Best LA neighborhoods for raising kids

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Are you planning on moving to LA? There are various housing options here, but what are the best LA neighborhoods for raising kids? When you think about this, you need to consider many things. When you have kids the main question is where are they going to attend school and the safety of the environment they are going to live in. But, before we get there, you need to consider hiring movers to come to this city. This is the best way to move because movers are professionals that know how to relocate people in a short amount of time, efficiently and stress free. One such company is Royal Moving Company. If you want to hire this is the company that has all you need. If you move on your own, be careful and research first!

Huntington Beach

Huntington Beach is a seaside city in Southern California. It is located in Orange County. On the west, the only thing you can find is the Pacific Ocean. It is known for its 8.5 miles long beaches. It attracts a lot of suffers from around the globe. Your kids will love this part of California because it offers so much fun, it is well connected with other parts of LA, and there are nearby schools everywhere. If you and your kids love the sea, this is the place to come and enjoy your life. Moving companies Huntington Beach can get you there quickly and safely.

Skate park on the beach
You can find a lot of fun in Huntington Beach


Brentwood is one of the best areas to settle down when you have children. In Brentwood, families also have access to great private schools like Brentwood School and The Archer School For Girls, as well as plenty of recreation opportunities at Topanga State Park. Home Price in this neighborhood is $1,628,579 median purchase price and $1,923 median monthly rent. We know that this is not cheap, but this neighborhood is 94% safer than other parts of LA. Along San Vicente Boulevard, you’ll find a lot of cuisines and trendy restaurants to satisfy your family’s appetite.

Santa Monica as one of the best LA neighborhoods for raising kids

This is certainly one of the best LA neighborhoods for raising kids. This neighborhood attracts a lot of tourists, it is one of the safest parts of LA and has a lot of private and public schools. Santa Monica is also known as a walkable and bike-friendly town. It is easy to get around and experience the haven of shops, spas, restaurants, and attractions like the Santa Monica Pier and Third Street Promenade.

Diamond Bar

Living in Diamond Bar offers residents a sparse suburban feel and residents in most cases own their homes. In Diamond Bar, there are a lot of parks and coffee shops. It is a nice place where traffic is not so big and it is connected well with the rest of LA. Diamond Bar is one of the best places to live in California. Many young professionals live here and they tend to be liberal. The public schools in Diamond Bar are highly rated. Movers Diamonds Bar are there for your relocation here.

Woman thinking what are the best LA neighborhoods for raising kids
Think carefully about which neighborhood you are going to live in

Santa Clarita

Santa Clarita is perhaps known as home to Six Flags Magic Mountain. This adrenaline rush amusement park attracts a lot of people. It is a little outside LA, so, coming to LA will take a little time. But, here you can find houses a little cheaper than in the rest of LA. It is a peaceful neighborhood and it will be easy to raise kids here. Moving here is not hard. All you have to do is hire one of the movers Santa Clarita CA, and enjoy the rest of the process.

Eagle Rock

This Los Angeles neighborhood can accommodate your family’s needs! This is a quiet residential area where people are friendly and help each other. There are great schools like Rockdale Visual & Performing Arts Magnet and Eagle Rock Elementary which your kids can attend. You can have a family picnic at Eagle Rock Recreation Center. Everybody will love this beautiful place. This is home to a variety of restaurants from old-school Italian joints to American cafes.

How to prepare your kids for moving

Moving can be stressful, especially for kids because they leave their birthplace and they live with their friends at school or kindergarten. After the move, kids must acclimate to a new school. They might find themselves lagging behind the rest of the kids in class. Many children worry about being “the new kid,” and because of that, it can be hard to make new friendships. That is why good schools are key to deciding which is the best LA neighborhood. How to Ensure a Smoother Transition:

  • Involve your child in as many decisions as you can – Speak with them about the moving
  • Make a treasure box – Have your child pack some of their favorite things into a colorful box they can keep with them during the move
  • Make a memory book – Numbers, photos, addresses, and e-mails of old friends
  • Throw a goodbye party – This will make them happy
  • Don’t wait to unpack in your new home – Take your kid’s stuff so they don’t get anxious
Prepare children for moving

How to decide where to move?

To decide which are the best LA neighborhoods for raising kids, you need to involve your whole family. Kids particularly. You want their opinion because they need to get used to their new environment. Don’t decide too fast. LA is full of good neighborhoods that are suitable for raising kids. You just need to find what is the best option for you. Schools are important so is safety! Do your research and put everything on paper. And also decide how much you are willing to spend on moving and renting or buying your new home. Not all neighborhoods cost the same amount of money. And when you decide, the best option is to hire movers. They are professionals that will make your moving easier.

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