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If you’ve ever dreamed of living in San Francisco, now is the time to make your dreams come true. SF is ranked as one of the best cities to live in CA. With about 900,000 inhabitants SF is slowly becoming one of the moving trends in 2023. And right now, the SF Bay Area has seen the second-largest increase in employment compared to any other area in the US. But, regardless of whether you’re moving for work, a better life, education, or family, SF is a place you can truly enjoy. Just think of the beaches, the Golden Gate Bridge, Alcatraz, and other attractions, and you will conclude that San Francisco is a place worth living. Besides the fact that Royal Moving & Storage Inc CA will help you move to this fantastic city, they will also suggest more than one perfect place to settle in the SF Bay Area in this article.

Welcome to San Francisco Bay Area!

After you move with your local movers San Francisco, you encounter a lot of fog. At first glance, the fog will be very strange to you, as well as its quantity. Especially during the summer months. But the interesting thing is that the fog moves so fast that you will be able to see its movement over the Golden Gate Bridge. But also through the tops of the buildings.

If you happen to be on the bridge at the moment when the fog is the thickest, you will be able to experience the feeling as if you are passing through the clouds. And even more interesting is that the fog in SF has its own Twitter account. And it’s called Karl The Fog. 

Fog at Golden Gate Bridge
At first glance, the fog will seem strange to you, but after just a few days you will get used to it!

Also, the climate of San Francisco itself is very special. When we look a little closer, we can say that the seasons in this city play a game of opposites. Because during the winter months, the temperature can reach the height that is usual for the summer months. While during the summer, the temperature can drop by the level that is predicted for the winter period of the year.

September is the favorite month of SF residents because then it can be said that the climate has normalized. During this period, the fog starts to disappear, the sun comes out and you will see more people outside than usual, especially in the gardens of cafes and restaurants. All in all, life in San Francisco is as interesting as its climate. Allow SF Bay Area movers to handle your move and enjoy yourself: you’re welcome!

How to find a perfect place to settle in the SF Bay Area?

When you are looking for a new place to live, know that everything depends exclusively on your wishes and possibilities! But in order to find the place that is perfect for you and your family, you have to play explorer a little. What is needed is to, first of all, make a list of your priorities and criteria that will help you find perfection.

The perfect place should fulfill every item on your list, as well as all your expectations and needs. And after you have compiled the list, you can start researching. When it comes to research, you need to research the cost of living, housing options, job opportunities, education, and entertainment.

SF Bay Area
Besides that, one of the most beautiful cities, SF is also one of the densest in the USA.

We will help you a little. So, life in San Francisco can be expensive. Especially real estate prices. which, according to NICHE data, is around $1,194,500. While renting is currently the most affordable option and costs about $2,130 on average. When it comes to the cost of living, SF is ranked as the 8th most expensive city in the US.

So, keep in mind that moving to SF will bring you slightly higher expenses than what you are used to. Also, if you decide to move, affordable moving services in San Francisco are at your disposal. And the good thing is that the salaries are at a really satisfactory level. According to data from Teleport, they amount to about $114,516 for, for example, a software engineer.

What are the best places to settle in the SF Bay Area?

Now that you’ve decided to find your new place to settle in the SF Bay Area, do you have any locations in mind? Based on your list of priorities and criteria, choose several locations, research them and arrange them. The one with the most pluses can be considered perfect. Okay, if you’re dating for the first time in your life, this might seem a little confusing. And that’s why I will introduce you to some places that can be your perfect choice:

  • Burlingame
  • Brisbane
  • Daly City
  • Alameda
  • Pacifica
  • Millbrae
  • San Mateo
  • San Bruno

Let’s get to know these places!

Burlingame – One of the most expensive places in the SF Bay Area

Burlingame is known as the City of Trees, which is mostly inhabited by wealthy residents of this city. In fact, this place in San Francisco can be considered one of the most expensive because, according to, the cost of living is 302% higher than the national average.

The prices of utilities, groceries, and the real estate market are also above average. According to Niche data, home prices hover around $2,000,001. But that doesn’t stop the population from buying them because 53% of the total population owns their own homes.

Burlingame in SF Bay Area
Burlingame is considered one of the most luxurious places to live in the SF Bay Area.

In addition to high living standards, this place also offers good opportunities for education in schools such as Burlingame High School, Mill High School, etc. Also, here you will find many attractions such as Bayside Park, Burlingame Fresh Market, San Mateo Japanese Garden, etc. So, if this place is your choice, movers Burlingame offers are at your disposal at any time. But, consider the cost of living in this place in the SF Bay Area.

Brisbane – A place with numerous parks

Brisbane is home to numerous parks, but it’s also one of the more affordable places to live in SF. Some of the most beautiful parks are Hercules Street, Park Hamilton, Brentwood forest playground and slide, City Botanic Gardens, and Walton Bridge Reserve The Gap. Brisbane is also famous for Mount San Bruno, and living here is like living in the suburbs. When it comes to living costs, according to data, they are 132% above the national average, which is considered much more favorable than Burlingame.

Also, the largest percentage of the population of this small suburb of SF consists of people aged 34 to 54, and that is about 34% of the total number of residents, which amounts to about 4,700 people. Real estate prices are half the price of Burlingame and amount to $923,800. So, movers Brisbane CA trusts can help you move here. But before that, you need to explore this place a little more. And also, it’s known that Brisbane is a great place if you are moving in search of better business opportunities. So, do your research!

Daly City – A place with a city lifestyle

Daly City is a small, friendly coastal community in San Mateo County. And at the same time, it shares a common border with the city of San Francisco. This place is known as the “Gateway to the Peninsula” and stretches from the Pacific Ocean in the west and almost to San Francisco Bay in the east. So, moving to Daly City can be handled by professional movers Daly City offers. If you need professional help, call us!

wild beach in SF Bay Area
San Francisco is home to several beautiful wild beaches, worth exploring!

This place is one of the perfect places to settle in the SF Bay Area. Especially for those who want a city lifestyle and somewhat more affordable costs. the cost of living in Daly City is 155% higher than the national average, but that’s why real estate prices are a bit more affordable. And according to NICHE data they amount to about $2,378. In this part of SF, we can single out Mussel Rock City Park as one of the top attractions, followed by the beaches. Thornton State Beach, Philip Burton Memorial Beach, and Pacific Esplanade Beach are some of the beaches worth visiting.

Alameda – One of the best places to settle in the SF Bay Area

If you are wondering what is the best place to live in California, it’s definitely Alameda. This place is once again at the top of the list of the best places to settle in the San Francisco Bay Area. It was declared the best place because it offers excellent opportunities for shopping, nightlife, etc. So, a lot of fun awaits you in this place after moving with movers Alameda residents recommend. Also, reviews of residents of this small town described Alameda as “A great small town, close to San Francisco, walkable, bikeable, and very safe.”

Throughout history, locals have called Alameda “Mayberry by the Bay.” But, with the settlement of new residents and the popularity that Alameda is gaining, everything will soon change. We said that this place is famous for its nightlife, and Swell Bar, Forbidden Island, and the Fireside Lounge are just some of the most famous nightclubs in Alameda.

Pacifica – Best place for families

Pacifica is a small family-friendly place known for its divine coastline, beautiful vistas, rocky cliffs, and miles of sandy beaches that you can enjoy all day long. This place is still more expensive than average, but it also offers good earning opportunities. The average annual income is about $138,548 according to NICHE data. But real estate prices still exceed $1 million.

When we talk about family life, it’s important to highlight the educational opportunities that Pacifica offers. There are about 27 public schools, and among the best are The New School of San Francisco, Summit Public School, Hoover Elementary School, and many others. And almost all of them carry a high grade of A. So, movers Pacifica CA can take care of your family move. Just call them!

Family at the beach in SF Bay Area
The San Francisco Bay Area is an ideal place for families who want to spend their free time on the beaches enjoying and having fun.

San Mateo – One of the safest places in SF

San Mateo is one of the furthest places from LA, about 333 miles. Also, it’s important to say that San Mateo is actually a city located in San Mateo County, CA. And at the same time, it’s located in the high-tech enclave of Silicon Valley SF Bay Area. This place is a safe suburb and an excellent place for family life. With its cost of living higher than the national average, San Mateo still offers affordable living with an average cost of living of around $3380.

Also, this small town has several great attractions such as The San Mateo Japanese Garden, Sawyer Camp Trail, Coyote Point Recreation Area, Hillsdale Shopping Center, etc. So, so far you have been introduced to several fantastic places, but if this city is your choice, don’t forget that movers San Mateo are here for you. At any time!

Millbrae – Best place for pensioners to settle in SF

Millbrae is a very special town in the SF area. According to the latest data from the World Population Review in 2023, this town has about 23,720 inhabitants. This place is one of the best for retirees to settle in. Of the total population, 20% are people 65+. Millbrae also has excellent business opportunities. Some of the main industries are floriculture, milk production, and agriculture. Annual household income hovers around $141,399, according to Niche data. When it comes to living expenses, they are about 238% higher than the national average.

Therefore, Millbrae is also one of the most expensive cities in the SF Bay Area. Since this is a retirement town, and most seniors move here, Millbrae movers are at your disposal. Also, some of the activities offered to retirees are Monthly Birthday Luncheons, Free Exercise Videos, Virtual Social Groups, and Activities, San Mateo Adult & Career Education, and more.

Pensioners in San Mateo
Millbrae is one of the best places to settle in the SF Bay Area for retirees and seniors.

San Bruno – Home of YouTube

This is a city located on a peninsula in the San Francisco Bay Area and has a population of approximately 43,775. Also, it’s known as the seat of YouTube. And it’s one of the best places to live. San Bruno, like the others, has a high cost of living. So, if you are thinking about your city, plan your budget well and make sure you can cover all the expenses. Also, if you decide to book your moving day, you can rely on a reputable moving company San Bruno CA residents trust.

One of the most beautiful places in this city is Playa San Bruno, which is covered with golden sand and is a great place to enjoy the whole day. Due to its large selection of activities, this city can be an excellent choice for the young population. Here you can find many attractions such as Artichoke Joe’s Casino, Point San Bruno Park, San Bruno Mountain, GAMA Ride, etc. 

Are you ready to move to SF Bay Area?

Now that you are familiar with the best places to settle in the SF Bay Area, you can consider them and choose the perfect place for you. What you could conclude is that every place has a really high cost of living, but each of them is special in its own way. So, consider all the possibilities that are offered to you and decide based on your needs. After choosing your perfect place, indulge yourself in the adventure of discovering the hidden gems of San Francisco. We’re certain you are making the right choice!


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