Tips on finding the best schools in Oregon before moving

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Any relocation is a big project. There are many parts that you need to think about and consider and not all of them are planned at the same time. You need to have a list of priorities while you are planning so you can do it well. For example, the first step in the right direction is choosing a moving company. There is stuff like redecorating the new home that you can save for later. However, one of the most important things to do is to find a proper school for your kid. So, without further ado, let us help you with finding the best schools in Oregon. Look at the tips in this guide and you will gain insight into how to find the perfect school for your little one.

Ask your real estate agent about finding the best schools in Oregon

Real estate agents can be really useful when trying to find suitable housing before your relocation with interstate moving companies Portland begins. They know which houses will suit your needs the most and can try to adapt to your budget. However, that’s not the only reason to contact your real estate agent. People often forget that real estate agents know everything about a certain area. They know which restaurants are the best, where to go shopping, and last but not least, real estate agents usually know which schools are the best in the area. Chances are pretty small that you’re the first person to ask them about finding the best schools in Oregon.

Explain your preferences to your agent. Tell them if you prefer a private school over a public one. Also, make sure they know what’s an acceptable distance between school and home for you. That way they will know how to narrow down the search for a home that will suit your needs.

Children are sitting in a circle.
Real estate agents can play a big role in finding the best schools in Oregon.

Ask friends about finding the best schools in Oregon

Just like you would ask friends and family about moving labor Portland Oregon has to offer and check out their experiences, you should do the same with finding a school for your kids. If your friends or family living in Oregon are also parents or are friends with parents, they might have some useful tips for you. Hear them out and you’ll have a much better perspective of what to do. It is often suggested to value the advice of your friends when picking a moving company. Well, the same can be applied when finding the best schools in Oregon.

Do some online research by yourself

A lot of people stop at the first step. They ask their real estate agent or a family member and believe that’s enough. Of course, oftentimes it can be. However, if you have time and energy, you should go online and make sure your choice wasn’t a bad one. Of course, you shouldn’t just wander around aimlessly. The best thing to do is to visit National Center for Education Statistics and you will find data for each school district on that site. Once you see the test scores and information on programs, as well as reviews, you will have a far clearer picture.

Here are some of the main things you should pay attention to when finding the best schools in Oregon for your kid:

  • Is it a private or public school
  • Look into each school’s program for the year ahead
  • Is the school too crowded
  • Try to see average test scores if they are open to the public
  • Find out the school’s ranking on the state level

If your kid is supposed to enter a high school, you can ask about student exchange programs. Also, a big number of students love clubs and other after-school activities so you should find a school that will provide your child with that as well.

A kid is writting on a paper.
Don’t forget that quite a lot of private schools have certain criteria for entering so they might test your child.

Visit the schools

A lot of people forget that you can contact the school and ask for a tour. So, if you want to make sure your kid is entering a good school, just contact them and ask to see for yourself. A lot of schools will be happy to give you a tour. Once your relocation with best long distance movers is over, you can plan out which school you will visit first and which will be saved for later.

Try asking these questions to get a true image of the school:

  • What is the disciplinary policy in the school?
  • Does the school really pay attention to students’ progress while they are trying to reach grade-level standards?
  • Is free public transport available for the children?
  • Is there a parent organization that’s currently active?
  • Is technology used to support kids while they are learning at this school and how is it used?
  •  What extracurricular activities are there for the students to sample and choose?

Do not forget to discuss entrance requirements if you are visiting a private school. There are certain private schools that require different kinds of tests for a child to pass or that a child has to meet a certain score or level before acceptance.

A school bus is moving.
Asking the right questions can give you proper insight into every school’s way of functioning.

Asking the right questions can give you proper insight into every school’s way of functioning.

Don’t forget to plan ahead in the end

So, if you’ve done everything previously mentioned, you are almost finished with finding the best schools in Oregon for your kid. However, you should still keep in mind that you will be choosing your home based on how far away it is from the school. Not the other way around. So let us give you a few recommendations of good schools in Oregon:

  • Lake Oswego School District
  • West Linn-Wilsonville School District
  • Riverdale School District
  • Burnt River School
  • Sherwood School District

These are all some really good school recommendations you can try checking out after your move with Royal Moving Company is over. They have a good ranking and a lot of great reviews. Maybe one of those will be perfect for you and maybe you just need more time to do your research. Whatever the case, finding the best schools in Oregon takes time so don’t worry and to make any decision before you are sure about it.

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