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Moving can be hard, and we all know that. And it can be challenging to move your business elsewhere. Moving your business to Beaverton must be planned perfectly! It is your business and you want to continue working soon as possible. The best way is definitely by hiring movers. They are professionals that know how to move you from one place to another in a short time. For your business relocation, you need movers like Royal Moving Company. They are the kind of movers you need. High-quality movers! If you decide to go on your own, there are tips to follow. You want your things safe and moved quickly. For that, you need to continue reading and learn about moving your business.

Start planning early

You have to start the planning process early. Otherwise, you may find yourself scrambling at the last minute, and nobody wants to be in the office all night and day throwing staplers in a box or trying to figure out how to pack dozen massive printers and get them ready for transport. You’ll also want to have a plan in place for where things will go when you arrive at your new working space. You need to have all that planned. You want to start soon as possible. Commercial movers Portland are there if you need any questions answered about office relocation.

Plan your relocation carefully

Assign everyone the task of packing up their desk

When moving your business to Beaverton, this can be a smart idea. Even if you have a moving company to take care of the big stuff, organize everybody in the office to pack their desk. Tell your stuff when they need to finish packing so all of you don’t get in a situation where you start arguing and yelling at each other. Don’t make moving more stressful. You may need to give your team a couple of hours off on the day before the move to get their desks in order. Movers Beaverton will provide packing supplies if you don’t find what you need when relocating.

Delegate to your employees to pack their desk

Don’t forget IT

The biggest complication inherent in moving to a new office space is disconnecting and reconnecting all of your techs. Your IT department must be involved and they need to draft a plan for transferring all of your office’s technical equipment. This includes servers, computers, phones, and your data and internet plans.  If there are pieces of equipment that you want to get rid of, set up a plan for recycling or donating them. Long distance moving companies Portland Oregon will provide safe transport of your IT equipment.

Be diligent about labeling your boxes

Labeling boxes is important in every move. You need to know what is inside, so you know where to dispatch boxes when you get there. Cables are a real challenge. Office with computer, printers, telephones requires a lot of cables. If you and your IT department aren’t sure what goes where label the cables! For maximum efficiency, label each box with a number and location, and keep a corresponding spreadsheet that lists each box number and the items that are inside.

Label the boxes!

Make sure everything will fit

While you may intend to bring that massive breakroom fridge with you, it is possible that it won’t fit. Your new breakroom might not be as big as your last breakroom. The best thing is to measure everything! If your refrigerator can’t get into your breakroom sell it! This way you will avoid unnecessary expenses when relocating. And you will also earn some money. This applies to things like your conference room tables, large electrical equipment, and anything else that requires a lot of space.

Get a handle on building rules

Unless your company owns the building you are moving out of or into, you will need to get a full breakdown of all building rules when you need to arrive. It may be that you are only allowed to move during non-business hours. For moving your business to Beaverton, you will need to make a special request. Moving your business during non-business hours can be a little challenging because you can’t make noise. You must respect resting hours in the building. Maybe it is not just a business building. Maybe people are living on some floors.

Research to find the best moving company

We mentioned that the best thing to do is to hire movers when relocating. They are professionals at their business! And the only way to ensure that you get high-quality service is by hiring reputable movers! It’s not hard to find them if you know where to search and how to decide who is the best for you. This is how you decide how to choose the right mover:

  • A moving inventory is a must – A reputable moving company will take inventory of all your belongings
  • 3 different moving quotes – Ask for at least 3 moving quotes before you decide
  • They don’t request a big deposit – If somebody asks for a big deposit, it is a possible red flag
  • Avoid moving companies with a name switch – If they change name often something is not all right
  • Get a reference for a mover – Reference is maybe the most important thing. If people are satisfied, you know how is reputable
  • Avoid a blank moving contract – Never sign anything blank. It can be a disaster for your wallet!

Moving can be less stressful

Moving your business to Beaverton doesn’t have to be that stressful. It can go easy if you follow the rules of moving your office that we wrote about. Don’t panic when moving and packing your office. Delegate activities to employees. It will be easier on you. When it comes to finding reputable movers, you must do this right. You don’t want rogue movers! They will take a lot of money from your pocket, and there is a possibility that they won’t move you at all. They will just take the money if you pay everything upfront.

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