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Moving is a difficult process that takes a long time to complete, even when moving locally. But, with a quality moving company by your side, you can make your relocation simpler and easier. Our movers Long Beach CA can help you relax, devote your time to more important tasks, and actually enjoy your move. You can rely on Royal Moving & Storage CA throughout your relocation. Regardless of how far away you are moving or how many items you have. We have the tools and skills necessary to handle even the most demanding relocation projects. So, get in touch with us today and experience a truly worry-free relocation.

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Our movers Long Beach CA can make your relocation simple and stress-free

One of the main reasons why people contact us for their relocations is the fact that we make moving simpler. Our movers Long Beach CA have plenty of experience moving both residents as well as businesses. Our moving services cover everything that you might need for a truly carefree move. So if you too want to enjoy your relocation, free up your time, and not have to worry about damaged items, get in touch with us. We will make sure that all your needs are met and that you can focus on much more important tasks while we handle the heavy-lifting for you.

Book quality Long Beach movers in just 3 simple steps

Just like with your relocation, we make the booking process easy and straightforward. You don't have to invest a lot of effort to get a sense of our pricing, as everything is plain and simple. Moreover, we will provide you with a free moving estimate. Without any obligation to move with us if you don't find it satisfactory. Regardless of whether you are looking to move into a new home or want to move an office to a new space. The booking process is simple:

  1. Contact us through our website by filling out a simple form.
  2. We'll study the details of your move, provide you with a free moving estimate and together come up with a moving plan that fits your needs perfectly.
  3. Everything else will be handled by our movers. So you can focus on more important aspects of your move, while our movers handle all the heavy lifting for your relocation.

Why are we considered one of the best moving companies in Long Beach CA?

We have been in the moving business for a long time. After spending six years in the moving industry, we have decided to form our own moving company in 2012. Since then we have strived to do things even better than we used to. Fast forward a decade and we are now considered one of the top moving companies in Long Beach CA. Countless families and businesses have put their trust in our ability to make their relocation simple and easy. We have straightforward moving prices with no hidden fees. But what makes us truly the best is not just our experience or top-of-the-line equipment. It's the team that forms Royal Moving, their dedication, and commitment.

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Enjoy a stress-free relocation with a skilled team of moving professionals

Moving is a delicate business that requires a tremendous amount of trust. We have to earn that trust every single day in order to remain at the top of the moving industry. That's why our team consists of only the best people. Starting with our customer support staff and ending with our hard-working movers. Each individual in our company is, above all else, honest, reliable, and trustworthy. Only after those traits do experience and skill come into play. When you put everything together, your belongings will be handled by some of the best moving experts in the industry. That makes your relocation stress-free because you don't have to fear for the safety of your belongings or the integrity of our movers.

Vast experience has thought our movers Long Beach CA how to handle any relocation scenario

No two relocations are the same. Each comes with its own set of challenges. But, with more than a decade of experience, we know how to handle even the most demanding relocations. It doesn't matter if you are looking to move a single room across the street or an entire office floor across the country. We have the tools and skills necessary to handle anything you can throw at us. Simply take a look at some of our online reviews and you'll quickly see that we get the job done. But most importantly, we make it look easy. We ensure that the customer is always smiling before we leave.

You can count on our services no matter where you are moving to

With our assistance, distance is not an obstacle. We have the means to move your belongings anywhere in the country. Moreover, your belongings will be transported in high-quality moving trucks with additional padding for a safer move. You can expect everything to arrive in one piece and free of any damage.

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Our movers Long Beach CA are there for you no matter what you are moving

We have the capabilities to handle relocations of any size. It doesn't matter if you are moving into a new home or relocating your office. We can handle items of all sizes, regardless of how difficult to transport they might be. All that you have to do is tell us your needs, and we'll find a solution to your problems. Among other things, you can count on us when you need:

We can also provide you with quality plastic boxes for your relocation, as well as secure storage services for your personal or business items.

Make your relocation simple and stress-free with the best movers Long Beach CA has to offer

Your relocation can be simple and straightforward. You can have plenty of time to prepare, say goodbye and enjoy your move. All that you have to do is get in touch with us. Our movers Long Beach CA will take care of everything else. So contact us today for a free moving estimate.

Moving to Long Beach? Here is what you can expect once you get to Long Beach.

Long Beach is California's seventh-largest city, and one of Southern California's most visited coastal cities. Long Beach has many great amenities that other cities cannot offer while having all of the convenience of a big city along with the friendly and relaxed vibe that comes with most coastal communities.

Long Beach has a scenic downtown and waterfront marina that is "walkable," and provides plenty of shopping opportunities, many entertainment options, and more than 100 restaurants all within an eight-block area.  Other neighborhoods within Long Beach, each with a unique local flair, include the area around Pine Avenue, The Pike at Rainbow Harbor, and Shoreline Village. In all, Long Beach has eight distinct neighborhoods.  Experience the big-city feel with small-town charm in a unique oceanfront setting – Welcome to Long Beach.

In addition, there is the East Village Arts District which boasts unique shops and art galleries. Also, three miles from Downtown Long Beach, residents and visitors will find Belmont Shore and 2nd Street, which provide the ideal beachfront community. In this area, you will find great restaurants and independent shops. There is even the opportunity to hop on a gondola and experience Long Beach's maze of canals.

Finally, visit  Long Beach's museums that include the Long Beach Museum of Art and the Museum of Latin American Art, take a harbor cruise, hop aboard the Queen Mary for a tour, visit the Aquarium of the Pacific, or grab a bike or a pair of hiking shoes, and head down to any of the paths alongside 5.5 miles of beautiful beaches. Moreover, do it all year round, as Long Beach offers a moderate climate and sunny skies regardless of the season.

Long Beach has a diverse population, both ethnically, and socio-economically, which gives a very open and accepting atmosphere to all who cross into the city. For dog lovers, Long Beach has the only beach in LA County that allows dogs to roam the beach.

There are many services and organizations worth knowing about as a new resident of Long Beach. Here is some valuable contact information that you might need in order to settle into your new residence in Long Beach. The contact list includes utility companies, community service associations, recreational facilities, as well as important state and local government organizations.

Utility Companies in Long Beach

Cable TV and Internet

  • Spectrum, Phone: 562-270-3610, Address: 2310 N Bellflower Blvd Unit 102, Long Beach, CA, Web Address: https://www.spectrum.com/cable-tv-service/california/long-beach


  • Southern California Edison, Phone: 562-981-2837, Address: 2800 E. Willow St. Long Beach, CA 90806, Web Address: https://www.sce.com/


  • Long Beach Gas, Phone: Phone: 562-570-2100, Address: 2400 E Spring St, Long Beach, CA 90806, Web Address: http://www.longbeach.gov/utilityservices/


  • Long Beach Water Department, Phone: 562-570-2300, Address: 1800 E. Wardlow Road Long Beach, CA 90807, Web Address: http://www.lbwater.org/water-services


  • AT&T, Phone: 562-612-1020, Address: 515 Pine Ave, Long Beach, CA 90802, Web Address: https://www.attexperience.com/locations/ca/long-beach/515-pine-ave.html

Trash Services

  • Long Beach Refuge Collection, Phone: 562-570-2870, Address: 2929 E Willow St, Long Beach, CA 90806, Web Address: http://www.longbeach.gov/lbrecycles/refuse/curbside-collection/refuse-collection-101/

Community Services in Long Beach

Animal Control Officer

  • Phone: 562-570-7387, Address: 7700 E Spring St, Long Beach, CA 90815, Web Address: http://www.longbeach.gov/acs/

Department of Public Works

  • Phone: 562-570-6383Address: 333 W. Ocean Blvd, Long Beach, CA 90802, Web address: http://www.longbeach.gov/pw/

Environmental Services

  • Phone: 562-570-2876, Address: 2929 E Willow St, Long Beach, CA 90806, Web Address: http://www.longbeach.gov/lbrecycles


  • Dignity Health, St. Mary Medical Center, Phone: 562-491-9000, Address: 1050 Linden Ave, Long Beach, CA 90813, Web Address: https://locations.dignityhealth.org/dignity-health-st-mary-medical-center-long-beach-ca

Parks and Recreation

  • Phone: 562-570-3100, Address: 2760 N Studebaker Rd, Long Beach, CA 90815, Web Address: http://www.longbeach.gov/park/park-and-facilities/directory/parks-recreation-and-marine-administration-offices/

Post Offices

  • Phone: 800-275-8777, Address: 300 Long Beach Boulevard, Long Beach, CA 90802, Web Address: https://tools.usps.com/go/POLocatorAction!input.action

Public Library

  • Phone: 562-570-7500, Address: 101 Pacific Avenue, Long Beach, CA 90802, Web address: http://www.lbpl.org/

Recycling Centers

  • Long Beach Refuge Collection, Phone: 562-570-2870, Address: 2929 E Willow St, Long Beach, CA 90806, Web Address: http://www.longbeach.gov/lbrecycles/refuse/curbside-collection/refuse-collection-101/

Emergency Contacts in Long Beach

Fire Department

  • Phone: 562-570-2500Address: 3205 Lakewood Boulevard, Long Beach, CA 90808, Web Address: http://www.longbeach.gov/fire/

Police Department

  • Police: 562-570-7260, Address: 400 W. Broadway, LB 90802, Web Address: http://www.longbeach.gov/police/


  • Phone: 562-570-2500Address: 3205 Lakewood Boulevard, Long Beach, CA 90808, Web Address: http://www.longbeach.gov/fire/

Long Beach Movers Reviews

67 total reviews
Local Moves, Long Beach
These guys were awesome, super fast, friendly, organized and delivered all my items in perfect condition..I would recommend them
Local Moves, Long Beach
Art and Dmitri were amazing today! They were prompt and showed up at the beginning of the arrival window, and had the greatest energy. I will definitely be calling them back for my next move!
Local Moves, from Long Beach to Altadena
When it comes to professionalism, no one compares with Royal: they know how to make your move a pure joy.
Local Moves, from Long Beach to Agoura Hills
Royal Moving co is the best solution for moving to another town: they take care of everything starting from package supplies and finishing by heavy-duty works.
Local Moves, from La Cañada Flintridge to Long Beach
Out of all Long Beach movers I worked with, Royal turned out to be the most efficient team. Your company deserves every star in the rating.
Local Moves, from Long Beach to Manhattan Beach
With the assistance of Movers in Manhattan Beach from Royal Moving company, I managed to move my entire office to another building in a few days. That saved my firm thousands of bucks.
Local Moves, from Redmond to Long Beach
The Long Beach movers from Royal organization were agreeable and quick, I'm content with their services.
Local Moves
I ordered help of Alhambra Movers to make my grandparents’ move simpler. Their help was priceless!
Local Moves, Long Beach
The Royal moving team arrived promptly and got right to work, providing me with a stress-free moving day.
Local Moves, from Long Beach to Beverly Hills
Worth every penny! Special thanks to Royal and crew for the organization ideas and elbow grease!

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