The Best Portland Suburbs in a Nutshell

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Whenever it comes to moving, it’s super important to make sure you are well-informed, especially if you are moving to a completely new area. Portland has become a very popular place for a living in the past few years. It became a busy city with a lot of things to do. However, before hiring reliable Royal Moving & Storage Inc OR as your moving company, you should check all the best Portland suburbs have to offer. We are sure you will find the one that best fits your needs.

A Little More About Portland

Portland is a port city and the largest one in the state of Oregon. It has almost 650,000 residents. After the 2000′, Portland and the best Portland suburbs experienced significant growth. The city is popular with young people. After Louisville, it became one of the cities that attracted and kept the most college-educated people in the United States. No wonder people have said that Portland is one of the best places to live in the U.S. This is especially true if you want to live in a city known for caring about the environment and having a moderate climate. Also, it is full of people who tend to go about their days slowly and have many outdoor activities opportunities. The most common names for Portland are “Rose City” or “The city of Roses”.

Best Portland suburbs
Portland is considered one of the best places to live in the United States.

Portland is a beautiful city, without a doubt. The streets are lined with trees, and the city is surrounded by one of the country’s largest urban forests. However, we have made a list of some of the best Portland suburbs to make your decision to move a little bit easier.


Beaverton is located seven miles west of Portland. It is the second-largest city in Washington County and the sixth-largest city in the state of Oregon. Beaverton used to be a farming town as it’s pretty big. Today, it is quickly becoming one of the most popular places to live in Portland. It is home to almost 98,000 people. As per, Beaverton is one of the best places to live in Oregon. It is known for having a warm, family-like atmosphere which is why it’s considered to be good for families with children. It is good to know that public schools are highly rated. This city is a major hub for big businesses, such as Nike’s world headquarters. Therefore, there are also a lot of high-paying tech jobs in Beaverton. So, if Beaverton is your new dream living destination, make sure to hire the best movers Beaverton OR has.


With a population of 105,000 residents, Hillsboro is the fifth-largest city in the state of Oregon. It is about 20 minutes from downtown Portland. It has a variety of housing options that are surrounded by beautiful green scenery. According to, it is the second most diverse suburb in Oregon. The city is next to Beaverton, which is also a good Portland suburb that we mentioned above. You should definitely find the right movers Hillsboro OR offers if you choose these suburbs for a living. The other three sides of Hillsboro all lead straight to nature, with wetlands, forests, parks, and lots of that famously fresh Oregon air. The Oregon Coast is only 45 minutes away, another great thing about Hillsboro’s location. It is a great place for a day trip or a weekend getaway, as it has miles of beach, some great breweries, and the Tillamook cheese factory.

Oregon coast
On the Oregon coast, you can enjoy amazing sunsets.

Lake Oswego

Lake Oswego is definitely something special and one of the best Portland suburbs. It was a vacation spot for many years, but now it is mostly a residential area with big houses on big lots. Lake Oswego is a great place to live if you want to live in a beautiful and quiet Portland suburb. People living here care about the community, which shows through great events, such as the Lake Oswego Farmer’s Market, the 4th of July celebration, and the annual lighting of the Christmas tree. It is located in Clackamas County and is considered the second-best place to live in the area. It has a population of 40,000 residents, and 70 percent own their homes. If you have children, it’s important to know that placed Lase Oswego first with the best public schools in Oregon!


Tigard is located 10 miles southwest of downtown Portland and takes 20 minutes of drive to this place. It is home to almost 55,000 people, and as per, it is in the top 20 best Portland suburbs to live in in Oregon. Most of the residents own their homes. Tigard and the Summerlake area can offer a little bit of everything. It has many stores, places to eat and drink, and places to walk. The City of Tigard has almost 550 acres of parks, greenways, and natural areas, making it one of the greenest places in this area. Cook Park is the largest park in Tigard. It has 79 acres of outdoor activities and is right on the river. It is no wonder that in Tigard, you’ll see a lot of active people. Riding bikes, hiking, or walking.

Beautiful park in best Portland suburbs
Living in one of these suburbs will allow you to enjoy nature in a way you haven’t before.


Located only 16 miles from Portland, Gresham is home to around 117,000 people. This great town has grown quickly in recent years. Gresham has a diverse population made up of people who have lived there for a long time, families, young professionals, and growing immigrant communities. Living here will give you easy access to great hiking trails, skiing, windsurfing, and biking. Mountain Hood and the Columbia River Gorge are just a short drive away. Closessnes of Oregon’s biggest city, Portland, and its amenities, probably make moving here a pretty good idea. Once you decide, look for reliable moving companies Gresham residents trust to help you move.

West Linn

With a population of 27,000, West Linn is considered a smaller suburb. It is located in Clackamas County and is considered the number 1 place to live. This is according to Almost 85% of the residents own their own homes! West Linn has some of the best homes with views of Mountain Hood and the Willamette River. The suburb has 600 acres of well-kept parks where people can hike, bike, and go boating. West Linn is a quiet town known for its strong public schools and high school sports teams. Taking this into consideration, there is no doubt West Linn is a great choice for families with children.

Mount Hood
Views of Mountain Hood are truly exquisite in West Linn.

Happy Valley

A little more than ten years ago, most of Happy Valley was farmland. It was created in 1965, but it didn’t grow much until the ’90s. Now, the area is full of new buildings. It is one of the fastest-growing cities in Oregon. It is on the Eastside, southeast of Portland, and it takes about 30 minutes by car to get to downtown Portland. Living here will give you a chance to enjoy nature while you are still close to the big city. The suburbs offer the chance for outdoor activities in Mount Talbert Nature Park, the Clackamas River, and Happy Valley Park. Around 23,000 people are living here, and 85% of the residents own their houses.

Oregon City

Oregon City is not very big, but it has a charming feel that keeps people coming back year after year. In the early 1800s, Oregon City was a very small town that grew slowly over the course of its first 100 years. And even though growth has been slow, the population is still slowly growing every year with the help of movers Oregon City relies on. At the moment, there are about 37,000 people living in Oregon City. The average age of people in the area is 38, and it is a safe place to raise a family or retire. Crime rates are much lower than the national average, with total crimes of 20 per 1,000 people. Also, public schools are above average, according to

Boys riding bicycle
Oregon City is considered really safe place where you can raise your children with a sense of ease.


Sherwood is about 30 minutes south of Portland and is home to about 17,000 people. In 1853, farmers moved into the area, which was first called Smockville. At first, the city was a center for making bricks in a nine-block area that is now called “Old Town.” In 1891, the name was changed to Sherwood. This city is known for its natural beauty, greenways, and horse stables. Old Town is the heart of the city, and the farmers’ market is open for most of the year. Old Town also has several festivals throughout the year. One of these is a Robin Hood festival that happens every year. In Old Town, you can also find a school for performing arts, antique shops, boutiques, and restaurants like Mason and Clancy’s. It has beautiful parks like Stella Olsen Memorial Park and Snyder Park.


Milwaukie is hard to find because it is tucked away next to the inner southeast of Portland. It is the home of 21,000 people. From Milwaukie, it will only take 13–15 minutes to get to Downtown Portland. But living in Milwaukie has its cool downtown vibe with independent small shops, restaurants, coffee shops, and bars. Some parts of Milwaukie in Portland are right next to the Willamette River and Kellogg Creek, making it a green place. It’s very safe, and there are parks everywhere. For all of this, this suburb became attractive to young professionals. This is why it’s listed number 4 Best suburb for young professionals in Oregon, as per

Young woman on a laptop
Because of everything it offers, Milwaukie became attractive to young people and professionals.


This suburb is home to almost 28,000 people. Tualatin was built around the railroad in the early 1900s. A lot of young professionals are moving to this area because it’s affordable and because it’s right next to Interstate 5. This makes it easy to go north or south. On a bad day, it might take 30 to 45 minutes to get to Portland. Even on a bad day, you can usually get to downtown Portland in 20 to 25 minutes. It has a 3-acre lake that was made by people. It’s not a swimming lake, but shops, restaurants, bars, and taphouse brewpubs are all around it. So, Tualatin has a lot going on. Schools are considered above average, which is really important if you have kids.

Wood Village

Wood Village is 12 miles east of Portland. It is located along I-84 in the Columbia River Gorge, between Troutdale Fairview and Gresham. During World War II, the community was built quickly as a one-square-mile planned community in 1942. It was built to house workers at the Reynolds aluminum factory. Today, around 4,500 people live in the city. The city is proud of its small-town feel, even though it has many big-city conveniences. The Wood Village Community Garden is a popular city amenity, and its gardening space is often full. The most beautiful thing in Donald L. Robertson Park. The park has the usual playground safety features, as well as a nature trail and an area with wetlands. The park’s event space is free to use for private groups of less than 100 people.

Girl in the garden
Gardening is an amenity everyone enjoys in Wood Village, one of the best Portland suburbs.

Those Were the Best Portland Suburbs

Moving to a new area can be challenging, but good research will make your decision easier. Portland and its suburbs are definitely a good choice, as they can offer you everything you need, from small-town feelings to big-town amenities. The only thing left for you to do is to find the one that is right for you. We hope this article on the best Portland suburbs gave you some clarity or a new idea of suburbs you should reconsider before you decide on your relocation.



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