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We at Royal Moving Company are dedicated to helping our customers have a smooth and worry-free move to Beverly Hills every step of the way.

Among Beverly Hills movers, we are known for our clean, efficient service. Others out there may charge you cheap rates, but they can also cause you headaches, like damaged or lost belongings. And they may hit you with unexpected charges. There’s no need to worry when you hire safe, dependable Royal Moving Company. When you depart from Beverly Hills, just leave it to our expert Beverly Hills movers.

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Need help preparing for the move? We’ve got you covered. Sit back and let our team pack your belonging with gentle care. We will handle your property safely and securely and place everything aboard one of our modern vans. Even if you’re supplying the truck, we can help you pack and load all of your precious cargo. Then do the driving yourself, if you choose. We’re even available to meet you at your destination within California and do the unloading for you.

Call on Royal Moving Company make your move easy and hassle-free. We’re one of the top moving companies in Beverly Hills. That’s because we’ll go the extra distance for you. Call us, and forget all of your worries about packing, loading and getting your belongings to you destination safely. We are the Solution!

The city of Beverly Hills has long had a reputation for luxury, glamorous living and elegant homes. It’s also associated with the rich and famous, as it’s very likely you’ll see quite a few celebrities if you spend any time there. Perhaps it’s because Beverly Hills is flush with ritzy spas, lavish restaurants and world-famous fashion shops that so many famous people end up there. If you’re considering a move to Beverly Hills, there’s a few things you should consider.

First of all, because Beverly Hills is associate with the rich and famous, you may worry that living there is out of the question if you can’t afford to buy one of its luxurious houses. But don’t let this stop you; the majority of people living in Beverly Hills rent their homes. And if you are interested in purchasing a home there, the Beverly Hills housing market has been thriving for decades.Besides the flashy lifestyle opportunities, Beverly Hills is a nexus of art, culture, and wellness. The Wallis Annenberg Center for the Performing Arts offers a new season of music, theater and dance each year. Beverly Hills is also know for its annual celebrations of the Chinese New Year and Spring Festival. This has included Chinese acrobatics displays and full stage shows.

There are many services and organizations worth knowing about as a new resident of Beverly Hills. Here’s some information you’ll need to contact utility companies, community service associations, recreational facilities as well as state and local government.

You can also find contact information for fraternal organizations that will help you get better acquainted with others in Beverly Hills and the surrounding areas.

Utility Companies:

Cable TV – Comcast, (', 424) 224-5956, 368 N Camden Dr, Web address .
Electricity – SoCal Edison, (', 800) 655-4555 , 1721 22nd St, Web address .
Gas – SoCalGas, (', 877) 238-0092, 7171 Romaine St, Web address .
Phone – AT&T, (', 310) 246-0900, 9659 Santa Monica Blvd, Web address .

Community Services:

Animal Control Officer – (', 310) 285-1119, 455 N Rexford Dr, Web address .
Board of Health – (', 310) 285-1025 , 455 N Rexford Dr, Web address .
Department of Public Safety – (', 310) 285-1025 , 455 N Rexford Dr, Web address .
Department of Public Works – (', 310) 285-2467, 345 Foothill Rd, Web address .
Environmental Affairs – 455 N Rexford Dr, Web address .
Hospital – Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, (', 310) 423-3277, 8700 Beverly Blvd, Web address .
Internet Provider – Comcast, (', 424) 224-5956, 368 N Camden Dr, Web address .
Parks and Recreation – (', 310) 285-2537, 455 N Rexford Dr, Web address .
Post Offices – (', 800) 275-8777 , 325 N Maple, Web address .
Public Library – (', 310) 288-2220 , 444 N Rexford Dr, Web address .
Recycling Centers – (', 310) 285-2467, 455 N Rexford Dr, Web address .
Trash Removal – (', 310) 285-2467, 455 N Rexford Dr, Web address .
Water and Sewer – (', 310) 285-2467, 455 N Rexford Dr, Web address .

Emergency Numbers:

Fire Department – Business and Emergency Numbers – Business: (', 310) 550-4900 Emergency: (', 310) 281-2700, 445 N Rexford Dr, Web address .
Police Department – Business and Emergency Numbers – Business: (', 310) 550-4951 Emergency: (', 310) 550-4951, 464 N Rexford Dr, Web address .
Ambulance – (', 310) 281-2700, 445 N Rexford Dr, Web address .

Beverly Hills Movers Reviews

50 total reviews
Commercial, from Culver City to Beverly Hills
It was a great experience. Strong customer service. Arrived on time and was very careful with my stuff. I would definitely use them again! -
Local Moves, from Clyde Hill to Beverly Hills
After many years in the Army it was time for me to retire and heads up to FL. For all my previous move the army paid for it and I had mixed experiences, good one and moves that went not so well.After reading many good reviews and having my new neighbors highly recommending Royal Moving van Lines(They moved from Alabama to VA) I hired them.The estimated cost for moving 4 Bedroom house with packing was Guaranteed And not exceed. 4 Spanish speaking guys came and pack my entire house in 12 straight hours. Next day 2 large vans I think they were 26 feet long showed up and the movers loaded everything on it, I wanted fast delivery and the moment they finish loading they left to FL.After the delivery was done moving over a 23 000 lbs I had one small cheap piece of furniture damaged worth $10(you can not expect more from Ikea)Over all Martir,Vlad,Daniel and the rest of the movers did a Fantastic job, I would not have post this review if my move was nothing but flawless.I don't think i will be hiring another mover in my lifetime but anyone looking for long Distance movers from Washington DC and should give them a call.They are true professionals.
Local Moves, from Manhattan Beach to Beverly Hills
I would never have thought I would be leaving a positive review for a moving company - we have never had good experiences. From day one, this company has impressed me. Greg was so friendly during the initial call and was responsive to emails. They were flexible when we needed to change our dates. The move itself went as smooth as it possibly could have - we had more stuff than they had thought but the guys managed to do it all in one load. They were so careful with all of our things and spent extra time wrapping our furniture so nothing would be damaged. To say this team is hard working is a major understatement. We will definitely be using them again!
Local Moves, from Glendale to Beverly Hills
Local Moves, from Beverly Hills to Glendale
Local Moves, from Beverly Hills to Redondo Beach
These guys were cool and professional. They protected everything that was moved very carefully, they were on time and the customer service when setting everything up was clear and easy. I had plates and glasses put in boxes without any padding around them and nothing broke. None of my furniture was scratched and the price was reasonable and most important my back wasn't sore.
Local Moves, from Bel Air to Beverly Hills
We feel so lucky to have Royal Moving help us! They are very professional and polite. They arrived ten minutes earlier than scheduled, and kept moving very efficiently.
Local Moves, Beverly Hills
Local Moves, Beverly Hills
Local Moves, from Beverly Hills to Westwood
These guys were amazing I highly recommend them. They showed up on time and were professional. They are also reasonably priced.
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