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Moving from one place to another brings many changes. Not just the change of location, but also a change in culture, climate, livability, crime rate, etc. If you decide on moving from Portland to the East coast, you are making a huge change. Change can make you feel exhausted, stressed, joyful, happy, etc. However, getting to know where you are moving to might make you adapt better and faster. Therefore, Royal Moving Company helps you get to know the east coast by comparing living in Portland and living on the East coast!

Living in Portland

Before you hire interstate moving companies Portland, it’s best to learn the differences between Portland and East Coast. Portland is the biggest city in Multnomah County, Oregon. Small parts of Portland are in Clackamas and Washington Counties. Portland was founded in 1845 and now has around 650 000 residents. Since Portland is only 60 miles from the Pacific Ocean, it has a Mediterranean climate. That means the winters are cool and rainy, and summers are hot and dry. Winter, fall, and spring are usually rainy, with constantly changing weather. Summers are always hot with no rain. Portland has amazing nature- beautiful mountains Mt. Hood, Mt. St. Helens, and Mt. Adams. The Willamette River flows through Portland and divides different parts of Portland. There is North Portland, Southwest and Northwest Portland, and Northeast and Southeast Portland.

A big blue house
High housing prices – one of the things to expect from living in Portland.

Livability in Portland

One of the most important things to look into before moving from Portland to the East coast is livability. Living in Portland can be expensive, especially housing. Housing prices go up to 1.5 times more expensive than average in the USA. Groceries, transportation, and utilities are a bit more expensive than average national prices. Portland also has high crime rates. One in every 8. residents was a victim of some type of crime in Portland. Unfortunately, most crimes are violent. As for employment, Portland has an unemployment rate of 5,5%. However, the poverty level is 17%, much higher than the national average. One good thing is that the income per person is higher than average in the USA and Oregon. It’s around 35 000 $ per year.

As for education, there is a good ratio of students and teachers. However, the average grade is 50%, which is way lower than in other cities. Portland has 171. public and 88. private schools, which is more than enough for a town of its size.

Living on East Coast

The biggest cities on the East Coast are also the capitals of already mentioned states. The biggest cities are Washington, D.C., Richmond, Virginia Beach, Raleigh, Charlotte, Atlanta, Jacksonville, Orlando, Tampa, Boston, Providence, New York, Miami, etc. If you plan on moving here, before using moving labor Portland Oregon, it’s best to compare these cities with Portland. As for climate. East Coast has three different climate regions. For example – Maine and New York have warm summers and rainy/cool winters. On the other hand, North Carolina has hot summers and freezing winters. Virginia and Florida have hot and rainy summers and mild and dry winters. The climate depends from state to state due to their different geology.

A few dollar bills
Moving from Portland to East Cost might be challenging economically.

Moving to smaller cities on the East Coast

As for livability, it also depends from city to city. Bigger cities have higher living costs. It’s more expensive to live in New York than in Tampa. Some states have higher living costs than others. For example, living in Florida is pricier than living in Maryland. Some of the best cities regarding affordable livability are Raleigh, Dover, Clemmons, Reading, Springfield, etc. Dover is a city in Delaware. It has affordable livability, and only the grocery prices are a bit expensive. Housing prices are very affordable. It does not have a high unemployment rate, since 4,5% is pretty average, but it has a poverty rate of 20%, which is high.

Clemmons is also in North Carolina. It has a great educational system and a low crime rate. The unemployment rate is 2,5%, and the poverty rate is only 9%. Costs of living are more than affordable, and housing prices are not higher than the national average prices. If you opt for long distance moving, relocating here is a great idea. Springfield is a town in Massachusetts. It has affordable housing and grocery prices. However, utilities are 1,5 more expensive than in other cities. However, it has a high unemployment rate of 7%. The poverty rate is also high, around 30%. It’s also not one of the safest cities to live in.

Living in bigger cities on the East Coast

Raleigh is a city in North Carolina. Its monthly expenses are below average, and housing prices are more expensive than average prices. It has an unemployment rate of 4% and a poverty rate of 14%. In comparison to Portland, it’s a much safer area. However, its educational system is similar to that in Portland. New York has high living costs. Housing prices are double the average prices. Transportation, utilities, and groceries are also very expensive. New York has a good unemployment rate- of 5,5% but has a high poverty rate of 20%. Some parts of the city are safer than others. For example – the Bronx is the most unsafe part of New York.

A view of New York
New York City is one of the most expensive cities in the USA.

Moving from Portland to the East coast- conclusion

To sum it up, moving from Portland to East Coast is a new experience. Living on the East Coast has its ups and downs. Some cities are more expensive, and some are less expensive. Some cities are safe, while others are not. Expense, crime rate, unemployment rate, and poverty depend on the city you choose. Some cities like New York City are great to visit but are not so great to live in. Whichever city you choose, make sure to look into it before moving. We wish you a nice move. Welcome to the East Coast!

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