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Oregon is a Pacific Northwest state with amazing nature- volcanoes, abundant bodies of water, dense evergreen and mixed forests. It was an indigenous land and a rich history. Its capital is Salem, and the biggest city is Portland. Oregon is the 39th most populous state in the USA, with about 5 000 000 residents. It is one of the states that conquers visitors’ hearts with its beauty. If you are planning to move soon, moving to Oregon might be a perfect choice, especially for senior citizens. If you are unsure why to choose Oregon and where exactly to move, Royal Moving Co. gives you a list of the best Oregon cities for senior citizens!

Why choose Oregon?

There are many benefits of moving to Oregon. One of the biggest benefits is amazing nature. If you are someone who enjoys outdoor activities or just appreciates beautiful scenery, moving here is a must! Oregon has one of the most diverse topography of all states in the USA. It is also very serious when it comes to the environment. Oregon has the lowest carbon footprints in the USA!

This piece of information is especially important for senior citizens since their health is more fragile than for younger people. If you have some respiratory problems such as asthma, bronchitis, or allergies, moving to Oregon is much better than moving to California or New York. If this was enough to make you start thinking about moving here, the fact that there is no sales tax in Oregon might make you decide to move here. Oregon has no price tax, meaning that you will only be charged for the price of your item.

An elderly couple loughing
Oregon is one of the only states that have no price tax.

Best Oregon cities for senior citizens

The most popular cities in Oregon are Portland, Salem, Eugene, Gresham, Hillsboro, Beaverton, and Bend. These cities have more than 100 000 residents and are the most popular due to individuals moving for better jobs or education. But what are the best cities for senior citizens? It is important to choose the city that suits your needs the best before hiring movers Oregon City and before relocating here. Research has shown that, based on the affordability and living standards, the best cities for senior residents are:

  1. Pendleton
  2. Dallas
  3. Florence
  4. Coos Bay
  5. Hillsboro
  6. Beaverton

Pendleton- one of the best places for seniors in Oregon

Pendleton is a small city in Umatilla County. It has around 17 000 residents and is a city that has been built on both sides of the Umatilla River. Pendleton has a relatively young median age- of 37. It is quite affordable to live in, which makes it one of the best Oregon cities for senior citizens. Groceries and utilities are extremely affordable. Housing prices are 25% less expensive than the average price in the USA. You can find great housing options starting from 150 000$, which is rarely seen in the USA. The only things that are a bit pricier are transportation and healthcare.

That might be a deal breaker for some, but more than affordable housing is not the only benefit of living here. It is also a pretty safe city. Last year, residents have reported only 550 incidents, and 530 were property crimes. The low income per capita is one of the cons of living here, but this does not influence senior citizens for obvious reasons. However, a high homelessness rate of 16% might be are reason to consider moving here. If this information left a strong impact on your decision to move here, we recommend hiring local movers Portland and relocating to this beautiful city!

Fruit stand
Low housing and grocery prices are something to look into before moving to any city in Oregon.

Dallas- a city with great livability

Dallas is a small city in Polk County. If you are someone who is looking forward to escaping urban city life, this little town would be a perfect choice. Dallas has around 15 000 residents and is only 15 miles from Salem – the capital of Oregon. Therefore, it has a perfect location- it is close to the city, but still far enough so you can enjoy the beautiful nature. The city was built along the Rickreall creak which is a symbol of this town. Dallas also has a young median age of 40 years. Half of its residents are families with kids, which makes it a pretty safe community. Living in Dallas is a little bit pricier than living in Pendleton, mostly due to its vicinity to Salem.

Housing prices are still a lot more affordable than in the rest of the USA. Transportation, residential movers Portland Oregon services, and groceries are just a bit pricier than average USA prices but are still the same as in the rest of Oregon. You can find a medium-sized house with a garage and backyard for 450 000$, which is still quite affordable. Dallas is also one of the safest towns in Oregon. Last year, only 400 cases were reported, and 300 of them were thefts. Just like in Pendleton, the homelessness rate is high, around 16%. That itself is not a big deal, compared to the other benefits.

Consider moving to Florence if you are a senior citizen

Florence is a smallish community in Lane County with the most beautiful bays in Oregon. It only has around 7000 residents and most of them are senior citizens. This little place has immense beauty, hence why many have cabins they visit during the summer months. Living here is quite affordable as well. The only pricier thing is transportation. Groceries, utilities, and housing are very affordable. You can find a smallish house for 350 00$, and with such beautiful scenery surrounding it, that is a deal! Last year, only 220 incidents were reported, and 193 of them were thefts. Amazing scenery, fresh air, and affordable costs are just some of the reasons why Florence is one of the best Oregon cities for senior citizens!

A man standing on the edge overlooking ocean
Beautiful costs are symbols of Oregon.

Coos Bay- a perfect place for a new home

Coos Bay is a small town in Coos County. Its most famous symbols are the Coos River and Coos bay. This small place has circa 16 000 residents and a median age of 43 years. It is quite affordable to live in and less expensive than rest of the Oregon in general. Housing prices are very affordable and finding a house for 450 000$ is no problem. Housing prices in the USA have skyrocketed, which is why you should consider moving to such a nice place with such an affordable way of living. Other than housing, groceries, services, and utilities are also inexpensive. Transportation, on the other hand, is much more expensive than average transportation costs in the USA. It is expensive due to Coos Bays’ location.

It’s very far away from bigger cities. For example, Salem is 150 miles from Coos Bay. If you are looking to move to a peaceful and remote place, Coos Bay is a perfect choice. When it comes to safety, it’s a bit less safe than the rest of the places we have mentioned. Last year, there were 860 crimes reported, and 7820 were non-violent ones. Coos Bay also has a higher homelessness rate than Florence or Dallas. It’s around 22%, meaning at least 3200 residents are below the poverty line. That might be a reason to reconsider moving here, especially since this is a smaller community. However, if you overlook all cons, Coos Bay might become your new forever home. If you want to move to a safer part of this little town, one of the best moving companies Portland will be more than glad to help you do so.

Hillsboro- one of the best Oregon cities for senior citizens

Hillsboro is one of the bigger cities in Oregon. It has around 100 000 residents and is around 40 miles from Salem. It has a nice location, you can enjoy a bit more urban community, but still escape the negative sides of big cities such as traffic jams, noise, polluted air, etc. Hillsboro is perfect if you have some medical condition that might escalate since hospitals and doctors will be easy to reach, which cannot happen if you choose a smaller town. Hillsboro has a bit pricier living costs, especially housing. You can find a modest house for 500 000 $. Utility, groceries, and transportation are similar to the rest of Oregon.

Hillsboro has a young median age of 35 years and 60% of its residents are families with children. That means that it’s a pretty safe place to live for senior citizens. Last year only 2000 crimes were reported, and 5/6 of them were non-violent ones. It also has a pretty low poverty rate for a bigger city. Due to its climate, Hillsboro has developed a few industries: fishing, hunting, food gathering, and agriculture. If you are a fisher or simply enjoy cultivating your produce, this can be a very important factor. You can do it as a hobby or as a way to earn some money on the side. If Hillsboro sounds like a place you have been looking for, you can hire movers Hillsboro OR and book a moving appointment!

Public transporattion in Oregon
Hillsboro is one of the best Oregon cities for senior citizens when it comes to agriculture, fishing, and the possibility of cultivating your produce.


Beaverton is another bigger city in Oregon. It is located in Washington County and is only 5 miles from Portland. It has circa 97 000 residents and has similar livability as Hillsboro. The only difference is that housing prices are just a bit more expensive in Beaverton. A nice four or three-room house can go from 500-800 000 $. Transportation is just a bit cheaper since Beaverton is close to Portland.

Beaverton also has a young median age of 35 years, and most of its residents are also families with kids. Interesting info is that 10% of Beaverton residents speak both English and Spanish, which is circa 17 000 residents. This town is also one of the safest in Oregon. It has had 2000 crimes reported, and 1800 were non-violent ones. The poverty rate is 13%, which is fine for a middle-sized city. All these factors are the reasons why you should hire movers Beaverton OR and relocate here as soon as possible.

How to relocate as a senior citizen

As a senior moving to Oregon, there are some things you should do to make your relocation easier. Firstly, you will need to decide where to move to. You do not have to decide right away. You can start saving money while you search for the best option. After you find a city that suits you the best, hire one of the moving companies Portland and start planning your relocation. To save up some money, do not plan a moving date during the holidays or weekdays. It’s much better to move during the weekdays. After finding a place to move to, you need to find a new home. If you are moving into the assisted facility, that is not a problem.

If you are moving alone, the best thing to do is find a real estate agent and let him find you a home that suits you the best. After that, start packing and decluttering your old home. If you need help with packing, you can ask your family members to help you out, or you can use packing services from a moving company. After packing and getting ready, take some time to rest and enjoy your last days in your old home. If you have spent your whole life living there, it can be an emotional situation for you. You can spend that time alone or with your loved ones. Whatever you choose, know that the grieving process is a healthy way to cope with loss.

Old people holding hands
Grieving is normal when saying goodbye to people, places, belongings, etc.

Best Oregon cities for senior citizens – conclusion

To sum it up, whichever of these best Oregon cities for senior citizens you choose, you will not be making a mistake. Oregon is a beautiful state and has many things to offer to its senior citizens- peace, affordable livability, beautiful nature, etc. Only after you relocate will you experience all the pros and a few cons of living in Oregon. Good luck, and we wish you a pleasant relocation!

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