Things you didn’t know about Oregon City

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Oregon can be said to be a state for everyone. This state can offer everything a person needs for a decent and comfortable life. Good job, a good salary, lots of housing options, beautiful nature, and a lot of fun. So, what else do you need? But the main question is, where to live in Oregon? If you are planning a move to this great state, then we at Royal Moving & Storage Inc can help you with that. But we will also help you choose your new place to live. So, today we will introduce you to Oregon City, a city that is as fantastic a choice as its state. So, keep reading and discover everything you don’t know about Oregon City.

Why is Oregon City so special?

Oregon City is a city located in the state of Oregon and is the seat of Clackamas County. According to data from Oregon Demographics, this city has a population of 37,160. In addition to being one of the most beautiful places in Oregon by nature, this city is also known for its beautiful landscapes, numerous opportunities for outdoor entertainment and recreation, and for the beautiful Willamette River.

Also, it’s important to note that Oregon City is known as one of the largest shopping areas. Other things that make this city famous are fun opportunities, numerous business enterprises, a large number of historical and cultural attractions as well as several excellent museums.

Oregon City
Oregon City is one of the most beautiful places in Oregon state.

We said that in this story we will reveal to you many things that you may not have known about our city. Here’s one. Did you know that this place was the first capital of the state of Oregon? Yes, this city was the capital of Oregon, and today it’s Salem. But regardless, Oregon is a state you will really enjoy. You can start your fun with a visit to the deep Carter Lake, then continue it with a walk to Mount Hood. This route is a paradise for nature lovers. And also, if this state will be your final choice, be free to contact reputable movers in Oregon City. They are happy to welcome you here!

Things you didn’t know about Oregon City

If we were to make a list of things that make Oregon City famous, special, and a nice place to live, then the list would be endless. Oregon City is a city located near Portland. You must have heard of Portland, but regardless, this city is also a fantastic choice. So, before you call movers in Portland Oregon, take a look at some of the interesting things you probably didn’t know about Oregon City.

  • Oregon City is located between two rivers
  • From a paper factory to an important cultural center
  • The most affordable place to live in the suburbs of Portland

When moving you need to consider all options. And also, keep in mind that any information and even fun facts can be very useful when getting to know a new place to live. Because the more information you get, the easier it’s to make a final decision.

Surely you didn’t know that Oregon City is located between two rivers?

Did we mention at the beginning that one of the most beautiful features of this city is the Willamette River? Well, there is another river that is just as beautiful as the Willamette River. The Clackamas River is another river that is also on the border of this city.

And do you know that the Native Americans lived on the banks of this river 10,000 years ago and that today the same place is a prime agricultural area? And one of the most beautiful places on the banks of the Clackamas River is Carver Park, and it’s an ideal place where you can enjoy boating or fishing.

Portland, place near Oregon City
Portland is another great place to live in Oregon, and it’s located near Oregon City.

Did you know that this place was originally a paper mill?

Oregon City is a city that could have been forgotten. The Blue Heron paper factory, which was founded in 1829, was located on the territory of this city, but it was closed in 2011. Then it seemed that Oregon City would finally come alive and become one of the great places in Oregon. In 2018, Oregon City became a center where many new businesses, shops, restaurants, etc. were opened.

And then in 2018, this city gets the Great American Main Street award. This is the biggest national award for the construction of a center that preserves history but also contributes to the economy of the city. So if you’re searching for business opportunities in the area, you can also consider reaching out to Portland.

Did you know that this city is one of the most affordable places to live?

You can often hear that Oregon is a really expensive state to live in. But, as our local movers from Portland can tell you, Oregon City is one of the best places to live, but also the most affordable. What you didn’t know is that the average price of real estate according to NICHE data, is average $411,500. And according to data from, the total cost of living is about 132.5 compared to the index 100 of the national average.

Family getting to know Oregon City
One of the best things to know about Oregon City is that it’s a great place for families!

Think, the final choice is yours!

What you can conclude is that Oregon City is a fantastic city for all generations. But in addition, it’s one of the most affordable places to live in Oregon. And if this city is your choice, consider using moving services Portland. Because they can be of great use to you during your move. Until now, you have had the opportunity to see some of the interesting facts that you certainly didn’t know about Oregon City until now. And, what we advise you now is to consider the other possibilities that this city offers you. Because maybe this is the ideal place for you and your family.


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