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Perhaps you didn’t know but Inglewood is a city in California, located southwest of downtown LA. Since its settlement in 1873, it has been an extraordinary place. In the beginning, its development was tied to a poultry-raising center, and it has come a long way since then. Our professionals at Royal Moving & Storage Inc CA are not the only ones who will refer to this place as the City of Champions. This monicker dates back to 1932 when the Marathon Race in that year’s Olympic games passed through Inglewood, only to be set in stone when three Inglewood High School students were Olympic winners, each in different categories. Allow us to tell you more and help you experience Inglewood CA the right way!

What should you know about Inglewood CA?

Inglewood is often referred to as a separate city, or as a suburb of LA. It is home to about 108,000 residents, who enjoy the various fun things about the city. Our movers Inglewood CA can help you relocate here and even give you the general facts about the city, but you should dig deeper before moving. If you want to fully experience Inglewood CA, then you need to learn about its:

  • Cultural diversity
  • Numerous entertainment options
  • Accessibility

Cultural diversity

Everybody knows that LA is one of the most popular moving destinations in California and the USA in general. Many people flocking into one city will lead to cultural diversity – a mix that will bring many great things.

A woman researching how to experience Inglewood CA
There is much to learn about this city

Surprisingly, white people are the minority in the city, while Hispanics make up almost 50%, and African-American people make up 40%. These people come here from all around the world, each bringing a piece of their culture with them. This influences the arts and dining scene, which is one of the reasons why so many people hire our local movers Los Angeles to make this place home.

Numerous entertainment options

Inglewood is home to so many attractions, you will have things to do for up to a year after your move with our moving services Los Angeles providers. Even though a somewhat small suburb, Inglewood is home to two big sports venues – the SoFi stadium and the Los Angeles Clippers Arena. These venues are some of the most important global and national sports events, making every resident of Inglewood proud to be part of it.

If you are not a sports fan, then you might like to visit an important music venue, the Forum now known as Kia Forum. It is an important historic venue, that has hosted various iconic events over the years. There are also various events hosted yearly in Inglewood such as Inglewood Earth Day Festival and Inglewood Celebrates the Arts. Both of these community events celebrate the diversity of this city.

Picture of a city road
The easiest way to experience Inglewood CA is by using public transportation


Easy transportation and accessibility are crucial for a better everyday life in a new city. Even though Inglewood is only 11 miles away from downtown LA, an easy commute is a must. This is where the Metro Crenshaw/LAX Line shines, helping both tourists and locals travel around the city.

Take time to experience Inglewood CA and enjoy!

As you can see, there are plenty of things to experience in Inglewood CA. It is a rather small suburb, but it is lively. So, if you want to enjoy a small, conveniently located, and vibrant place, Inglewood is the right place for you!

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