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Did you know that Oregon has the most extensive school system in the US? Education in this state is highly ranked, and in addition to outstanding colleges, there are about 1,266 public schools that students enrolled in 2022/23. In addition to its highly-ranked schools and colleges, Oregon has other attractions to offer. Starting with beautiful landscapes and nature, all the way to various opportunities for recreation, work, and life. Based on all the opportunities it provides, Oregon belongs to the ten happiest states in the USA. If you are thinking about studying in Oregon, as well as about starting your student life in a new place, we at Royal Moving & Storage Inc company present to you several of the best college options to consider in Oregon.

What is student life like in Oregon?

Studying in Oregon brings you many options. Starting with the possibility of attending some of the best colleges in the USA, all the way to many options that offer quality and affordable studies. Regardless of whether you want to study the arts or improve your knowledge in specific fields, Oregon offers you many options. Oregon is home to over 100 highly rated universities and colleges where you can earn an advanced degree. As we said, studying in Oregon brings with it many advantages. It starts with affordable tuition fees, which are around $7,596 per year.

Portland city, Oregon
There are plenty of college options to consider in Oregon. So choose wisely!

In addition to affordable tuition, students also expect scholarships, especially for those with a talent in the fields of art, music, academic teaching, and sports. Also, some universities offer internship programs in some of the leading companies in Oregon. That said, if you decide to start your student life here, movers Portland trusts are at your disposal. Just call them!

What are the best college options in Oregon?

Did you know that Oregon is home to seven public universities and 17 community colleges? And in addition, according to other data from EDsmart, there are also 18 private colleges and universities in this state, as well as a large number of private career and trade schools. This would mean that in Oregon, you can find the right college for you. Now we will present you with several best college options in Oregon. Take a look and find the college for you!

  • Chemeketa Community College
  • Portland State University
  • Oregon Institute of Technology
  • University of Oregon
Young people at a college in Oregon.
Attending university is a turning point in your life on which your future will depend the most.

Attending college is considered the beginning of a new chapter in your life. And for this reason, try to choose the most suitable option for you. Also, remember that your career and life will depend on your choice. So, when it comes to student relocation, it’s necessary to choose the best. In that case, moving services Portland has can be the best choice. Think!

Chemeketa Community College

This university was founded in 1969 and is located in Salem, one of the most beautiful cities in Oregon. This college offers you opportunities to study different fields. According to information from the official website of Chemeketa Community College, arts, agriculture, hospitality, social sciences, public safety, and health professions are only a part of what this college offers you. The annual tuition fee is approximately $6,099. And after completing your studies, you earn a salary of $70,300. And this university also currently offers 52 AA degrees and 64 certificates. In addition, there is also the possibility of online studies. And some of the online programs provide Accounting, Business Technology, Criminal Justice, Law Enforcement, and more.

Portland State University

This university was founded in 1946 and is located in Portland, Oregon. The cost of tuition is almost double that of the previous university and amounts to $13,856. And Portland State University offers you 70 master’s programs, more than 30 graduate certificate programs, and 18 doctoral programs. According to data from Portland State University, you can find over 200 degree and certificate programs here. Some of the most popular fields of study are the humanities, psychology, public health, business, and security. And based on the opportunities it offers, this university is ranked 4th best in Oregon, while it’s ranked 20th when it comes to the best colleges in the United States.

Portland. city that have best college options to consider in Oregon
Portland is an excellent choice for student life, and in addition to good colleges, it also offers many opportunities for entertainment.

Oregon Institute of Technology

OIT is a college located in Klamath Falls and was founded in 1947. The average cost of tuition is around $17,083, but this university offers a variety of options. Some of the most sought-after majors at this university are dental hygiene, medical technician, sonography and ultrasound technician, computer engineering technician, and mechanical engineering. Here you can find various clubs, as well as internship opportunities. In addition, you can join a group for activities such as snowboarding, deep-sea fishing, and skydiving. This university also offers you the possibility of extracurricular studies. And there are 12 bachelor’s degree programs and two master’s degree programs currently offered online in various fields.

University of Oregon – One of the best college options to consider in Oregon

The University of Oregon is the oldest university on our list of best college options to consider in Oregon. It was founded in 1876 and is located in Eugene. Did you know that this university is part of the Association of American Universities, which comprises 62 top research universities in the country? And this is one of the reasons why this university is considered one of the best in Oregon. Annual tuition costs around $16,355, and here you can find nine schools, more than 3,000 undergraduate courses, and over 300 academic programs. This college offers the opportunity to study in some of the most popular majors, such as business, psychology, pathology, social science research methods, economics, physiology, political science, and government. The University of Oregon, like the previous one, offers you the possibility of online study, with over 170 courses and master’s programs.

Which of these college options in Oregon is the best choice for you?

The period you will go through while looking for the ideal study option can be intimidating. As well as the very thought of moving that awaits you in the coming period. Fortunately, taking our packing services Portland is proud of can make the most challenging job that awaits you in the moving process, packing, a lot easier. And that’s why you can relax and find the best option. So, you need to take into account the housing options, the proximity to the college, as well as the basic daily expenses that await you. Therefore, explore the other possibilities universities offer from our list of the best college options to consider in Oregon and make a smart move. Literally.



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