How to pack and transport cables when moving your Portland office

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When packing for your relocation, sooner or later you will have to pack a bunch of cables. Those cables will be power cords for all of your electronic devices or home appliances that are essential. Let’s not forget about so many charging cables for your phone, laptop, and office devices you have to move. Needless to say that they need to arrive without damage and in perfect condition. Packing cables seems quite easy but trust us when we say it is a challenging process. Don’t worry, this is why Royal Moving Company will help you with some useful tips and tricks. Continue reading our article to learn how to pack and transport cables when moving your Portland office. Don’t risk arriving at your new office and not being able to continue your business.

There are many risks when you pack and transport cables

You need to be aware that there are many potential risks when you decide to park and transport cables when moving your Portland office. This is why we advise you to contact and hire the best commercial movers Portland has to offer and ask for help. Cable damage is one of the most common accidents that can happen when you pack them improperly. You will waste your time trying to figure out how to pack them and fold them without damaging them. Moreover, if you don’t label them properly you will risk plugging the wrong one into your device. This is why we advise you to do the following things below to avoid this completely unnecessary risk. Learn with us how to pack and transport cables when moving your Portland office.

a table with a plant and a laptop on it
Office materials and devices need to be packed and transported properly when relocating.

Organize your cables and take photos before you start packing

The best way to help movers Beaverton OR that you have hired, is to organize your cables first. You are the only one that knows where these cables go. Of course, you have no reason to doubt the professional team of movers, but if you do want to be extra safe, here is a tip. Take photos of all your cables when they are already connected to the device. This way you will have a reference when re-connecting them at your new office. No matter how confident you are that you can do this, mistakes do happen. Make a list of all the cables you have and cross them while packing. Relocating your office can be stressful and it is better to prevent mistakes than regret them later.

Make sure to label cables according to their correct cable socket

Hiring one of the long distance moving companies Portland Oregon may be your best decision. They will take care of your commercial move in no time. However, if you are in a rush and want to do it by yourself, here is another trick. Make sure to buy colored stickers and label the cables before packing them. For example, if you are packing a Blu-ray player and its cables, place a colored sticker on the end of that cable. Put the same color sticker to the place on the device where it goes, so you know where to plug it in again. Experiment and make sure always to label everything, even the boxes when you pack them. Relocating your office is a challenging task and requires time.

a phone charging
Make sure to make a list of all the devices and cables you are packing for your office move.

How to pack and transport safely detachable cords?

Before you decide to pack all of your office devices in boxes, try to remove all detachable cables. It will be safer for you to transport them and they will not be damaged during a move. The risk of damage is big if you just squeeze them and place them all in a box or a bag. If you are new to packing when relocating, you can always contact one of the best residential movers. They will provide you with packing assistance and tips. When unplugging cables, make sure to fold them carefully in a loop. Use an elastic rubber band to tie them without adding too much pressure. For double protection, place them in a ziplock bag and label them. Always use quality packing material when relocating.

Fixed cords are challenging to pack but not impossible

A lot of kitchen appliances such as toasters, coffee makers, blenders, microwave ovens, etc have fixed cords. You cannot remove the fixed cords but you still need to pay attention to how you pack them. The same goes for some of the devices you have in your Portland office. Worry not, because there is an easy way how to pack and transport cables when moving your Portland office. Simply unplug the power cord from the wall socket and fold it in a loop. Make sure to wrap the metal part of the power cord with bubble wrap. Same with the rest of the cable and cover it with packing paper. Be careful not to squeeze them below the device when you pack them in the same box.

a person holding a box
When you decide to pack and transport cables when moving your Portland office, prepare quality packing material.

Be careful when unpacking after our office relocation

Every relocation needs to be planned especially when moving your office. Make sure to prepare a list of how to relocate your office. Once you move to your new office, be careful when unpacking. Since you have already labeled all of the cables, it should be easy to unpack. Take your time and be patient so you don’t make mistakes. Use photos and videos you have prepared and go one step at a time. This way you will know which cable goes where. Be careful not to mix cables with other things since they might be damaged if you decide to unpack them later. With the right plan and guidelines, you will be a pro in learning how to pack and transport cables when moving your Portland office.


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