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When you decide to move to Portland, whether for a job relocation or with your family, you need to consider a lot of things. First of all, you need to know what Portland cities to take into account when moving. It all depends on the reasons for your relocation and your personal preferences. However, there are some Portland places that are diverse, and they offer you everything you need. Of course, when you find a place, you need to hire reliable movers, such as Royal Moving Company, who will help you with your relocation. If you still can’t decide, don’t worry, you are at the right place. We will help you to find out what Portland cities to have in mind when moving. You just need to keep reading.

What are the reasons for moving to Portland?

There are many reasons for which people decide to move to Portland, even if they don’t know what Portland cities to take into account when moving. First of all, this is one of the most nature-friendly places in the world, and that is a significant advantage when you choose to relocate long-distance. In addition to that, there are many places for outdoor activities and recreation, so people lead a healthy lifestyle. There are some of the best long distance moving companies Portland Oregon who are ready to assist you at any time. You just need to make up your mind, because there is also great music and art scene, in addition to extraordinary food.

Portland sign
There are some great Portland cities to take into account when moving

When you decide to live in Portland, living expenses are among the most crucial factors to consider. In contrast to other cities with greater costs of living, you’ll be relieved to learn that the city has a relatively reasonable cost of living. As a result, this fact is appealing to those on a tight budget or those who have recently relocated from a location with higher rent expenses. The average monthly cost of living in Portland is $1,056.47 for a single person. If you want to live in Los Angeles, for example, you will have to pay as twice as much. So, check out some of the great places in Portland to live in:

  • Beaverton,
  • Arlington Heights,
  • Richmond.

Is moving business to Portland a good idea?

If you are planning a commercial move to Portland in addition to the residential one, you won’t be disappointed. Oregon in general has a great economy, which is also in expansion. Portland is one of the business centers of Oregon, so it is very convenient for starting or moving business there. It has high employment rates and diverse business areas, where everyone can find something for themselves. If you work in IT, it is time to call commercial movers Portland, because this market is booming in Portland. You will also have a lot of opportunities if you want to work in a brewery because there are more than 70 of them.

One of the Portland cities to take into account when moving is Beaverton

Depending on the reasons for your relocation, Beaverton can be just the place for you. There are not many big businesses located in this area, if the job is the reason for your relocation. However, the downtown of Portland is so close, that it doesn’t make a difference at all. Eight kilometers and you are there. The costs of living in Beaverton are very decent. That is why you should look for movers Beaverton OR to help you with your relocation. Beaverton residents make an annual average salary of $30K, which is quite close to the $28K national average. Compared to the US average of $53K, the typical household cost in Beaverton is $57K annually.

Coast and the sea
Portland cities to take into account when moving have beautiful nature

Food in Beaverton is also amazing. The Portland region consistently receives top marks for diversity, quality, and affordability in rankings of the greatest cuisine cities in America. Beaverton is not an exception. The best restaurants in the city provide food from Puerto Rico, China, Japan, Mexico, India, and Korea. In addition to great food, if you are moving with your family, you can do it in peace, because there are great schools.

Living in Arlington Heights

Arlington Heights is an ideal place to move with your family, or for older people, when they retire. Of course, this doesn’t mean there aren’t younger residents there. However, this is a very peaceful part of Portland. There are almost no places for work, this is just a residential area. So, people are usually traveling to Portland to work. Even though it is a suburban place, Arlington Heights has a somewhat higher standard of living. For example, the median home price is $900,769, while the median rent is $1,214. However, when we have in mind that the median household income is $161,610, the cost of living doesn’t seem that high.

A house with green grass in front
Arlington Heights is a residential area

Accessibility to playgrounds, parks, childcare facilities, and preschools is crucial for families with children. Arlington Heights has a few playgrounds and parks, where families may have a relaxing picnic in the shade or take the kids for a weekend walk along the route. Being close to a quality childcare facility is crucial, especially if both parents work full-time.

Life in another one of Portland cities to take into account when moving-Richmond

If you want a place that is not so peaceful as Arlington Heights, Richmond is for you. The area is home to unique art galleries, mouthwatering restaurants, retro shops, and more. People congregate there to chill out with friends or to go shopping for the day. The commotion fosters an autonomous and distinctive attitude where you may locate vibrant properties.

Decide which part of Portland is the best for you

As you can see, there are some very different Portland cities to take into account when moving. We have already said that it depends on your personal opinion and the reasons of your relocation. Whatever you need, you won’t have a problem finding it. Do your research, hire some of the best moving companies in Portland and start the process of your relocation. You won’t regret it, that is for sure.

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