How to hold a successful moving sale in Portland

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One of the best things about relocating is that you can get rid of the things you are no longer in need of. A lot of people find it hard to get rid of some items and they have no reason to. But when you hold a successful moving sale, you have the perfect excuse and the reason to get rid of that stuff. Of course, there are options for donating, throwing away, and recycling. But what if you can do all of that and earn some money? If you are interested, check this simple guide on how to hold a successful moving sale in Portland and prepare for the relocation. Plus, you can use that money from a sale to get more services from Royal Moving Company.

How to hold a successful moving sale?

Hosting a sale is more than just arranging your stuff on your front lawn and placing the tag prices. There are a few benefits of this sale than just learning some extra money. You will have less stuff to load in a moving truck, and fewer items t pack, which means faster packing and relocating. There are a few tips on how to arrange everything to go smoothly and have easier relocation with the best local movers Portland has.

woman buying books
Be well prepared before organizing a moving sale in Portland

Start with checking with the local authorities

If you want to hold a moving sale in Portland, the first thing you must do is to check if you need some special permission. Also, see if there are some rules and regulations that you must respect and be aware of. You might also want to check if you need permission, and how long it takes to get one. If it will take more than 3 weeks, this means that you will have plenty of time to organize a relocation with residential movers Portland Oregon.

Choose the time and date

Once you got your permission, you can set the time and date. The best days to organize and have a successful moving sale is on weekends. Saturday is the perfect day for this. People are out of the offices and they are taking a walk near the neighborhood. Do not forget to see a weather forecast and see if there will be rain. If it is supposed to rain that day, it is better for you to reschedule it. Start in the morning and have all day planned for this. If you have kids around the house or neighborhood, you can give them the task of selling lemonade or just offering ones for free. This will attract more people and they are more likely to buy something when they are in a good mood.

boy sitting after you hold a successful moving sale
Do not forget to check the weather forecast before organizing a date for sale.

To hold a successful moving sale, you must make an inventory

Imagine you are selling your items like in a real store. You must be aware of what items you are offering and how many of them you have. This is important because you would like to keep a track of items. If you separate the items that you want to hold and the ones you want to sell, make sure they are on the list. When the sale comes, you will have everything under control. Plus, with separate items that need to be packed, you can be sure to contact packing services Portland has and tell the company the number of items you have for packing.

It is all in advertising

If you get creative you will be able to attract more people to this sale with good advertised. You can print flyers, and ask for stores in your neighborhood to hang them on the window. The better and the more word you get the bigger crowd will attend. Always have in your mind that even if someone was not planning to come and buy something after he sees the crowd, he would be interested also.

Setting up the prices

To hold a successful moving sale you need to have good prices. Make sure that you do not set prices too high. High prices for a moving sale can make you have fewer buyers. The best thing you can do is to check some other moving sales in Portland and see how people have listed their items and prices. This is the best indicator of how much money should some item be worth. You might also write the prices nice and large so that people will see and understand them.

Think about offering bulk deals. If you, for example, offer one book for 1 dollar, you can make an offer of 3 books for 2 dollars. It will make people think that they are getting more for less money.

Being well organized is one of the ways to hold a successful moving sale in Portland

It does not mean that it must look like a professional sale. It just means that some items should be held together. You can either separate the items by the price or by their purpose. For example, you can keep stuff that is used in the kitchen on one side of the yard and the things that are used in the bathroom on the other side of the yard. Make sure that everything is clean and place a lot of smaller tables with offers and items. People will have a better look at the items.

To hold a successful moving sale you must place your items to be visible

To hold a successful moving sale in Portland is not so hard. You must think smart. You need to hold a moving sale just the way you like it. If you have seen some moving sales and you liked that organization, you can try it in your yard. Just be careful about people stealing. But if you have trust in your neighborhood and in the people around you, stealing is not an option. Good luck and get ready to earn some money while preparing for the relocation.

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