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Located in Los Angeles, North Hollywood, or NoHo, is a true representation of the perfect neighborhood. Being such a popular location, one must wonder what makes North Hollywood the perfect LA neighborhood. It is a place that attracts both the residents and people who might be thinking of moving to a new home within the city. Being an area that is rich in arts and culture, entertainment forms the central theme of North Hollywood. If you are a resident in search of the perfect place to call home or a newcomer who is in the process of choosing the best neighborhood in LA, then North Hollywood will not disappoint you as it has a lot to offer. Royal Moving And Storage LA will gladly explain the city to you and help you move. We welcome you to the epitome of urban lifestyle with a pinch of artsy in North Hollywood.

Transportation and Accessibility are NoHo’s Strong Points

NoHo has several means of transport that enable easy movement within and around Greater Los Angeles. Before moving here with Los Angeles local movers, get to know NoHo’s public transport. Another important means of transportation that is available in North Hollywood is the Metro Red Line. Metro Red Line is a very essential means of transport for the working population and other residents of the area.  It is a subway line that passes through NoHo and links the area to other parts of Los Angeles city. This line offers a nifty way to get from their residential areas to the central business district and elsewhere. The Red Line has frequent train services and stations across NoHo and Los Angeles. It is also easily accessible, hence making it easy to move around the city and neighborhood. 

An empty subway train
The many public transport options make North Hollywood the perfect LA neighborhood.

Besides being serviced by the Metro Red Line, North Hollywood is well-located near major highways. Its proximity to said highways makes it easily accessible by car. It is located close to the 170 and 101 freeways, which allows for easy access to the other parts of the city and nearby areas. This means that one can easily commute to work or even go around the city in search of other things. Those who wish to move to NoHo without cars or would rather not drive are in luck. NoHo has an efficient bus and shuttle service. The local transportation in the North Hollywood neighborhood is served by the DASH North Hollywood route, which is operated by the Los Angeles Department of Transportation (LADOT). This service ensures people in NoHo get access to relevant points of interest such as shopping malls, parks, and more.

Housing Is One of the Things That Make North Hollywood the perfect LA Neighborhood

North Hollywood provides a great opportunity to rent an apartment, a townhouse, or a single-family house. These are the various housing types that are available to meet the different needs and trends of the people.

An apartment interior in North Hollywood, the perfect LA neighborhood
There are many different housing options in North Hollywood, making it versatile.
  • North Hollywood has numerous apartments for rent, and hence, it provides many convenient and low-maintenance homes. The site currently has 2,511 apartments to let in the region, thus enabling people to search for their ideal home. These apartments can be of different sizes and layouts, which allows them to meet the needs of different people.
  • Townhouses are also preferred by those who need more space and would like to have more privacy in North Hollywood. Zillow has 75 single-family rental listings in the neighborhood, ranging from options for individuals to families. They are usually multi-storied buildings with individual units, separate doors, and common facilities.
  • North Hollywood also features a variety of single-family homes, which gives a feeling of ownership and much more space. In the listings, Zillow has 75 homes for rent, which gives an individual an opportunity to rent a house of their choice.

As for the prices, North Hollywood has options for different categories of the population. The rents of the apartments, townhouses, and single houses depend on the location, size, and facilities provided. Movers North Hollywood relies on can help you relocate to NoHo with ease. In terms of new housing construction, North Hollywood is still a city in progress and keeps on developing. One must also point out that the neighborhood has been undergoing revitalization and redevelopment in the recent past.

North Hollywood Is Perfect for Art Lovers

North Hollywood is famous for its arts district, which is an area of concentration for artists and other individuals. In this district, there are over 20 live theaters that can be found featuring plays, musicals, and other experimental performances. Some of the acclaimed theatres are El Portal Theatre, Road Theatre Company, and Secret Rose Theatre. After you move here with apartment movers Los Angeles trusts, make sure to check these places out.

A view of Los Angeles in the sunset
North Hollywood is the perfect LA neighborhood due to its many entertainment and art opportunities.

Besides theaters, NoHo contains art galleries that showcase different kinds of visual art. Such events as the annual NoHo Arts Festival are held in the community; it is a festival of arts where artists, performers, and other residents come together. This festival features live music, dance, art, food, and fun for everyone in the family. It is a great chance to plunge you into the art environment of the district and recognize the gifted masters.

The Education Options Available Make North Hollywood the Perfect LA Neighborhood for Those With Children

In North Hollywood, there are several education opportunities and schools that cater to the diverse needs of the community. Before you move here with the help of furniture movers Los Angeles,  you should get to know all the opportunities. Here is an overview of the top-rated public and private schools in the area, as well as the presence of arts and performance academies and the availability of community programs and adult education classes.

A table with classroom material
For those who value education, North Hollywood is the perfect LA neighborhood to move to.
  • Known for its strong academic programs and extracurricular activities, North Hollywood Senior High School is a highly regarded public school in the area.
  • Oakwood Secondary School is a private school that offers a comprehensive curriculum and emphasizes individualized learning.
  • Lankershim Elementary School is a public school that focuses on providing a nurturing and inclusive learning environment for its students.

We mentioned North Hollywood’s vibrant arts scene and several academies that specialize in arts and performance education and make North Hollywood the Perfect LA Neighborhood. For example, Los Angeles County High School for the Arts is a prestigious public arts high school that offers programs in various disciplines, including dance, music, theater, and visual arts. On top of that, the Groundlings School is a renowned improvisational and sketch comedy school that has produced many successful actors and comedians. North Hollywood also offers a range of community programs and adult education classes to promote lifelong learning and personal development. These programs cater to various interests and skill levels.  Located nearby, Los Angeles Valley College provides a wide range of adult education classes and certificate programs for individuals looking to enhance their skills or pursue new career paths.

Shopping and Dining Await in North Hollywood

North Hollywood is one of the neighborhoods with good shopping and dining centers for the residents and visitors. Small local shops in malls such as the NoHo Arts District and the North Hollywood Fashion Center also present a variety of trendy stores for clothing, art, and other accessories. 

After you move to NoHo with a good company that offers moving services Los Angeles, you’ll surely be hungry. Luckily, North Hollywood is a true foodie’s paradise with a wide variety of restaurants. Some of the famous places include Bread & Breakfast, Seoul Bistro, Vui Ve, Thai SA!, The Great White Hut and Maki Noho restaurants offer Thai, Mexican, Italian, Japanese, and American food. 

Also, the neighborhood has farmer’s markets and local artisan shops offering fresh produce, homemade products, and hand-made products. These markets and shops are perfect for buying local goods and products from farmers and artisans, as well as for getting the best products. This shopping and dining place in North Hollywood is as diverse and lively as the community that patronizes it.

The Great Outdoors Make North Hollywood the Perfect LA Neighborhood

North Hollywood has various parks and outdoor recreation facilities where the residents and visitors can go. North Hollywood Park is the neighborhood’s well-known park with recreational areas, green zones, tracks for walking, and designated areas for picnicking. It also has sports fields and courts for outdoor activities. The North Hollywood Recreation Center provides facilities such as sports fields, an indoor gym, a playground, and a swimming pool. It is more specific to many interests like basketball, soccer, and swimming. That being said, get movers with a reputable packing service in Los Angeles to move your gear to NoHo.

person jogging in North Hollywood the perfect LA neighborhood
For those who want to stay active, North Hollywood is the perfect LA neighborhood.

Families can take advantage of the playground, which is available at North Hollywood Park, and have fun with their children. It has play facilities for children of different ages, hence making sure that nobody is left out when it comes to playing. Also, North Hollywood Park has rules that allow people with pets to take them out to play while adhering to the rules. In general, North Hollywood offers a variety of recreational areas that will be interesting for families with children, owners of pets, and other people who like to spend time in fresh air.

How Safe Is It in North Hollywood?

In North Hollywood, safety and community are the major concerns. The general crime rate of the neighborhood is comparatively low. However, it is always helpful to keep abreast with any new crime wave. The North Hollywood Police Department is an important component of the community policing system, whose main function is to enforce the law and protect the lives of residents. Neighborhood watch is enhanced through the organization of people in a given community to be alert and report any strange incidents. These initiatives help the residents to feel united. It also organizes several activities and sessions to educate the community about safety and healthy living. 

movers covering tv with plastic foil
With the right movers, even post relocation process is easier

Why Move to North Hollywood?

North Hollywood is an active area in Los Angeles that may be interesting for several reasons. NoHo’s neighborhoods are filled with theaters, galleries, and music venues, so the arts and entertainment are always alive. The neighborhood is also rich in dining facilities, which means that anyone can find something to his liking. It is well located in central Los Angeles. If you have a small business, you can even hire office movers Los Angeles is known for to help relocate it. Other parts of the city are also accessible by major roads and public transport, so commuting is easy. People can engage in outdoor activities in parks, fitness centers, and other related centers and hence lead healthy lives. 

Enjoy Your Life in LA’s North Hollywood

North Hollywood or NoHo has a rich artistic and entertainment offer, a diverse choice of restaurants, and good transportation accessibility and recreational facilities. These things are what make North Hollywood the perfect LA neighborhood. This place in the City of Angels is a perfect blend of city life, art, and a close-knit neighborhood. NoHo is a great place to live if you are searching for a location that offers comfort, inspiration, and people’s unity. It is cheap, on the rise, and has vibrant arts that make it a better option than some of the other areas in LA. This means that by choosing to live in NoHo, you can go out for arts, eat good food, participate in community events, and lead a happy life. Make NoHo your new home and explore the lively and friendly neighborhood.

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