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You’re thinking about moving to Portland? That’s a big decision to make, and it’s important that you know all the facts before the move. While Portland and Oregon City are in the same state, they are very different in many aspects. From the cost of living to crime rates and the job market, moving from Oregon City to Portland will bring a lot of changes to your life. To make the transition easier, make sure to hire reliable movers from Royal Moving Company. But before that, check out our list of differences you can expect when you relocate to Portland from Oregon City.

Moving from Oregon City to Portland – here’s what to expect

Living in Oregon City differs significantly from living in Portland. Because of that, it’s important to do your research on all the differences between these two cities before deciding to hire movers Oregon City offers. Making the decision to move across the state should not be made in a hurry, and it’s important to know what to expect after the move. The main differences between Portland and Oregon City are:

  • Portland is more expensive
  • crime rates are higher in Portland
  • Portland is walkable and bikeable
  • the job market in Portland is great, but it’s competitive
While it has its downsides, Portland is one of the most beautiful Oregon cities.

Portland is slightly more expensive than Oregon City

If you want to move from Oregon City in search of a more affordable place to live, Portland might not be the ideal choice. The cost of living in Portland is 24% higher than the national average, and around 12% higher than in Oregon City. Think about that before you call up cross-state moving companies Portland offers. Similarly to the cost of living, housing prices are also higher in Portland. Compared to the median home price in Oregon City which is around $269,000, the average housing price in Portland is 319,000. On the other hand, rent prices in both cities are similar and differ only about $30 from one place to another. The average rent in Portland is $1,025, while in Oregon City you’d have to set aside $1,053 on your monthly rent on average.

The crime rates in Portland are higher than in Oregon City

One of the biggest downsides of living in Portland are the higher-than-average crime rates. As opposed to the crime rates in Oregon City which are 20% lower than the national average, and 37% lower than the Oregon average, the crime in Portland is 78% higher than the state average. However, year-over-year crime is down and the crime rates are decreasing rapidly. So, if you are considering moving here, don’t let safety be the thing that will stop you from moving here with movers Portland Oregon offer. The city is becoming increasingly secure by the day. And most importantly, violent crime rates are still quite low even though overall rates are above average.

The average income is higher in Portland, but so is the unemployment

Although the job market in Portland is not the finest in the country, there are some excellent employment opportunities. Long distance moving companies Portland Oregon offers can vouch that not many people leave this area, and it’s partially due to some prime jobs in tech, healthcare, and sports. While these industries are where some of the top employers have job openings, that’s not to say that there aren’t other great chances out there for you. The average income in Portland is 17% higher than the US average, which is understandable considering the high cost of living. That being said, the unemployment rates in Portland are also somewhat higher than average. With the latest unemployment rate of 5%, it’s clear that the job market in The City of Roses is not only tempting, but it’s also competitive.

business woman happy for moving from Oregon City to Portland
Moving from Oregon City to Portland is a good decision if you’re looking for employment.

Portland is very walkable and bikeable, you don’t need a car

One of the best things about living in Portland is that traffic jams are a rare occurrence. This works to your advantage whether you have a car or not. The City of Roses is one of the most walkable and bikeable cities in the state. You will be able to run errands without a car with no trouble. You can also consider biking to work. In fact, Portland is known for a large number of people who commute to work by bike. That is because the city puts a lot of effort into sustainability and environment-friendly living. You’ll be able to bike through the city with ease, whether you’re visiting one of the many art galleries and museums in the city of Portland, or you’re enjoying all the breathtaking nature that’s all around you.

Enjoy excellent food in unique local restaurants in Portland

If you decide to move to Portland from Oregon City, one thing’s for sure – you won’t be lacking great restaurant options. And we’re not talking about chain restaurants or fast food, we mean the good stuff. Portland is rich in authentic, local restaurants that serve some of the best, tastiest food you’ll ever have. Even the pickiest of eaters will have no trouble satisfying their cravings in the city of Portland.

Two burritos
You’ll have the chance to enjoy some of the tastiest food of your life after moving to Portland.

Move to Portland with ease, knowing you have a reliable moving team by your side

Once you’re set and well-informed about all the differences you can expect after moving to Portland, make sure you hire reliable movers. A team of moving professionals will make moving from Oregon City to Portland effortless and memorable. While Portland is vastly different from Oregon City, it’s still a beautiful city that many people love to live in. If you find good job opportunities, great options for outdoor activities and a city where you can bike to work and enjoy great local restaurants are all your cup of tea, moving to Portland is a decision you won’t regret!

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