc. So here are some of the most diverse neighborhoods in LA. The most diverse parts of LA are Mid-Wilshire, Alondra Park, West Carson, Gardena, Downtown, etc. If you want to find out more about this, google it and you’ll find a lot of interesting facts and websites that are doing different statists when it comes to diversity. Most of the city of Los Angles is diverse as more and more people are moving in, and it’s going to be even more diverse in the future.

A group of diverse individuals taking a selfie;
This is one of the most important lifestyle aspects for most young people. This ongoing trend has brought a lot of people to California over the last decades.

When you choose your moving company thinks about packing service Los Angeles. We’ll let you on a little secret, it’s much easier for you to work extra hours than to pack, unpack, move, load, upload, etc. By this, we mean that you can work extra hours, freelance, or spend your time on something you like, while the pros do their job. Now, this is especially true if you have to disassemble and reassemble certain complex furniture or some business things. Also if you’re moving your whole business we have a special commercial moving package. Finally, if you’re downsizing to a smaller office or an apartment/house we have storage.

The conclusion

So here we are at the end of our story for this article. We hope that you liked our 5 criteria when choosing LA neighborhood to move to. We know that it may be too much for one reading, but go ahead and visit our blog action, we have more topics like this over there. So let’s just do a quick recap of what are the top 5 criteria when you’re choosing your perfect neighborhood. The first one is commuting time as you don’t want to waste your time and money on transportation. The second one is proximity to things that you’ll probably need the most and the third criteria is safety. In fourth place, we have the cost of living and finally your lifestyle. Oh, we’ve almost forgotten the diversity as the last one. Have a great day and a good stress-free move.

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