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The story begins with the dream of three best friends who worked together in the moving business for more than six years. They wanted to start a company of their own, so they established Royal Moving in 2012, and through their hard work and a dedication to serving the customer, their dream became Los Angeles’s #1 moving company.

Royal Moving & Storage Inc
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Founded in 2012, Royal Moving Moving Company provides relocation assistance and a whole range of other related services. We include necessary supplies into the quotes, perform packaging and safe loading, transport all kinds of valuable goods, clean houses after relocation, and provide insurance. In addition, Royal Moving will assist you in long distance moving, office moves, apartment moves, and so on. If you want to use your own car, this service is also available.

Royal Moving’s strategy is aimed at providing high-quality services and getting the maximum number of returns: once working with us, customers no longer try another company but become loyal clients. The latter, by the way, enjoy discounts and services from our partners.

Our philosophy is simple: we offer quality services and do our best to make customers’ relocations stress-free and flawless.

A comprehensive list of our services includes:

  • Packing. We provide all the supplies and protect items so that they could be transported without any damage. Our professionals can wrap and pack anything, from a fridge to jewelry. Fragile stuff is treated with particular accuracy and care.
  • Labors (furniture assembling and disassembling). You don’t have to struggle with reading schemes and layouts – Royal Moving experts can handle any kind of furniture and home appliances so that they would fit into the truck and stay safe.
  • Loading and unloading. Carrying boxes is at least tiresome, but also risky, especially when you have family members around. Our experts know how to load the truck so that boxes were delivered in their original state. Don’t have time to carry them back to your new house? Royal Moving can deal with that easily.
  • Transportation. This is the most challenging part, especially when people move to another state or city. Our team will organize a professional moving from LA to Portland and drive the truck so that your things are delivered overnight. No need to put your car at risk!
  • Cleaning. You don’t have to stay and put away all the trash left after loading. Royal Moving company has partners who can clean it all up and prepare your house for real estate viewings.
  • Storage. We provide short- and long-term storage in our own or our partners’ warehouses. Your stuff will stay safe and protected, ready to be picked up whenever it pleases you.

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